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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 10

It’s incredible, a new usage of the spell.

Combining the lightning strengthening spell with my sword’s mastery enabled me to attack her with more speed, as the momentum I use can damage Ghislaine.

Or so I thought…

She blocked the attack and flew herself back to reduce the momentum of my sword.

Amazing, so this is the Sword King, Ghislaine Dedoldia.

“Amazing! Now, try my other magic! Time Square!”

Why would I forget about it? What’s my reason for hiding my capabilities in the first place?

Unleash it!

Unleash them all and get stronger!



It’s like how a coke suddenly burst when the cap opened.

Claude’sManaa suddenly grew, so much that it was pouring towards the surrounding area.

It’s the first time for Rudeus. No, even Ghislaine had never once had this kind of experience.

Mana Burst.

A rare occasion when bottled-up Mana suddenly burst out from the vessel.

It’s a rare occasion that should have never occurred since the Laplace war 500 years ago.

Once a mana burst happens, the holder’s potential reaches a new peak.

Which means…

rank up.

“Just an Advance rank and this is what happen? What an amusing kid…”

“Ru… Rudeus, is this normally happen to a wizard?” Eris asked while trembling.

“I… don’t know…” Rudeus then answered with a puzzled mind.

He can see the materializedManaa, and the pressure it brings was not something Rudeus knew…

Even Roxy’sManaa can’t materialize like his, and she’s already a saint-ranked magician by the time she teaches him. Even now, he can’t create the same pressure with his ownManaa.

“Materialize mana… this is also possible, huh…” Rudeus mumbled of the sudden information he saw using his own eyes.


Being eaten by the sudden surge of power and filled with Adrenaline, Claude let an unnatural laugh out of his mouth. As he did so, a fractal of second stopped.

Fire, water, earth, and wind magic surrounded the sword king.

“What is this?” she’s surprised by the sudden elemental ball surrounding her, but she still realizes that this spell is…

“Weak…” with a slash, the surrounding spell was slashed.

As the adrenaline surge stopped, Claude, losing his consciousness and fainted.

Getting closer to him, Ghislaine sighs and nonchalantly grabs his clothes and drag him away.

“This child body was a wreck, is he your disciple, Sword king?”


“Yes, I can see and certain of the destruction left in his body. There’s also several wound mark that’s forcibly healed by healing magic. But this magic seems too green and left more scar than it intended to. Not to mention the fact his muscles fatigue plain to see…”

“I see, I thought that the twitching muscle came from his sudden mana burst…”

“Mana burst? That’s an odd word… I believe I’ve read some of them in my late teacher’s book…”

“Oh, you know something about it?”

“Well, it was called Mana Burst because it is an occurrence that happened because of the Mana inside the body burst. It’s something that occasionally happened 500 years ago to the heroes of that war.”

“At that time, Laplace the magic Demon king was the person held the mostManaa in the world. There’s no one that can beat him in that place, but the fact is… he’s someone born that mana pool…”

“I see…”

“Then, what about those that born with lower mana pool? How can they raise the mana pool to at least powerful enough to use Spell that out of their capacity?”

At that time, Rudeus answered, “huh? Can’t we just increase the mana pool by training from an early age?”

The most intellectual doctor of Roa in the Boreas household eyed the young magic instructor.

“That’s something impossible since no one can learn since the day they are born. It’s something that is never proved, and hard to be proved… it might be possible to train it after the Child reach the age of 3 but, can you make the toddler read those ‘hard to understand’ magic grimoire? Something that even adults had difficulty reading?”

“Okay… that’s true…”

“There’s also some thesis from the university that said a Laplace factor can determine within a child body to increase the amount of Pool a child has, it’s not proven yet though… now, let’s get back to the topic before.”

“I can’t see any answer to the question you asked before, Doctor,” Ghislaine said. “I’ve been adventurers since young and meet plenty of wizards… but none have the tale of Mana Burst.”

“I can see that, since there’s no history of Mana burst in the last 500 years, as there’s one that ever train their mana to the limit since then…”

“Which means, a Mana Burst can happen once you reach your limit and overcame it?”

“That’s right.”

“I see”

“Hmm, that means something like this can happen again?”

“It does, but in the book, I’ve read, it rarely occurs twice, nor thrice… because once a mana burst happens, the person usually had the potential to be a magic emperor… there’s no one that actually reach the Divine ranks, but there’s the rank…”

“It can happen twice?”

“Yes, there’s a note that the first time it happens to let the person reach Intermediate rank mana pool and the second is for the person to reach Saint Rank mana pool.”

“I see, so it’s something to unleash the potential stuck huh…”

“That’s right, young instructor… however, there’s also a note where a Mana burst resulting in explosion of the person…”

“Wait, what?”

“Those that try to forcibly let the Mana within their body to burst again, they explode with their mana… something like this happen more than once, resulting in the ban of forcible Mana Burst… which resulting in their existence being forgotten until today.”

Hearing the explanation from the doctor, Rudeus can only nod while Eris and Ghislaine lost in their discussion and only fake their understanding with a nod.

“Well, leaving that aside. Is this really an 11-year-old body? I can see the scar from Monsters in his body… What the hell is wrong with this brat?”

“You can ask him yourself once he wakes up, it’s not like I know him… it’s my 3rd time meeting him after all…” Ghislaine said bluntly.

“He’s your childhood friends, right Rudeus?”

“My father never trains him to take care of a monster, heck, he didn’t even let us near the forest… he must be doing it himself…”

“I got it; you guys can leave…”

The trio leaves the ward and lets the doctor take care of Claude.

As he inspects the wound in Claude’s body, he gets more understanding of what the young man usually did. How the fatigue of his muscles occurred, and what kind of life the Child usually spent.

‘What makes this child so desperate in getting strong…’



Who the hell is this, Oldman?

When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was an Oldman touching me all over my body. He tried to dissect me with his eyes and wrote something in his notes.

It took me a long time to get rid of the old man and learn what happened to me.

My body was drained. It was exhausted too much that a sudden surge of change made me fainted.

The fact that my mana pool suddenly increased made my body turn off whatever I was doing to let the whole body adapt to the changes.


This is weird. My body rejects more changes that happen within me, huh. That’s the knowledge that I don’t know.

It might be because I’m haven’t finished my growing phase or something.

But, since my body adaptation completed faster than the doctor thought, I can already use the Advanced-grade Healing spell to fix my body, leaving the doctor to shout at me and order me to let my body be healed naturally.

I can’t, doc, the time to return to Buena village is approaching.

Since I’ve done all I targeted here, I can happily return and prepare for the Teleportation incident.

It didn’t take me more than a night in the Boreas household since the day after I said goodbye to Pouting Eris, who wants to have a spar with me.

I said my thanks to the house owner and Ghislaine.

“See you again, Rudy. I wish to see you get stronger, and be a worthy match the next time we meet…”

“Sure, I’ll be stronger than you!”

After giving him a new Ring I’ve prepared, and several more to the household owner and Ghislaine, of course, Eris was included within the Household owner area. I also gave one to the doctor.

Thus, I started my journey with Mike to go back to the Village.



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