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Mushoku Tensei FF E Chapter 8 : Preparation

[Claude POV]

D*mn it, Paul just got a new move?!

How could that be possible? Is it because of me, the great Claude?

Well, if he’s getting stronger, it should be good, and knowing him, I guess a new style will be created. I’ve already done my part and only need to advance and crystallize what I learn from all my experiments.

It’s not like I want to make a dojo myself, but I need to step up more in increasing my prowess, and growing faster seems impossible in the short run.

Well, for now, let’s increase my dexterity since it’d be helpful for me in the long run. If my enchantment and smithing can be used for craft, I can create more magic tools for emergencies…

Still, I can’t help someone perfectly as I’m not perfect.

I can only plan, while the fate was decided by God…

“Sigh… I wonder how many deaths there will be….”




As Claude was in a depression of his own incompetence, the still world revolved.

Right now, he’s filled with pessimism about the fact that someone could die when the teleportation incident happened.

Everyone can die, even his own parent and neighbor.

He unknowingly became more attached to the villagers; his main priority was always the villager’s safety.

It might be the attachment of the late Claude since he knows plenty of the villagers will die in the teleportation incident, and the fact that those that survived will be sold as enslaved person or something else create a scar on the child’s memory.

As someone who can reason, he never thinks about his diverse personality and never once reflects on his mistakes.

He prioritizes others rather than himself, becoming more intrigued by the sword’s style and magic.

Meanwhile, currently, Rudeus is busy with his new teaching material.

It can be seen from the window that as he teased Eris, he was being punched and kicked by the mad Eris.

“Howwwww, how, how dare you! Stupid Rudeus!”

“Ah, ah, ah, please stop it, my lady! If you continue doing this, a new fetish will be created… ah, ah! Nooo!”

It took some time for the beat… the lesson to end.

When the time came, Rudeus received information about the letter sent from Buena Village.

It’s Claude’s report as always. However, there’s a bonus Claude gives hidden in the envelope.

“Oh, is that your sisters, Rudeus?”

Eris asked while looking at the painting Claude drew.

The pictures showed two girls smiling cheerfully at him while waving their hands.

There’s also Lilia and Sylph’s painting there and Claude’s painting.

The letter said,

“You better send them you’re painting too since the kids didn’t remember you. Be aware that you might not have the chance to see them in a normal way. I know you’d definitely impregnate a girl or two before you come back to Buena Village… lol.”

“Well, you’re Paul’s son. There’s nothing weird from it….” Ghislaine said.

“….” While Eris just stares dumbfoundedly.

Rudeus just sweated a bullet because of that note since Eris glares at him.

‘D*mn it, this b*stard dares to mock me…’

“Anyway, there are several things that I want to send you. But you better give me some nice material to make a better magic tool. You can make one, I presume, but it won’t be better than mine. rather wasting the material, just sent me one.”

“This person sure is cocky. I’d smack him if he’s in front of me…,” said Eris.

“He did. I almost killed him on the spot that day,” Ghislaine said while remembering the past. “It’s been 2 years since then, huh… Rudeus, you’ve grown up too. But this Claude’s body got sturdier than the past….”

“Yeah, he’s only a year older than me but always asked me to call him big brother… well, he’s strong… stronger than me in the past, and I believe he’s already stronger now….”

“Stronger than you, Rudeus?” Eris asked

“In the past, but I’m stronger now!”

Ghislaine smiled at their childishness and remembered the day he met Claude; she still remembers the bloody smell she sniffed.

It’s something she knew very well.

The blood of a monster and beast.

Claude was already killing monsters and wild animals since she picked Rudeus. Knowing these kinds of monster growth, it can be said that, rather than the busy Rudeus focusing more on his job of teaching rather than learning.

Claude, that can learn with all his focus, would be way stronger than a standard knight of the Household.

No, knowing how strong Paul is, even an Elite knight of the Household will at least be on par with the kids.

Well, ability aside, Claude might lose against them as the Elite knight had more experience. But someone that had a vast amount of expertise rarely worked as a knight of a household.

“Can I beat him? Ghislaine….”

“I don’t think so, since his build is unbelievable for a kid under 15… no, even among those S-rank adventurers, it is definitely hard to find that kind of humongous body….”

“Pssh, you guys are exaggerated. I mean, this thing is definitely a fake build… just look at that 30 cm bicep, and that body looks like a bodybuilder… there’s no way something like this is possible without a special device. He should be exaggerating. There’s no way he can be that kind of muscle box. He’s Eris’s age, you know? A human skeletal muscle can’t be trained that much in that age…..”

‘Is this guy someone from the same place as me, or is he just had too many imaginations?’

He already felt some doubt when Claude suddenly asked Paul for teaching that day, however, as he’s not that close to the other villager and Claude himself.

He can only doubt as much as he wants.

He has forgotten his doubt for some time now, and he has already forgotten them. He once again remembered that doubt.

‘Well, there’s no use to think about it… it’s not like Claude’s an evil villain or some harem lord that want to NTR everyone in the village anyway… and from what I see of him, all I can see is a kid…’

Different from him and Paul, Claude is someone that looks at everyone with sanity. While Rudeus and Paul, even the other men, somehow look at women with lust. That boy is just a boy with a pure look, so much that even seeing Zenith in underwear didn’t make him lust in the slightest.

Forget about lusting for her. Claude even threw his head in disgust, which made Zenith hurt.

There’s also his dislike of Sylphiette’s green hair, no matter how much he wanted to hide it. The fear and disgust knew to the others, especially Sylphiette, who became sad whenever the feeling arose.

Only later does he know of the curse Laplace gave off and counter the hex. By that time, Sylph’s hair would already be white, though…


Meanwhile, in another country, another continent.

His eyes glow in the dark as he grabs the dagger in his hand.

He slowly but surely moves towards his target.

Inching closer and closer towards his unaware target.

A slight opening, it was only a tiny opening.

And blood splattered like a fountain.

That room was filled with nothing but flowing blood.

The room was again devoid of anything as if nothing had happened.

That is how the assassin of the dark night reaps his target’s life.





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