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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 63: Operation Start! [1]

[Claude POV]
“Did everyone already get in place?”
I asked the commander.
“1400 Intermediate Swordsman and Mage, 400 Advanced Swordsman and Mage, 200 Dual Mastery Intermediate, and 50 Dual Mastery Advanced are already in place.” But, is this really necessary? Deploying all this personnel in the open will create a ruckus for the surrounding force. “
“to tell you the truth, I don’t know…”
“No, it’s not that I don’t know whether this is necessary or not. But, in the worst case, even this amount of force won’t be enough to subjugate the target. “
Arbalest is something that I created from scratch with Mike.
I already know they are all loyal to me, and their loyalty will not be lost to those cursed slaves.
Even so, they cherish each other.
Arbalest isn’t a group worker.
But a family that helps each other?
Fearing the death of your family member is something that they already know, but rather than death. They are afraid of solitude more.
Former Slaves
Those that worked in Arbalest, almost all were slaves I saved from the illegal slave trader. Every one of them trained from the basics, especially so for those that entered Division A. They spent more rigorous training than the others.
Division A was filled with those that felt despair over their fate, since all of them were either sold by their family or the only survivor of the village destroyed by bandits then sold to the slavers.
They feel the solitude of being alone in this world.
Weakness fears them more than death, since weakness will bring them another misfortune and another tragedy.
Rather than live in misery, they will choose to die.
While I was talking with another member of Arbalest, Reida appeared nearby, followed by Isolte.
“You never stop astounding me…”
“Huh? Didn’t I already report it to you that Arbalest had ten thousand people working under it? “
“Who would believe a child’s banter? Even the HQ in Millis had only 300 at most, and you asked me to believe that you had ten thousand under your banner, and almost all of them freed from slave traders. “
“That’s right, even our Water God style Dojo only had 4000 people at most, and only a tenth of them were above advanced.” Do not mention the Dual Mastery; this gathering alone had more than ours. “
“Yeah, these guys were gathered from the Central Continent only.” There’d be more if we count the surrounding continent, maybe around 100.000? “
I’m also shocked when I realize that the central continent was filled with slave traders. Would they even believe me when I said that the people in Arbalest are actually just a fourth of the people I saved when I wandered around with Mike to exterminate the surrounding slave traders?
I doubt it.
Anyway, those that entered Arbalest chose it themselves. They wanted to follow me. Even then, not all of them can be included in Division A.
Rigorous training is needed for one to be included in Division A. There’s also the fact that after the Metastasis tragedy search operation is concluded, some will be sent to Division K. The Knight Division, where they will act as spies in other noble houses or nations.
Well, another plan was needed for that. Discussion and conversation shall be done before the mission commences. As of now, Division K is still a plan that has yet to be implemented.
For now, let’s continue our conversation with Isolte and Reida.
“It appears that I am underestimating your training program.”
“It’s my pleasure to receive the compliment from the Water God.”
It’s unexpected for the water god to give me praise.
“I am not arrogant enough to not acknowledge others’ efforts and intelligence.”
“As expected of the Water God, I’m in awe of your nobility…”
“Pssh, that sweet mouth of yours is filled with poison,” Isolte suddenly added, cutting off mine and Redia’s conversation.
“That’s rude of you, Isolte.”
“I’m sorry, master.”
“Well, leaving that aside…” Are you sure you want to follow us on this plan? ” I asked her, knowing that the water god behind us is great, and our safety should be guaranteed.
“I have something to do with him, the Dragon God Orsted… I have unfinished business with him. ” A glint in her eyes can be seen, but I can’t read her expression. What kind of unfinished business did she have with the Dragon God, I wonder?
“Well, with you here, we should be safe.”
Then, a person suddenly intrudes.
“Master Claude, The target had been met with the lure. The condition had been met.
“Alright, commence the operation.”
I said while equipping all the equipment.
[Rudeus POV] A/N: You can skip it from the WN if you want.
Red Dragon’s Lower Jaw
A valley with just a single main road continuing down it.
It’s not straight like the Holy Sword Highway.
However, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a single path with no forks.
In the space between national borders is a region that doesn’t belong to any specific country.
After passing by here, it will be the Asura Kingdom.
That guy came, just normally walking by.
on the opposite side of the road.
silver hair, golden eyes, no particular equipment, wearing a simple white coat made out of some kind of fur.
Neither riding on a horse nor riding on a carriage, just walking along.
It was a man.
Going from my impression, it was at most, “a guy with a bad look in his eyes.”
This man had a serious case of Sanpaku eyes.
Rather than that, what my eyes stopped on was
at his side.
There was a single black-haired young girl.
I had a feeling I had met her somewhere before, but I can’t remember.
There are few people with pure black hair in this world.
Even if it looks black, after taking a closer look, it’s actually a blackish-brown or closer to grey.
I had no intention of remembering a stranger based on their hair color, but I have a feeling it wouldn’t be strange for me to remember her black hair.
Even though that’s the case, I can’t remember.
There’s a reason why this young girl especially entered my sight.
That face
There was a mask worn on her face.
If you were to ask if there’s a characteristic, there would be, but if you were to ask if there wasn’t any, there wouldn’t be.
It was pure white, with nothing written on it, a mask with no kind of ornament on it.
If I were to compare it, then it would be like the mask from Dirty Mask.
It just stood out.
In regards to this world, I’ve never seen a person who wore a mask like this before.
It doesn’t seem like fashion.
It’s not like I was charmed by the girl, but at this point I hadn’t realized that Ruijerd in the driver’s seat had a pale face.
Eris was the same.
With each step closer the man took, that expression became even more severe, while holding onto the handle of her sword with enough strength that it had become pure white.
When the man recognized our figures, he tilted his head with an “Oh?”
“Hmm… Could it be you’re from the Superd race? “
The man narrowed his Sanpaku eyes.
When I saw that, I thought of a doubt.
The current Ruijerd has no hair and the jewel on his forehead is hidden.
How did he know, I wonder?
I don’t know, does he exude some kind of superdrug smell?
While I was thinking so, Ruijerd turned around.
“Is he an… acquaintance?”
My question paused partway through.
Ruijerd’s face was different.
It was far too drastically different from normal.
All of the blood from his white skin had been drained.
The cold sweat was pouring down. The hand that was holding his spear was trembling.
This is… I have a recollection of this expression.
It’s terror.
“Rudeus, absolutely do not move. Eris as well.”
Ruijerd’s voice was trembling.
While I continued, not knowing what was going on, I silently nodded.
Eris’ face was bright red; it seemed like she was ready to jump out at any moment.
Both the arms and legs were trembling.
Are they frightened?
I’m sure there’s that, but even more than that, Eris is showing hostility towards him.
However, he’s an opponent who I don’t know.
At some point, I don’t know, did these two come across this man?
For the time being, I continued to monitor the situation.
“Hnn? That voice, is it Ruijerd Superdia? Since you don’t have any hair, I couldn’t recognize you for a moment. Why are you in this place? “
The man casually approached us.
Ruijerd prepared his spear.
I don’t know.
Why is Ruijerd being so cautious about this man?
I don’t know.
For the time being, since the two were afraid, I opened my demon eye.
Putting it bluntly, it was with light feelings.
It was so blurred that I couldn’t even tell where the silhouette was.
What is this?
“Hnn? That red hair over there is Eris Boreas Greyrat, huh. The other one is… who? Well, it’s fine. I see, I’ve seen it at Ruijerd Superdia. For someone who likes children as much as you, you’ve come this far bringing these two, who were thrown to the Demon Continent in that teleport incident, back home. “
Eris yelled in a surprised voice at the man who nodded with a face that appeared to know everything.
“Wh-why do you know my name?”
Eris’ words brought me even further into confusion.
Is it someone you don’t know?
Is it your first meeting?
No, it’s Eris. It wouldn’t be strange for her to have forgotten.
Even though I say that, in this world I’ve almost never seen anyone with silver hair.
Those characteristic-like Sanpaku eyes, and it seems like only Eris and Ruijerd are feeling some kind of bizarre sensation.
If they’ve already met once, then as expected, you would usually remember.
“Who are you? How do you know my name?”
Ruijerd thrust his spear at the man.
It seems it’s not an acquaintance of Ruijerd’s either.
Eris and Ruijerd say they don’t know the man.
I don’t know the man.
The man doesn’t know me.
However, the man knows Eris and Ruijerd.
Well, that’s fine on its own.
Ruijerd is famous.
His name isn’t all that well known on the Central Continent, but if you were to go to the Demon Continent, generally everyone would know his name and face.
In regards to Eris, I don’t really know, but if you were to speak of a Red-Haired Bishoujo Swordsman, then you could probably hit it with some guesswork.
But, what’s strange isn’t that.
The obviously strange point isn’t that kind of thing.
It’s the behavior.
The atmosphere, if you could call it that.
The difference in behavior between the man and these two is far too different.
The man’s behavior is extremely friendly.
His tone of voice as well, if you were to ask which way, has some happiness mixed in, as if one met an old friend in an unexpected place.
In contrast to Ruijerd, it seems like he’s about ready to attack at any moment.
However, he’s not moving his hands.
He’s clearly looking at him with hostility, but he’s not commencing his attack.
I don’t understand the reason.
Even Eris, who is always trying to make the first move, isn’t moving a bit.
I can’t imagine it’s just because Ruijerd told us not to move.
“This is a strange place to meet but…” It seems like you’re doing well. Then it’s fine. “
The man took a good look at Ruijerd, who was holding the spear towards him, but soon after, he laughed to himself, and took one step backwards.
After seeing that, the girl wearing the mask let out a small whisper.
“Is it fine?”
“It can’t be helped at the current point in time.”
I couldn’t comprehend it. Shortly after the conversation excluding the subject,
“I’ve been a hindrance to you.”
The man slowly started to walk just to our side.
The black-haired girl followed her afterwards.
Ruijerd never took his eyes off of
Of course, Eris as well.
“About me…” Eventually, you’ll understand. “
In the end, he quietly said that.
A profound meaning
This man knows something.
I thought that intuitively.
I’m getting a similar feeling to Hitogami from this man.
“Please wait a minute!”
Before I realized it, I had called out to him.
The man turned around.
It was a surprised face.
And then, Eris and Ruijerd were looking at me with surprised faces.
“What is it? Who are you?”
“Ah, excuse me. I’m Rudeus Greyrat. “
“It’s a name I’ve never heard before.”
Well, this is our first meeting after all.
“No, Greyrat, huh. What’s your parent’s name? “
“Rather than that, won’t you name yourself?”
“Hmmm… Well, I guess I don’t mind. I’m Orsted. “
A name I have no memory of hearing.
I don’t know it to the point that I’m the same as the people who died and are apologizing in the other world.
After looking at Ruijerd, it seems like he doesn’t know either.
“Ummm, are you acquainted with these two?”
“No, we haven’t become acquaintances yet.”
“Yet? What do you mean? “
“It’s fine if you don’t know. Then your parents? “
They were words that were bluntly refused.
Even though I answered your question, you should answer mine as well, huh.
Well fine.
I wouldn’t be bothered by something to that degree.
“It’s Paul Greyrat.”
“… Hmm? Paul shouldn’t have a son. He should only have two daughters. “
How rude.
He does, you know. My father has a single son that looks quite similar to him.
An idiot son who left home and went all the way to the Demon Continent to work.
There, Orsted leaned his head like he realized something.
He slowly took steps towards me.
“Don’t get any closer than that!”
“Yeah, I understand.”
However, he was threatened by Ruijerd and maintained his distance.
While closing a bit of the distance, he was taking a good look at my face.
I caught that gaze from the front.
“You don’t avoid eye contact, do you?”
“Since the look in your eyes is scary, it feels like I might turn away any moment now.”
“Hmmm, in other words, you aren’t feeling any fear.”
The man’s brow dropped.
“Hmmm. That’s strange. I have no memory of meeting you. “
I don’t either.
It’s our first meeting.
I don’t know a name like Orsted.
I have no recollection of his appearance either.
Not to mention, he just keeps saying things that I have no idea what they are about.
Next, he finally said some words I could comprehend.
“You, could it be, you have heard of the words Hitogami, Hitogami before?”
That is right, finally.
Finally, that name.
Finally, something that I could understand came out.
I’ll say it clearly.
I was letting my guard down.
Even though it was something that no one had said until now,
Suddenly, hearing it from another person’s mouth was jarring, not to mention the fact that it was from the mouth of this man who keeps talking about things I can’t understand.
There were no common points in the language to connect our conversation, so I thought, ah, if it’s that even I understand.
with just that kind of light feeling about it.
I said it.
“I do, the one known as Hitogami, comes out in my dreams…”
I suddenly saw a vision.
At a speed that was almost as if he had teleported, it went straight through my chest.
I can’t avoid it.
With just one second, it’s too short.
In a moment, the vision of it going through disappeared. Ruijerd forced himself in front of me.
The thrust stopped at Ruijerd and I fell backwards.
The man was looking over Ruijerd’s shoulder.
They were cold eyes.
“I see, you were the pawn of Hitogami.”
It’s a false accusation.
Ruijerd shouted.
“Run away! Rudeus! “
“You’re in the way, Ruijerd.”
Ruijerd swung his spear.
I couldn’t move.
In the first place, there wasn’t enough time to run.
There were several seconds before Ruijerd suffered damage.
He twisted around like a baby. I couldn’t do anything but silently watch.
Ruijerd is strong.
He’s supposed to be strong.
In the end, over the course of this journey, Eris hasn’t been able to get even a single good hit on him.
Five hundred years of fighting should have given him enough experience to be unbeatable.
He’s supposed to be a man with strength above King Class.
The fact that such a Ruijerd would lose was something that I could clearly see.
I saw through the whole thing while watching with my demon eye.
In terms of time, it was at most 10 seconds.
Orsted was by no means faster than Ruijerd.
Each time Ruijerd made a single move, just a little bit, Ruijerd started to lose his advantage.
That continued to repeat itself one time, three times, four times.
While Ruijerd was moving, he was digging his own grave.
A little, again a little, he was gradually being cornered.
Each time he received an attack, his stance collapsed just a bit. Each time he went in to attack, he had the initiative reversed on him.
There was certainly nothing but ability there.
I could clearly see that Orsted was striking down Ruijerd.
Orsted was overwhelmingly exceeding him.
Even looking through my eyes, I could clearly understand it.
It was a brilliant technique.
He was moving with the most minimum movement possible, yet he was rendering Ruijerd powerless at his fastest speed.
If you could realize that, it would most likely end up with those movements.
He completely saw through the distance with Ruijerd. He always left his body in the inner part of the spears’ effective range.
Ruijerd was using his master combination at his specialty distance.
That was being destroyed as if it were being ridiculed, staggered, gaps were being created, attacks that you absolutely can’t take were being guarded.
Most likely, if he were to try and kill him, he would have been able to do it.
However, that guy wasn’t doing it.
He knocked him unconscious.
He was going easy with Ruijerd as an opponent.
And then
Ruijerd was unable to do anything.
All of his means disappeared.
It was checkmate.
A fist very deeply landed in Ruijerd’s solar plexus, and subsequently a second fist grazed the tip of his jaw.
The third hit, a fist that reaped Ruijerd’s consciousness, attacked his temple.
He rotated twice and then fell to the ground.
Ruijerd wasn’t moving.
He wasn’t dead, but he wasn’t moving.
Orsted could have probably gotten a single hit whenever.
While going for the second hit, he probably devoted himself to it.
However, in order to steal Ruijerd’s consciousness, it required three hits.
Even though that was able to render Ruijerd helpless, it could have been called the fastest performance.
“Now then.”
The one who shouted wasn’t me.
It was Eris.
She moved in front of me. She faced Orsted with a flash of her drawn sword and fired it off.
“… Hidden Technique, [Streaming Current]”
In regards to Eris, it didn’t cost Orsted any time.
He just caught her sword gently in the palm of his hand.
At least that’s how it looked to me.
With just that, Eris’s body started to spin like a tornado and was blown away.
It was almost like the time when receiving a certain kill technique in battle and being blown off.
Eris flew out of that guy’s field of vision.
The instant Ruijerd fell, Eris fired off a slash in his blind spot.
Even looking at it from my perspective, it was an attack that I thought had no shortcomings.
Without a thought for defense, a completely focused sword strike
In regards to that, that guy reversed it one technique.
I don’t know what was done specifically.
In my eyes, it just looked like his hand went to the side of Eris’ sword.
In the next instant, Eris was sent flying in a tailspin.
No, I’ve seen something similar to that.
Paul showed it to me.
It was a technique of the Water God style.
It was a move that seemed like that, but with a much more honed and sharpened feel to it.
Every bit of energy from her motion was returned to Eris.
Eris crashed into a stone wall.
While scattering rocks all over the place, she fell.
Since she has trained, I want to think that she wouldn’t die.
However, it could be that something like her bones had fractured.
“Eris Boreas Greyrat.” It seems you’ve advanced your skill with the sword considerably. I did think you had the potential, but… It’s still rough. “
Eris was trying to get up while letting out a groan.
If it was the usual me, I think I would have quickly tried to use healing magic on her.
However, I had other things to worry about than that.
His eyes were aimed at me.
It was in the blink of an eye.
In the blink of an eye, the two of them were beaten.
I always had my demon eye open.
One second ahead, what I saw there was despair.
No matter what I reacted to, I would just have it turned back on me.
I was one second ahead and had all of my vital points crushed.
Head, throat, heart, lungs…
I could see visions of each of them being crushed. Furthermore, I saw the vision that the guy was there.
I didn’t understand the meaning.
If this is true, then one second later there will be five of them.
I couldn’t move.
I understood that everything was futile.
One second passed while I was still unable to do anything.
He was right in front of me.
right in front of me as I couldn’t move.
It was a slide movement that would make you think he was completely ignoring the laws of physics.
He appeared in front of me, almost as if he had teleported.
abruptly, almost like an anime lacking the in-between frames.
And then, by the time he had arrived in front of me, he had already finished the movements for his attack.
These sorts of movements I once saw in an old fighting game.
It was the game of the century, where every character had an eternal combo or an instant death combo.
By the time I realized it, I had already taken the palm of his hand unguarded.
All eight or so of my ribs simultaneously broke.
There was an impact.
However, my body was by no means sent flying backwards.
I felt a pressure, almost as if my back had simultaneously received an attack as well.
The damage was all collected internally.
My lung was crushed.
In an instant, blood came up my throat and I spit out blood.
“If you crush the lungs of a magician, it restricts them…”
He said that nothing at all was happening to me while I was on my knees.
I was looking at my old blood spread out on the ground, and somewhere in my heart I thought “I see now” and understood it.
It’s fine if it’s just crushing the lungs of a magician.
They won’t be able to use incantations.
In reality, at this point, my healing magic has already been sealed.
Of course, incantations aren’t the only thing I won’t be able to do after my lung is crushed.
I won’t be able to maintain my life activities.
In other words, it’s fatal.
“It’s fine for you to die and tell the Hitogami that the Dragon God Orsted will never let you live.”
Dragon God.
[Seven Great World Powers] came in second place.
Orsted gave a glance over at me, who was crouched over holding my chest.
He pushed me over with his heel.
I saw that as negligence.
I’ve already received a fatal wound. Putting aside defeat, death is already imminent.
In that condition, why did I still think to fight? I don’t know.
I wonder if it’s because I saw Eris still trying to stand at the edge of my field of vision.
This man especially went out of his way to stop those two just in order to ascertain that I would die after.
In any case, I sent a rock bullet aimed at him.
Why didn’t I use stronger magic?
I have even more advanced magic that I could have used.
Even after, I couldn’t understand it.
I most likely used the magic that I was most accustomed to using.
A rock that was as hard as possible, at a velocity that was as fast as possible, with a rotation speed as fast as possible was added.
I think that rock bullet was at such a high power that it surprised even me.
The man and I were at an exceedingly close distance when the rock bullet went flying at a red-hot speed.
And then it was smashed.
The rock fell.
After it fell to the ground, there was a dinging sound, almost as if it was metal.
Orsted looked at his own hand.
“Just now was that a rock bullet… that was an absurd power. To think this magic could leave a wound on my body… “
The skin on the back of Orsted’s hand was coming off.
It was just a scratch.
It was no good. There was no point to the rock bullet.
I’m unable to damage this man.
“Your lung should have been crushed though…” voiceless incantations? Is that power you gained from the Hitogami? What other powers have you gained?”
Orsted looked over me as he was surveying.
Wouldn’t it be fine if he just quickly stopped it?
He looked at me ruthlessly, almost as if he was watching over a grasshopper that had had its legs torn off.
It’s painful…
I used wind magic and forcefully sent air into my lungs.
I violently choked.
I have the feeling it was meaningless, but I forcefully sent it in.
And then, having accumulated air with all my might, I held my breath.
“Oh. That was an interesting usage. What meaning was there in that just now? Why don’t you use voiceless incantations to heal your lung?”
Orsted put his hand on his chin and looked at me as if my suffering was of great interest.
In my fading consciousness, I created a fire ball with my right hand.
In fire magic, the more magic power you pour into it, the greater the temperature rises and the scale increases.
If the rock’s bullet speed and hardness are not good, then what about heat and explosive power?
“That is already fine. [Disturb Magic]! “
That shallow thought was easily erased.
The instant I pointed my right hand at Orsted, the consistency of magic power gathering at the end of my hand was disturbed.
The magic power that continued to come out from the end of my hand never took shape and scattered.
Even in my hazy state, I understood it.
By interfering with the magic power coming out of my hand, he was cancelling out my magic.
I carelessly thought it seemed like something I could do as well.
My right hand is sealed.
However, I still have my left hand.
I started to construct magic with my other hand. I’ll drive a shock wave into the middle of Orsted.
I heard a heavy sound ring out. Orsted was blown backwards.
Simultaneously, I was also able to fly back.
“Hmm… you managed to cancel [Magic Disturb]? No, it’s different… It’s a form of multiple incantations. Being able to do it with voiceless incantations shows what a skillful guy you are. This sort of feeling. “
With his left hand, the man pointed his finger and a small sound came out.
And then, at the man’s feet, a small window about 50 cm in every direction appeared.
It was a pretty window that was silver in color and adorned with gaudy dragon ornaments.
“Oh, it’s surprisingly strong.”
Without thinking anything, I fired off the most powerful fire magic I could at Orsted.
My image was of a huge blaze. A mushroom cloud.
nuclear explosion
I gathered my power in order to hit him. I simply continued to concentrate my magic power.
I wasn’t really thinking about the fact that Eris and Ruijerd would be swallowed up in it.
I had already lost the power to think.
“Open, [First Dragon Gate].”
After the man muttered that the window had opened,
In that instant, the magic power that was going to become magic in my left hand was sucked up.
The frame of the window made a noise as it cracked.
Simultaneously, an explosion happened near Orsted.
It was overwhelmingly smaller than what I was assuming.
He was able to simply avoid it.
“What a frightening amount of magic power. Even the [First Dragon Gate] couldn’t bear this size. It’s almost at the same level as Laplace. There’s a reason for the Hitogami to make you an apostle. However, why haven’t you used healing magic on your lungs since a while ago? Are you trying to get me to let my guard down? “
My consciousness was already on the verge of being interrupted at that point.
I didn’t have any judgment left.
Since a while ago, I haven’t been able to breathe sufficiently.
The man continued to look at me again as he surveyed the area.
Our eyes met.
“Is it over?”
Just a moment.
Orsted was closing in on a bewildered me.
I already had nothing left.
“Can you not do anything beyond magic?”
My magic has been sealed and my legs are cramped. I can’t move.
I can’t do anything in the face of this overwhelming intent to kill.
At the edge of my vision, the border of the window disappeared.
However, I wasn’t able to do anything.
What I suddenly let out was the very small roar that I had learned in the Dedoldia village.
Orsted put himself on guard to my action.
All I did was spit up blood, there was no effect.
“…Just magic power, huh. What were you planning?”
I already can’t do anything.
My magic has been sealed, there’s no chance of winning to be found with physical techniques.
The only thing left that I could do is nothing but prostrate myself.
“Well, it’s fine, die.”
But, Orsted wouldn’t even let me prostrate myself.
The arm sent flying at a super speed easily pierced through my body.
The fist certainly went through my heart.
Certainly a fatal wound.
A wound that wouldn’t even be healed with healing magic.
“Too quick. Damn Hitogami. Did you make someone who can’t even wear touki into a pawn. What were you planning?”
He pulled out his fist.
There it was, splattered with my blood.
I tried to stand.
My body isn’t listening to what I say.
Against my will, my body crumbles.
At the edge of my vision, I saw Eris with her face raised looking at me blankly.
Our eyes met.
“Ahh…a… Ru…Rudeu…Rudeus…!”
In my fading consciousness, I calmly thought about it.
Ah, this is bad.
I don’t want to die.
I haven’t fulfilled my promise to Eris yet.
At least two more years, please wait two years.
Even though I could go without any regrets if that were the case…
It’s healing.
Gather the magic power, there’s only one wound.
I can’t do the incantation, my lung has a hole in it as well.
However, do it, slowly, gather the magic power.
Fix it, I’ll fix it.
I can’t afford to die yet.
Eris cried out.
It was a scream of bitterness.
“Was he someone precious? Sorry about that Eris Boreas Greyrat. However, one day will come when you understand. Let’s go, Nanahoshi.”
Orsted leisurely walked away leading the girl.
Eris couldn’t stand up.
Was it damage or was it terror.
Or else was it shock.
Only able to raise her shout, without a sword, just crying and shouting.
—a/n new part
Within her crying and shouting I can also hear an additional shout.
“Ready your aim!”
Thus, a barrage of offense magic was shoots towards Orsted.
Not long after, I can feel some shadow covering both me and Eris.
There’s a water that fall on me, what it this water. I can feel the injury in my body healed rapidly.
“Yah, Sorry I’m late…”
Claude said while scratching his cheeks…
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