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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 9


The swords clashed towards each other, bringing the ring before him. After the clashing swords, he created a fireball and unleashed it on the other person.


It’s just a slash, and the fireball was sliced in two, then.


Using the recoil of the slashed fireball, Claude accelerated towards Rudeus and used the handle to knock Rudeus in the head.


“Argh… me head will be split open!” Rudeus said while rolling on the ground.

“I’m disappointed, Rudy…”

“What the heck… my head really is hurting here; can’t you just stop your bull…” Rudeus stopped whatever he wanted to say.

It’s rare for Claude to talk seriously ever since he knows him, and this is one of the rare occasions.

It’s been 2 days since Claude arrived at Roa. He was here to do something since his Friend Mike was coming here. They said bottleneck when he came along to help him get himself out of the gutter.

It’s been a while since he felt the wall in front of him.

None of his combat techniques can be improved, as they have been stuck in what they are since some time ago.

Every day, Claude can feel the improvement of his skill. No matter how small it is, he can know it. No matter if it’s his production skill or his combat skill.

The bottleneck he felt made him want to understand more about it, knowing that Mike would go to Roa to accompany his teacher. He just tags along after some banter with his father.

“Hey! If you’re bored help me!”

“No way, my time is too precious to temper and hit some iron ore! See ya, dad!”

With just that, he left the village and headed towards the Boreas estate.

He took 1 day to search for any necessary information.

He uses the 2nd day to meet with Rudeus and test his ability.

“You are 9 this year, right?”

“Yeah, it’s already great for me to be able to do this at my age, you know. I mean, it’s not like I can use the Saint class spell here, in the estate…”

“of course, I know that, but you need to use more of your imagination. A combat isn’t just about attacking the other and waiting for your turn. This is not a card game where you need to wait for your enemy to deal his attack first! Think, even while creating your spell you need to think more about how your enemy will do after this…”

Ghislaine just stood beside with arms akimbo, copied by Eris, that looked smug beside her.

By age, Claude and Eris are at the same age.

However, Claude looks much older and more robust because of his training. While albeit she’s training with swords, Eris still looks petite.

She just stood as she’s not really that smart at this time, a child. She’s the only child within the area. After all, since Claude and Rudeus can’t be said a child inside.

Though Rudeus is childish, he’s an Oldman inside.

Hearing Claude’s lecture opened a new horizon to Rudeus, while Ghislaine nodded at what he said.

“Sigh… I’m stuck, but you’re worse than me in development… what can I do, huh?”

“What stuck? You’re already this strong, and you still don’t feel satisfied? Heck, you’re still 10…”

He ignored what Rudeus said since he contemplated how he could reach the Advance stage in all his sword’s mastery.

Not to mention that his mana is still not enough to cast an advance spell since he’s late to develop his mana, and it became slower as he got older.

His capacity in mana is half as many as Rudeus, and while he can create an upper intermediate spell, he can’t gather enough mana to release an advance spell.

Since it was so, he focused more on his close-quarter combat ability and expected Rudeus to be a strong foe and increase his understanding of his swords.

“Sigh… Miss Ghislaine, can I ask a spar with you?”

Knowing this would happen, Ghislaine just nodded and headed closer to him.

“I won’t hold myself back, don’t die…”


His words became the gong as he ready himself. Ghislaine suddenly appeared before him.



“Hoo, a barrier, huh… that’s pretty nice actually.”

“Guuh, my magic tool broke because of an opening attack huh… as expected of the sword king…”

“Please, now, here I go.”


The swords slashed the air and created a ringing sound as Claude readied himself to evade. He realized that he couldn’t.

Then, receiving the attack would mean his defeat. So, the only thing possible is redirecting it.

“Whoa! I succeed”

“Great decision, now try this one.”

Another fast but heavy blow came towards Claude. As he can see it, he can think of a way to deal with it.

However, as expected. He can’t redirect each attack, and the continuous assault Ghislaine gave him created more wounds on his body.

The more he evades, the more stamina he spends, and the wound continue to bleed.

“Amazing…” That spectating in the side, Eris can’t help but be amazed at Claude’s ability. She can’t believe the truth where this person that fought against Ghislaine right now is at the same age as her.

Even Rudeus, flabbergasted as he watches Claude’s improvement, clenches his fist hard while seeing the progress Claude made all these years. Meanwhile, he’s still stuck in the rank he was at.

Unlike the anime, where he doesn’t have any reason to increase his strength, his feeling towards power becomes stronger as he always competes with Claude.

Right now, he’s constantly being helped by Claude. Claude is his friend.

Claude is also his Rival.

Seeing Rival’s back distancing away from him makes Rudeus wish to improve himself more.

Meanwhile, Claude, still enduring Ghislaine’s onslaught, is helter-skelter.

‘D*mn it, D*mn it, D*mn it! I’m this weak, huh, this can’t continue, or I will lose terribly!’

“Why would you hold yourself? Use every means possible to attack me, all kinds of attack are allowed in a battle! This isn’t a training, it’s a life and death battle!”

‘Every means possible! That’s right!’

Epiphany suddenly entered his mind. At that time, he stopped thinking and let his instinct move his body.

“hoo,” Ghislaine started to prepare her stance and ready herself to receive his attack, however…


A sudden attack at her side sent her flying.

But even that sudden attack can’t fool a swords king like her, as she already blocks the attack with her sword and diminishes the impact she received from the spell Claude sent her.

“Combination magic, Flash Blade”





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