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Mushoku Tensei FF E Chapter 3 : Anything’s wrong?


[Claude POV]


The sound of clashing swords can be heard from afar, and then it continued for some time until the time it stopped altogether, followed by a burst of laughter.

“I’m sure Paul is trying to assert his dominance towards his 6 years old son… what a great father he is, how childish.”

I roared, almost yelling to let the one laughing out loud hear it.

As expected, the laughter stopped. I can see Lilia chuckle behind while Zenith waves her hands at me, already expecting me to come.

“Ya, Zenith, Lilia!” I said while waving towards them.

Their bulging stomach shows. It’s already 3 months since the day they come upfront. I didn’t do anything in this incident, though Paul became more famous for his infidelity.

I can even see Somar’s mom sigh in relief while holding her husband’s hand when receiving that news.

It’s one of the central moments where Rudeus and Lilia’s bond deepened, although I didn’t play with him that often and Rudeus mainly played with Sylphy. In fact, he is still too attached to Sylphy. It’s not like I care that much about it, but it should be around the time when the babies are born when he’s sent to Eris’ place, huh.

“Here, knife and other kitchen utensils I made. It’s my payment for Paul’s teaching.”

“Oh my, you don’t too, though….” Zenith said while I gave it to Lilia.

“No, I need to do that; it’ll make me like a shameless sponger… I’m 7 years old, after all!” I said proudly, looking a bit childish.

“Fufufu, then I’ll bring these back. Thank you, Claude.”

“You’re welcome, Lilia.”

“That’s the tact I like, Claude! As expected of my disciple.”

“No, please, just don’t say I look like you when you’re young… I have already learned about your past from Lilia. I won’t be a lecher like you, Paul….” I said, squinting my eyes.

“Hey! That’s rude! D*mn, Lilia! I lose my honor here….” he said while receiving the glare from Lilia.

I can’t deny his perverted tendencies. I can see that Rudeus inherit it from this man without the person himself realizing it. But another inherent knowledge stops him from thinking it that way.

Well, he is an old man inside, after all.

It can be a brand globally since many young-looking people are old people with young bodies…


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Anyway, I come here to give the thing to Zenith and Lilia. While another purpose is to provide Paul with his sword.

“Here you go, Paul….” I said as I handed him his sword and waved Rudy to come closer.

“What is it, Claude?”

“Call me big brother Claude. I’ll tell you then….” I said, teasing Rudeus. I guess what he thought. He must be thinking that I am just a child, and he was way older than my father and me before he died.

He can’t say so, though. Thus he’d answer me with what I wanted to, albeit hoarsely.

“What is it, Big brother Claude,” he said while squinting his eyes. He had already known that I must be bringing something suitable since I act like this, so he complied.

I took a thing from my pouch and gave it to him.

“It’s a bangle. I use the same magic circle from your wand to employ them. You can use them in an emergency, don’t use too much of your mana though… it’d break….” I said while Zenith and Lilia gasping in the background, and Paul stared at me wide-eyed.

What? What’s wrong with them?

“Whoa… Are you, for real? Claude?”

“What? Are you sick or something, Paul?”

“I mean, A magic circle? Is that a magic tool?”

“Uh, obviously, what do you expect? It’s the only successful one, though. The other is scrap… they can only increase the magic spell by half of what I intend, though I can make it better in the future….”

“Whoa… Zenith, is this child a monster in a different way or something? A 7-year-old enchanter? A blacksmith at that….”

“Praise me more, hahaha! I am a genius!”

Their praise makes me happy, though looking at the weird face Rudeus had made me more comfortable.

“See, told you I’m awesome.”

“I…. see….” he said.

I failed to learn any more advanced spells no matter how hard I tried, and Rudy started to pity me. Which infuriated me. My dream of becoming a magic swordsman vanished…

I learned later that an intermediate Sword god style with a beginner magician is already great for an adult in the first place.

Luffy and Rudy are weird since they are a saint and an Advanced-grade wizard at that age.

I can already beat Rudy easily by now, so much that Paul allows Rudy to attack me using magic. D*mn that father doesn’t want Rudeus to lose and makes excuses to let Rudeus use magic to attack me.

Well, leaving their astonishment-filled gaze.

Their inquiry and question aside, I suddenly use my sword to attack Paul.

“Let’s start our training!”

“Haha! Do you start to sneak-attack me nowadays? Be ready to get your ass kicked.”

Thus, our spar began, and Rudy ran to date with Luffy.



[Lilia POV]

I am astonished that Paul suddenly gets a disciple, and the kid is a talent.

This is I, Lilia the maid, talking.

I can see that he’s thinking of the lesson with Paul as gibberish, though, and I know that Paul isn’t that good at teaching.

Even so, the child can learn more by the spar. That child is learning by copying. Paul doesn’t need to teach him about body conditioning as by the 2nd week, the child is training himself better than Paul can.

No, he’s training himself more rigorously than what my father gave Paul and me in the past.

It’s not weird that he can reach intermediate by 7. With that kind of training, he can outdo me by another month.

Wait a minute…

Now that I think of it, he can use all kinds of spells…

All attribute aptitude with a near, intermediate-grade healing spell.

At the age of 7, Claude is already stronger than me. I never once see him fighting against Rudeus with his spell, but I will ask Paul about it later. I can see that without mentioning that, using the knowledge I had alone, I can see that he’s superior to Rudeus in more ways than one.

Leaving his fighting capability aside, just the fact he could create a magic tool alone enabled him to have a lavish life in the Royal capital.

He can also create great knives and swords, and kitchen appliances. It’s not something an apprentice can make, not even if he’s someone from the smithy.

“What the hell is wrong with this village’s kids?”

Zenith must have the same thought as mine…

“I agree, Zenith….”

“Oh, you think the same as me?”

“Yeah, Claude is quirky….”

“Yep, Sylph’s the same… she’s already an advanced level, you know? Not to mention that both can do it chant less… it’s the same as a swordsman that can use his ability without a sword.”

Now that you mention it…

Wow, what a line-up…


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