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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 64: Operation Start [2]

[Claude POV]
This is scary; all of those things happened at once without my awareness.
Even Isolte and Reida were stunned by the sudden event.
What did they talk about?
To think that Orsted would suddenly attack them without any notice and that Ruijerd would be defeated in a mere 3 moves?
What kind of nightmare is this?
Is this the person that I want to make a deal with?
I doubt my sanity…
However, time waits for no one. I used my [Time Square] as soon as I saw Rudeus unleash his Rock Blast.
That alone allows me to think more and move faster to Rudeus and Eris’ place. I also get the top grade potion in my hand. It’s the best of the best potion Mike got from the Royal Treasury. I believe it can heal even a hole in the body.
As I approached the couple, the other members had already awoken from their stupor and were preparing their spells and swords without my command.
Following them, Ash also takes control.
“Ready, your aim!”
Ash commanded the group, while I uncorked the potion.
Orsted, who should have been unaware of our surprise attack…
“[Mana Disturb]”, as he said, the spells lose their vigor.
I can see that Rudeus’ hole in the body recovered slowly, while Eris’ snot-filled face was looking at me in distress.
“Yah, sorry I’m late.”
As I said, Reida secured the perimeter. followed by Isolte and Ash, who come to my side.
“Ugh, that sure looks hurt,” Ash said while looking at the rapidly regenerating wound.
“This is crazy. That kid is still alive even with those wounds.” Isolte said, scrunching her face. Stop doing that, your pretty face will look ugly… Wait, nope, she looks even cuter like that.
Orsted that nonchalantly stops over 1000 kinds of spells to look in my direction and investigate the thing that happened.
“Reida Reia, the current Water God, Isolte Cruel, the next Water God, and Sky Tamer Ash…” Uh, an unexpected person comes to visit me, and the last one is…
While saying the names of the people one after another, Orsted looked towards me and had a puzzled face.
“Claude of Buena Village…” No, you shouldn’t be here, and how could it be possible for a normal person like you to appear here? Having Mana and Touki surrounding your body even… “
He seems to know me, huh.
I wonder what the difference is between me and Rudeus.
“Sky Tamer?” “Such an exaggerated name,” Isolte snidely says as she hears the title, “Orsted call Ash.”
“Doesn’t he mean Sky Rider? But that isn’t what people in Ars call me? What’s this Sky Tamer’s name? It’s so cool. ” Ash said, ignoring Isolte’s snide remarks with stars in his eyes. “Charizard, flame thrower!” He ordered Charizard to attack Orsted in an instant.
“A mere Drake trying to attack me?” Orsted said, using the Water God style skill [Flow] to revolve the flame and send it back to Charizard.
without a pause, not even blinking at the attack given towards Charizard. Ash commanded the other from Arbalest, “Enemy in sight! Commence another volley of attack! “
With that order, the swordsman moves ahead and throws his weapons towards Orsted. Knowing that they definitely can’t move closer to him, all they can do is use the Nort God’s sword style, Weapon Throw. To attack Orsted from a distance
Even that was useless, as a swing of his hand was enough to parry the thousands of weapons flying towards him.
“Damn, not to mention the pressure he gave. Even his counter attack isn’t something I can deal with…
Ash said, looking at me for further command.
“Everyone, stay at your place and get back to the camp!”
I can’t lose my subordinate here. I already know that it’s useless to have them here since their mana and weapons have been wasted already.
This is our utter failure and loss…
“A good decision!” Orsted praised me, but I don’t feel happy with that.
“At this point in time, you shouldn’t be an apostle of Hitogami. So, what are you doing here, Water God? ” Orsted questioned Reida, who stood in front of me.
With a puzzled look, I can see that Reida doesn’t know about the being named Hitogami yet. At the same time, I sense something loosening in my tongue.
“Pleased to meet you, Dragon God Orsted… My name is Claude, and I am the leader of Arbalest” I said to him, while looking straight into his eyes.
That presence, huh?
“Ugh… That curse really affected me heavily, I see. So this is how the other feels when they see you face to face, huh?”
I said blatantly to him that even if I acted normally, my body would shudder at his glance.
Looking straight at me, he moves towards me. Slowly but surely.
“What are you? Claude of Buena Village should be dead or have become a slave at this point of time. You being here, not to mention having a presence of dual mastery… There’s also the unidentified energy surrounding you. What kind of thing are you? “
His deep voice etched through my bones, and as he took a step closer to me, my body shuddered heavily. I could already see Isolte and Ash breathing hard, gasping longer as Orsted took his feet closer to us.
“Don’t you feel embarrassed to scare children like that?” Reida suddenly vanished from her spot and appeared before Orsted.
The Dragon God blocked her attack without breaking a sweat, and took a step back.
“What do you mean by this, Water God?”
“What do I mean? I’ve got some unfinished business with you, Dragon God. “
Hearing her response, Orsted looked confused and mumbled, “This shouldn’t be the time yet.”
Orsted appeared before Reida and launched a surprise attack.
Unable to defend it, Reida took the brunt of the attack and collapsed immediately.
“Grandma!” Isolte was shocked. Even with all the trembling she had, Isolte did his best to get closer. She wanted to bring Reida to safety.
Looking at that, Orsted casually threw Reida towards Isolte. She was knocked back and hit the wall. Passing out along with Reida in her embrace,
To defeat the Water God in a hit
What a scary person…
“So, what do you want to talk about?”
[ – – – ]
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