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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 1 : This is weird


As the water ball hit my head, it suddenly emerged.

The memory of my previous life. Or someone else’s memory? I don’t know, really…

What the hell? Why am I so bland with it?

That b*stard Somar sure is nasty. Why’d he suddenly asks us to bully the half-elf girl? D*mn him, now my parents will yell at me.

“Three people gathering together to bully one. You’re the worst!”

Somar suddenly yelled and said,

“So, you’re that kid from the knight’s place! Don’t get in our way!”

As he said so, he once again threw the water ball toward us while Somar and Mike continued to throw the mudball toward Rudeus.

It’s so nostalgic and brand to see the real-life animation of my later life in front of me, like seeing a live-action Fantasy genre in my past life.

If you want to know how I look, you can just search the scene where Somar, the other bully, is judged by Rudy and see the one with the long hair.

That’s me.

That’s the only scene I have before being dead, by the way.

I can’t help but be this clear even if I know the future where many Buena villagers will die in around 5 years.

As the kids continued to play, I sat beside Sylphiette and used my hand to hold my chin.

As Rudeus continued to throw the water ball and Step forward, Somar got scared and stepped back.

“How boring. Let’s head back,” Somar said, acting tough.

Man, you’re just 5 years old, after all. It’s nothing weird to be afraid of a water saint. I mean a prodigy who achieves the water saint class at age 5.

“What are you doing there, Claus! Let’s head back!”

As he said so, I unknowingly heed him after patting my butt.

“See ya later, Sylph,” I said, waving at her, then chasing after Somar and Mike.

When we returned, we met with Somar’s mom, who had her eyes glint and smacked Somar in the face, then brought her to Rudy’s house.

Oh well, that woman sure is scary…

I kind of expected it already since it’s screened on the anime where she brought Somar and complained to Paul about Rudy’s behavior as an excuse to talk with Paul. Then Paul and Rudy had a fight because of it, only to have both father and son’s bond deepened.

I can’t agree with her act to injure her son, though. I know Somar’s father, and he’s not that bad.

You can’t compare a commoner with a noble’s child since they are raised and grown differently. Somar’s mom looks like a dung beetle that seeks a flower.

I can’t say that Paul is that great since I know his past, but he’s not that bad.

Actually, Somar’s father is a kind and loyal man. I can see that as a man, Somar’s father is better. Well, women always love those handsome men, after all.

I can’t deny that Paul is the second most handsome guy in the Village.

Not to mention his sword-fighting capability and his dreamy ‘adventurer’ title he had.

I’m the most handsome man in the Village, by the way.

Anyway, as soon as I got home, I greeted my parent and told them what had happened.

My parents got mad at me because I was bullying Laws’ child. While doing so, I also complained that they act like Somar’s mom.

I put a bit of spice into what I say, and my parent is so intelligent that they actually realize that Somar’s mom is making an excuse to meet with Paul.

The day after, the gossip about how Somar’s mom is in love with Paul is well known in the Village. While Somar is pitied and given a treat here and there, he actually spends more time with his father after this day.

I can only chuckle at the sight of Somar’s happy face, spending his time with his father.

Mike is actually someone more well-off than me.

Since the trouble Mike caused with Somar became well-known.

He’s sent to the town to work as an apprentice Merchant, leaving me alone loitering in the city.

I meet with Paul, that’s working as a guard patrolling the Village.

“Hey, Paul! Nice to meet you?”

“Oh… hey kid, who are you again?” Paul looks at me with a puzzled expression.

“Whoa, what an adult… to not remember the victim of your son….” I said, mocking him.

“What a rude brat,” He’d said while getting a little embarrassed and remembering me.

“You’re not Somar, and I heard that Mike’s brought to another place. So, you should be Claude.”


“So, what is it, kid?”

“Can you teach me swords?”


“Because I know I will need to know them since I can’t do anything towards your son that day?”

“You want to take revenge? Towards my son?”

“Yep, can you help me to do so?”

He looks dumbfounded…

Hey, I never said that I wanted to take revenge. You’re the one that makes those conclusions without concrete evidence, and I just go along with you! Don’t stare at me like I’m a weirdo.

He then laughed out loud while pounding my back. D*mn, that’s hurt…

“Sure, I’ll teach you till you’ll be able to beat Rudy! Don’t expect you can do it, though! Since my son is a genius.”

“Geez, look at you brag about your son. You’re the one that’s doubt and punish your prodigious son after all….”

I don’t know who spread the news about Paul being bullied by his son, but I already heard about it in the Village.

It’s the second hottest topic after Somar’s mom’s pursuit of love gossip.

Thus, I succeed in getting myself a swordsmanship teacher for free…


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