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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 62: Dragon God

“So, who is this Dragon God that you’re wary of?” Ash asked while accompanying Claude in the information room.
Continue reading the report. Claude didn’t answer him. He’s focused on the document in his hand, reading the report little by little.
Even though he was ignored, Ash didn’t really mind it. He’s already accustomed to Claude’s quirky behavior since he knows that Claude will answer him after he finishes processing the information in his brain.
“The 2nd strongest in the world, he’s someone that’s etched in stone…” Claude answered while closing the book in his hand.
“And… what was our plan again?”
“For now, I want to have a discussion with him…”
“You want to have a discussion with all these traps in his surroundings?” “Are you for real?”
Claude said, squinting his eyes.
“You seem to be belittling the Dragon God…”
“No, man. I already know that he’s way stronger than Mistress Reida, but, are you being sincere in this ‘meeting’? The fact is, you surround him with almost half of Division A, and it’s like 2000 people. “
“Yeah, that’s too little… There might even be casualties…
Ash was taken aback when he heard that 2000 people were insufficient.
These are the people that travel all over the central continent.
Since 2 months ago, they’ve been informed of the mission. Claude had planned this meeting years ago.
Knowing what happened from Sadogashima Kuro’s memory, Claude wished to change the future where Rudeus would be killed by the Dragon God.
However, that is something he doesn’t know how to prevent.
He wanted to prevent Rudeus from talking about the Hitogami, but he couldn’t do that.
There’s something obstructing him from saying anything regarding the Hitogami in front of Rudeus and Geese.
In Dedoldia, he had already tried to mention the Hitogami to both Rudeus and Geese.
but his mouth was sealed at that time.
Whenever he mentions anything regarding the Hitogami, his mind will turn empty. At that time, he even did things automatically.
What really happened?
Claude doesn’t understand what happened, but he knows that calling that name is forbidden by anything that stopped him.
The one giving the power of Miko is still unknown, unlike mana and Touki, which can be trained. Miko’s power and its legitimacy are something mysterious.
No one, not even the strongest dragon god, knows all of the Miko in this world.
Even Claude, with all the knowledge he had of the other him, still didn’t know that much of the power. Even Fred, the Miko of Fire, couldn’t unveil the source of his power.
Claude had already tried to use the knowledge of Fred’s power, but failed in the end.
“Hey, Ash…”
“What do you think the power the monsters and Miko’s use? We already know that the monster mostly doesn’t use mana. There’s also the fact that the monster can evolve…”
Scrunching his face, Ash said, “How the heck would I know about that thing?”
“How can you not know? “You are a tamer.”
“I… I only know monsters that used mana. Where the hell do you even find monsters that do not use mana and can evolve? “
With Ash’s answer, Claude realized the only monster that could use both mana and another form of energy was just Trolly.
Even the other monsters in that dungeon either use mana or the other type of energy. No one can use both of them at the same time.
What makes him think that?
“Oh right, I forgot to say that I have a tool that can disable magic that uses mana…”
As Orsted passed through the plain, he could feel the eyes that kept following him.
‘This is new’
Following his life, he’s already living in a loop. Every time he failed to defeat Hitogami, he would always regress to a random time.
Almost every loop is the same, but there’d be different cases like this one.
‘so, is this another way for the Hitogami to keep me in check?
Orsted always thought negatively.
Orsted always spent his time thinking of how to defeat the Hitogami, and even as he reached the pinnacle, he never succeeded in defeating that entity.
Within those worlds, he already knows that defeating the Hitogami is something nigh impossible for him alone.
No matter how many times he tried, how much knowledge he learned, how many deaths resulted from the confrontation…
He never won.
In every world, he already knows which person is dependable and which is not. Most of the time, history went the way it was in all the other worlds. In several cases, there’s another thing that makes the world differ from one another.
Even so, the future always stays the same.
Hitogami is a piece of trash. He’s the source of destruction. That’s what he always thought, which is also the truth.
Among all the comrades he had, one of them was a summoned person that came from another world.
That comrade is someone that the person beside him knows.
Wearing a white mask, she walks beside Orsted.
She doesn’t know about the follower creeping behind them. Her mind wandered about, thinking about many things, especially the goal she had set while accompanying Orsted on his walk.
She is someone that comes very close to having metastasis.
The byproduct of the tragedy
One might even say that the tragedy which killed hundreds of thousands of living creatures happened because of her.
The otherworlder summoned from the event was her.
Nanahoshi Shizuka
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