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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 65: Open Negotiation

[Claude POV]
“Are you sure this is safe?” Ash whispered to me, while keeping his eyes on Orsted.
How would I know? This is definitely not safe. which is why I asked the other to back off in the first place.
Even so, cooperation with Orsted is vital, since he knows about the future better than I. Sadogashima Kuro’s future information isn’t dependable. I can’t always walk in the dark. Not to mention my apprehension about the being above me, Hitogami.
That god isn’t something I can deal with. No, even the Water God alone can decimate Arbalest. Not to mention those stronger than she, like the Demon Lords.
Having Hitogami in my path, hindering my progress, will cause more trouble later on.
The shackle that disabled me from saying Hitogami’s name has been released. I can feel it. This means that the thing that disables it allows me to talk about this.
“First, let me clarify the misunderstanding…” I said, while doing all I could to speak clearly. The pressure of being in front of him never abated; it got worse by each passing day.
“Ho… surprise me,” Orsted said, looking unamused.
“Sigh…” Sighing, I lower myself and sit on the ground.
I slap my thighs heavily while sitting cross-legged.
It stopped the trembling, and taking a deep breath, I could feel my mind clearing. This is the effect of the clear mind state which Alex Cromwell taught me. This state allows me to think clearly.
Orsted looks at me in astonishment, while the eyes of the person beside him are glowing.
“First, let me introduce myself… I am Claude, the leader of Arbalest and the Miko with the power to see the future. Well, it’s not exactly the future, but that’s the gist of it. “
I stopped and looked toward Orsted.
“I am the one known as the Dragon God, Orsted. “That’s the only introduction I can give you,” he said expressionlessly.
“First, Rudeus Greyrat is not Hitogami’s apostle. That’s what I know, and what I believe. “
“What makes you so sure? Is that something you see with your Miko Power? “
“Yes, and the fact is. He’s someone that is closer to you than Hitogami. “
“Which is?”
“His descendant will be one of your comrades that will end the reign of Hitogami. Knowing this, Hitogami wanted to gain Rudeus’s trust and fool him, to stab him in the back.”
Those eyes show distrust.
Orsted didn’t believe me.
“You do know that he’s the only person that ever appeared after all the time loop you spent, right?”
At my word, Orsted’s eyes wavered. A deep killing intent was created in his surroundings.
“How did you know that?” Orsted said coldly.
“My power?”
“It seems that I need to believe you.
“Yep, trust me. I took this path to make you my comrades after all.
“I can see that”
“Dragon God is kind. You are someone that is nice to his comrades and followers but a tyrant to your enemies. What I fear the most isn’t the Figthing God, because that’s sealed somewhere I don’t know. But a person that can regress in time and have the power to kill me without unconsciously
Regression, that is something the main character had.
A privilege for those Korean novels’ main characters.
Kuro irritates me because he read less Mushoku tensei and more Korean novels. How easy would my life be if Kuro just read the series until the end?
I only know parts of the story thanks to the spoilers Kuro read or heard nonchalantly, and that’s all not enough to complete.
Even Perugius was still an unknown being at this point of time. He did come out in the anime, but only a bit. If I’m not wrong, only the light follower that fights against Ghislaine appears in the series.
“I can see that your regression isn’t perfect, since the curse was still there.”
“Indeed, this is a permanent curse that never once vanished no matter how long I spent deciphering them.”
“However, the only person unaffected by the curse is Rudeus, right?”
“… Not quite”
“Ah, right. The person beside you is also the same as Rudeus, huh?
“It’s Silent Sevenstar. Nice to meet you…”
Isn’t she Japanese? What’s up with that name?
In Japanese, I asked her, “Huh? Aren’t you Japanese? “
Orsted looks at me in astonishment, while the person beside him is gasping.
“Are you also Japanese?! “, she exclaimed, in Japanese. “Do you know something about the way to return?”
“I’m sorry sister, I’m not someone that comes from your world. It’s knowledge I received from one of my future”
“One of…”
“Speak, what do you say to her?” Orsted questioned me, as if he hadn’t learned about Japanese yet.Well, I’m learning them from my incarnations’ memories after all. I gain more understanding as they share their memories with me, and the language of another world is just another piece of information I picked up along the way.
After translating my conversation with Silent Sevenstar, Orsted questioned me. “Interesting, this is the first time I’ve seen Claude with the Miko power to see into the future.”
“Sadly, it might not be a different future from your regressions. Since all the future I saw was a dead end, where I died… ” I stopped at that and pointed at my chest, “Their knowledge, however, was learned by me.”
“As expected in a fantasy world, such a mind-blowing thing happened. Well, did that person and the girl know about it too?” Seven stars asked while pointing at Eris and Ash.
“Oh right, they don’t know about it.” I forgot, “I said, and I could feel Ash punching me in the shoulder.
“What the heck, so your future sight was something like that?”
Ash didn’t feel all that surprised since he already knew that I could see the future, and in Arbalest it’s an open secret that I’m a Miko. Eris shouldn’t know about it though, which is why she was furious right now.
“If you already know about it, then why don’t you stop Rudeus from being attacked?”
She yelled while hugging Rudeus tightly in her embrace.
“I’ve done so. He never learns though. It is not my fault; he will survive either way. “
As I nonchalantly answered her, she was fuming and looked at me with eyes filled with hatred.
However, she is not my negotiation target.
“Finish what you want to say.” Orsted stopped mine and Eris’ conversation.
“Right, so in 3 years’ time I’ll die of metastasis.” “In a dungeon within the Great Forest, do you know anything about them?”
“I never heard about any dungeon ever being found in the Great Forest.”
I already expect that he doesn’t know about the dungeon, but to have no dungeon ever be found in the Great Forest… What a surprise.
Then, I let out my space ring.
From there, I let every beast from the said dungeon out one by one.
“This is a Vorpal Rabbit. Have you heard about it?”
There are only three types of beasts in that dungeon: a rabbit, a boar, and a bear, not counting the troll. Even so, they are brimming with variety.
“Vorpal, fanged, Armored. All of these beasts live in packs and hunt each other for survival. Neither of them was a herbivore; they ate anything. Even bones and clothes…”
Why do I know, you ask?
Because Sadogashima was eaten till he left nothing, and the children that came with Alex Cromwell. Well, their corpses were dug out and eaten cleanly.
Should I tell Orsted this?
“Never seen any monster like that…” What kind of monster have you seen? How could you even beat these monsters? “
Orsted questioned me.
“Is that really something I should say?”
“Okay, that’s on me. They should still be the same; chop their heads and dead shall they be. “
Right, every living thing is the same.
They had cores; either it’s their brains, hearts, or something else we didn’t know about yet. Once that’s been purged, everything can be killed.
“The same with Hitogami, right?”
We somehow get sidetracked, but the fact is What I want to talk about isn’t about that.
“Then comes the question: Why did I let you see this?”
“This is a recent knowledge I experienced out of the 4thfuture I see. But, the being that comes out of there isn’t exactly pretty, you see. ” I stopped again, taking my breath for a while. I let magic appear before us.
“What magic is this?” Orsted asked.
“A magic that lets you see the projection of my mind…”
The magic that appeared is like a projector; it shows a video of how the 4th Claude spent his life…
[ – – – ]
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