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Mushoku Tensei FF E Chapter 2 : What happened to me?


As I arrived at Paul’s home on that rainy day, I could see Rudy sitting on his knees.

“Oh, did Rudy strip Sylph already?”

I said while snickering.

“Welcome, Claude….”

“Sigh… Claude, what’s up?”

“I brought some clothe and snack from mom here, meet with a rain on the way through… anyway, was Rudy and Luffy just doing the adult things?”

I said while eying Paul.

“What do you mean by that! D*mn you kid, I need to train you harsher, I see.”

“What… who don’t know about your perverseness in the village? It’s already well known since the traveling merchants already tell your tales, lol….”

“Who the D*mn one that spreading rumors about me?! I’ll hack him to pieces,” he said while turning away from Zenith.

“Anyway, what’s up?” I again looked at the embarrassed Sylphiette hiding behind Zenith and Lilia.

It’s been 6 months since I trained under Paul, aside from individual training. I occasionally help my parents out with their work.

After 6 long months, I learned to read and write and arithmetic.

What about the primary training? the swordsmanship…

Well, I am Sh*t…

A Sh*tty mob that’s just slightly better than Laws…

I mean, I know that I’m not a prodigy… but I actually can’t win against Laws, the mob that named himself as Slphy’s father?

I sure am weak…

I’m still better than Rudy, though. It’s been 2 months since I beat him in a sword fight. Though, never win if he’s using his magic.

Aside from training the Sword god style from Paul, I also dabble with magic.

The best I can do is create water and an ember, or rock and breeze…

I still increased my mana from what I learned of Rudy.

Before sleeping, I exhausted my mana and slept like a dead man.

“D*mn you Claude, why you never tell me Sylphy is actually a girl!” Rudy blamed me for his incompetence.

“Eh, I never tell you?”

“You never did!”

“Heck, where have you seen a boy this cute, I asked you? Are your eyes a decoration or something?”

“I thought she’s a pretty boy!”

“Hah, such a stupid reason… look, Paul, your son is such a dense b*stard….”

I stopped and then looked at Zenith.

“See Zenith, like father like son… you need to discipline Rudeus. Else you’ll create Paul number 2!”

I can see Paul fuming and trying to hit me.

I dodged it skillfully.

“Getting old, Paul?”

“D*mn, you cheeky….”

Laughter soon rose, and everyone forgot about Rudy’s actions after apologizing to Sylphy.

I held my head while staring at Paul begrudgingly “who hit a child this hard? What a sore loser… Zenith… heal me….” I beg Zenith to ease this hurting head of mine.

Let’s talk more about the mass teleportation incident.

We can all say that it’s too abrupt.

Everything happened in a flash, without any real sign.

You can’t say a floating ball that does nothing for months is a sign…

It’s just suddenly appeared and suddenly exploded.

Then, what kind of countermeasure can I make?

Should I tell the adult about it and make myself a prophet?

Absolutely no, as I do know about the future. I don’t know anything about the actual end. I only know about the timeline of Mushoku Tensei from it Wikipedia and other general-purpose information that I can learn quickly by talking to the merchants.

Then, what should I do?

It’s actually pretty simple.

Increase the villagers’ knowledge.

How should I do this then became another question to answer.

A village had a pretty queer tendency.

A piece of information, no matter how small it is, becomes the only entertainment source. It’s either the knowledge I dug from Paul about him being a womanizer or Somar’s mom’s infidelity thought about Paul.

All these things circulate around the village.

Then at the start of the month, living in this village, I started to circulate things about the slave merchant and their atrocity by using the Travelling merchant name.

I just asked the traveling merchant about this topic, and he blabbered it himself.

In just 1 month, the ways to deal with and identify slave merchants were already formed and arranged to teach their children if they showed up nearby.

After they are done with it, I casually go to the wood and lie that I found them while walking around.

Creating some kind of track in the wood, tell Paul to warn the villager about it.

My plan succeeded, and the parents started teaching their children how to fool those slave merchants in zeal.

They even hired adventurers to teach their children self-defense.

This is great.

I thought these slave merchant talks would stop by around the 3rd month, but it’s not… so I just followed the flow and created the story about the slave merchant in another kingdom, then another continent.

What are their commodities, and which continent do they usually play in?

I also told them many things until the 6th month, when Rudy stripped Sylphy.

Oh well, the time limit is still around 4 or 5 more years. So, it can wait.

As I was warming up my body, the sun had yet to emerge. The moon was still above, but my internal clock said it was already near morning, so I started running.

I usually start my morning exercise by running around the village. Once or twice is already enough. Then search for the nearby tree for a pull-up in the branch.

It’s hard to find a big or precisely sized branch for my grappling. But, as time passed, I could know which one was good and which one was wrong.

For example, there’s this big brittle branch that, once I grip, crumbled.

There’s also a tiny weeny branch that stays strong even though I step on it.

In these 6 months, I can differentiate them neatly by a glance.

As I finished my pull-up, the ground below the tree became muddy with my sweat. I continue to have a sit-up and reverse pull-up, then cool myself down by soaking myself in the river.

It’s great to soak myself in the river, and by the time I’ve bathed, the sun is already up. I can see Luffy skipping happily towards Paul’s house.

“Isn’t it too early to head to your beloved?”

I tease her.

“… sigh… so it’s Claude, you frighten me….”

Wow, she’s didn’t realize this hunk in the river. As expected, a maiden in love sure is blind.

“Hmmm, spring has come for Luffy, huh.”

“Uuuu, don’t tease me, Claude. It’s not like I do think that way! I… I mean, it’s not like I don’t like Rudy….” I lost what she said in the middle, as she’s talking roundabout about these things. Well, she’s 5 years old. Not gonna expect an adult speech.

“…Anyway, I going to Rudy’s! wanna come along, Claude?”

“Nah, not going to disturb you lovebirds… and I’m not like you jobless. I had to work with my father in the Smithy.”

“Umumumu, you’re cheeky for a child….” she glares at me, offended by my Jobless remarks.

I just shrugged, jumped off the river, and then used the towel to dry myself off.

“Hide it, Claude! You’re so shameless!”

“Huh? What is it? It’s not like it’s your first time seeing a nude boy, right?” I snide at her, pointing to the fact that she already sees Rudy naked.

She’s reddened and ran away. I waved at her and said, “Take care,” and she ignored me.

Oh well, times to head towards the Smithy…

Pops will yell at me if I’m late.



[Claude’s Father POV]

My son is weird…

I am Claude’s father, by the way.

I know that he’s a Cr*ppy haughty and cocky child that likes to bully others. Somar and Mike only add spice to him since he’s the perpetrator.

Since his underling was all defeated, he suddenly turned over a new leaf.

I know he’s smart, but he’s started to do better.

I sometimes even think this isn’t my child anymore. Just look at his chiseled body…

There’s no way a 6-year-old child like him can have that kind of abs, bicep, and triceps that can equate to Paul’s body…

D*mn, I envy my child’s body.

Well, since the day he was defeated by Rudeus. Claude suddenly started to work out, and in a mere 1 month after his workout, he soaked in the river that even some older people drifted away…

It had a strong current, but he could efficiently deal with it.

Wake up early before sunrise if I use the time used by those in the city. It should be around 3 in the morning…

That early, even without a clock, I can feel it. Claude started to work out until 8 in the morning, then helped me out by drawing the water in the Smithy.

He recently started to temper the Iron.

D*mn, my son is too talented.

I bet he got the talent from me; he’s done so well he can beat me in Iron tempering.

Anyway, my son is so talented that his father became cocky and proud.

Let’s go to the pub to brag tonight, hahaha.


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