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Mushoku Tensei FF E Chapter 4 : Right on Track


[Ghislaine POV]


“It’s the first time I see a beast woman here. What’s up?”

“Oh? It’s the first time I’m being flirted by a boy… or are you a demon kin child?”

“Haha, you jest. I am normal children you can meet anywhere within the village.”

“Hmm, I don’t believe the normal part, though….” I said while squinting my eyes.

I am the Sword King, Ghislaine.

It’s been a while since I’ve arrived in Buena Village.

I need to visit this village to catch Paul’s son and deliver that b*stards’ son as a teacher to Lady Eris.

It’s a bit far, but I’d already used to travel from my adventurer’s day, so it wasn’t much. I miss Zenith a bit, but after kidnapping the child. I need to move back. Arriving here too early was something I am astonished by, though…

A backwater village had a good, paved road halfway towards the city. I can see that it’s intended to continue to the town. But, as expected, you can’t do that so fast.

“Have you taken a liking to the paved road? Amazing, right?”

“Hoo, you know something about it?”

“I sure am… I’m the project leader, after all!”

As the kid said smugly.

I might not be that smart, but believing that a child is the project leader might be foolish.

“You might not believe this handsome 8 years old had the talent to lead the construction. But you have to since that’s the truth.”

A narcissistic one, huh…

“Ah, I remember now… a shameless perverted Sword King indeed, you must be Ghislaine… this kind of attire isn’t someone sane would wear, after all, even the night lady won’t be as bold as you do….”


If it’s me in the past, I will slash this kid already. I couldn’t hold my bloodthirst and unleashed it, scaring the other customer.

Oddly, the kid is unaffected.

“Don’t scare me too much, don’t you see this body already trembled… I’ll leak in my pants if you continue to do so….”

He said relaxedly, but I could see that he was telling the truth with his trembling hand.

“Don’t mock me. I’m still a sword king no matter what attire I use. It’s not weird to be killed by some Sword king if you act mocking someone of my stature without any thought….”

“Pardon me, but your attire is just too enticing towards this humble kid… heck, look around. If your body isn’t that muscled, the man will pounce on you….”

It’s not like I care about it, though, so I scoff at him and ignore him.

“Please wear this robe, at least… I’m embarrassed even if you don’t….”


I took the robe, and he left as soon as I wore it. What an odd kid. Paul’s the one who liked this attire, though; I don’t hate this attire too since I can move easier with it.

Still, wearing something like this isn’t bad.

“It’s warmer, huh….”



[Claude POV]

The handsome Claude is doing things.

As I move into the forest, I plow through the beast that tried to disturb the worker.

I’m doing this hiddenly, of course.

As the year passed, I was stuck in all the sword mastery and magic at the intermediate level. Although it’s the intermediate-high level, it’s something I can’t brag about since Rudeus is even better than me…

Oh well, I can still move my body and become better after some years, so there’s no need to be in a hurry.

There’s also something that I needed to report…

It’s the fact that I can see the mana.

Yes, the surrounding mana particle can be seen if my hypothesis is correct. I would be able to know when the ball emerged in the future. The countdown of the mass teleportation incident will not be unknown.

Right, there’s also space-time magic… I only touch their existence, though, and create a vacuum to destroy the body of the monster I beat.

It’s a shame, but instead of being seen as an unusual kind that can kill a monster, I better destroy the evidence and make it that the monsters all running away somewhere or hiding.

Either way, I still need to act inconspicuously to not trigger unwanted attention.

But, seeing Ghislaine this morning meant that Rudy’s time in the village could be counted within days.

Well, it’s not like I need to do anything about it. But I can see the importance of giving the items to Rudeus at the exact time.

As I cleaned my sword, I sheathed it and walked to the house where the event would be held.



[Narrator POV]

“So, Roxy was in Shirone and already a Water King, huh….” Rudy said while reading the letter Roxy sent him.

“Ooh, that’s amazing. In this world, there are only 5 people at most that can use a King Ranked magic… By the way, did you really steal Roxy-Chan’s panties?” Paul suddenly said awkwardly.

‘Oh, Cr*p’ Rudeus threw his face away from Paul.

He feels reminded of his pathetic situation.

Atop the bed, he reread the letter then thinks about the future.

The next day, he suddenly asked.

“Father, can I ask you for something selfish?”

“No,” Paul said blatantly and got kicked by both of his wives. “ugh,” he groaned painfully.

“Rudy can ask anything you want,” Zenith said. “Your father will try to figure it out.”

“This is when master’s ability and dignity as a husband and father will be tested,” Lilia adds.

In the middle of their meal, Rudeus suddenly asked about something that Paul understood that it’d be something hard to do atop the table.

“Rudy’s already prefacing it. There’s no way I’d be able to deal with… ugh,” once again kicked by his wives.

“To tell you the truth, I haven’t been making progress lately. So, I’d like to enroll in Ranoa Magic University….”


“But, when Sylphy sensed it. She cried and told me that she doesn’t want me to leave.”

“You lady-killer. Who did you inherit this from, huh?” Paul said, teasingly while a bit smug.

“While at it, I want to have her attend with me. but her family is not as rich as us….”

“Therefore, I think if you can pay her tuition and mine, for both of us. Please….”

“Hmm, both of you to Ranoa huh… denied,” Paul said while tapping her finger to the table.

Bot Zenith and Lilia look at Rudeus and agree with what Paul said.

“There’re couples of reasons. First, you’re still practicing Swords. You can’t even beat Claude alone without your spell, and he’s someone like your junior in swordsmanship training….”

“Albeit you’re smart, you’re still young… I can’t give up my responsibility as a parent. We can probably afford your tuition but adding Sylphy is another matter. We are not rich enough to spend money like water….”

“In that case, can I ask for something else?”


“Can you help me find a job? I’d like to have one that has a good wage.”

“Job? Why?”

“Until Dad acknowledges me and allows me to leave home, I’ll earn money for Sylph’s tuition.”

“that’s not a good thing for Sylphy.”

“Yes, but I figured it’s probably a good thing for me.”

Smirking slightly, Paul then answered, “Got it. In that case, I’ll see if I can find someone to help.”

“Thank you very much,” Rudeus said happily.

It should be around 1 week since then.

“Heya, Norn, Aisha… Big brother Claude is here” Claude played with the newborns. He held them in both of his hands while spinning around.

The newborns filled with laughter as he ignored the father and son who sparred in the yard.

“kyahaha,” laughter filled the yard aside from the echo of the wooden swords.

As the mother looks at the girl in worry, Rudeus gets distracted, and the wooden sword is knocked on the head.

“don’t get distracted, Rudy.”

“But… Claude is smirking at me! Hey, out your hands away from my little sisters!” Rudeus said, waving the wooden sword at Claude.

“Pssh, just go and train… it’s not like you can defeat me. Go, go, go, don’t disturb my date with my princesses,” he said while smooching the babies.

“Keep that filthy mouth away from my sister, Orraaaa” Rudeus swings the sword at Claude while the other person evades.

Paul looking at their play just sighs while shaking his head, and the mothers are giggling at their childishness.

As they were playing cat and mouse, a carriage stopped.

There, a beast woman comes out of the carriage and greets them.

“Ooh, you’ve arrived, Ghislaine”, Paul greets her.

“Hey, where’s the robe?! You can’t just blatantly walk around just with underwear!” I shouted at her.

“Is he your kid?”

“Nah, he’s my disciple….”

“Oh? You had one?”

“Just recently… yeah….”

“The pipsqueak is the one you tell me, right?”


As Paul nodded, Zenith was already beside them and greeted Ghislaine happily.

Claude then walks to them and brings the babies. While Rudeus followed behind and eying those breasts which were only hidden by the nipple…

“Eyo, nice to meet you, Ghislaine. I’m the most handsome man in the village, Claude. This one is Norn, Zenith’s daughter. The other one is Aisha, Lilia’s Daughter….” Claude said while pointing the babies and their mother to Ghislaine while rolling his eyes towards Paul.

“Hoo, Paul is the same no matter where he is, huh….” Ghislaine said mockingly.
“I know… sigh….” Zenith said forlornly.

“I told you so, but never expect you’d agree with it” As a devout believer of Millis religion, Zenith is a person that believes in devotion. A woman and a man in the house need to have pure love.

Well, it’s just monogamy.

As they are adventuring friends, they already know about each other. So, seeing that Zenith accepts a mistress for Paul is a surprise for Ghislaine.
“It’s great that she does not look like Paul.”

“You make me look bad….” Paul said

“Touch your chest and feel it. Then ask whether you’re really bad or not….” Claude said, and Paul followed it. Then closed his eyes. Claude then Whispered behind him.

“You’re not bad. You’re worse than bad… perverted lecher.”

“Urgh… D*mn it, boy! I’ll whip your ass.”

“Kuahaha, here you go. Zenith, Ghislaine” Claude give the babies towards them and runs away.

It’s Ghislaine’s first time holding a baby, and seeing the squirming Aisha in front of her makes her heart melt.

As she sees how delicate the baby is, her motherhood seems to awaken and creep under the shade of her heart.

Lilia that already behind her, just smiling and letting her be. While Zenith covered her mouth and smiled.

The three women just create a world for themselves alone while the guy runs around.

The three boys just sat and looked at the women as they stopped. Well, leaving aside Claude that being ganged by the father and son.

Paul suddenly asked, “since you are here, it means you can take care of it right?”

“Take care of our Rudeus,” Zenith said smilingly.

“Rudeus, take care. I can’t wait to see you home….” Zenith said and kissed his forehead.

“Master Rudeus, please take care… I’ll feel lonely,” Lilia said.

“Please, wait a minute… what do you mean by that?” Rudeus asked. While they lay down, Claude just sighed and pretended to sleep.

“Hey, Rudy… what do you think if I told you to keep your distance from Sylphy?” Paul suddenly asked

“Huh? Of course, I’d refuse it.”


“Why are you suddenly asking….”

“Nah, nothing….” he said while cracking his neck. “I won’t be able to win even if I try to persuade you.”

“Huuh?” Rudeus looked at Paul, puzzled.

With a “Hmmph,” Paul then grabbed Rudeus’ nape and threw him.

Waking up from the sudden throw, he sees Paul running towards him. He immediately used a fireball for a diversion.

As he retreated, Paul once again moved towards him, and he used quagmire magic to make Paul’s foot gobbled by the mud below.

Of course, it was useless as Paul is way better than the 7 years old Rudeus.

Using water god-style swordsmanship, Paul moves behind Rudy’s back. Paul was blocked as he pushed the blade behind his son’s back.

“What’s… this?”

A barrier defended his attack and the failure to make his son faint with that attack.

“Aren’t you embarrassed to be attacked in surprise? I developed this barrier Magic to defeat that D*mn Claude, but it’s actually used in a fight against my father… ugh….” Rudeus’ explained and felt the injury he received.

“*whistle* nice one lil’ bro… This older brother of yours is proud of you,” Claude whistled and clapped his hand.

However, that’s the last thing Rudeus hears when he sees the sword flying at him. He loses consciousness.

Paul used the North God Style and attacked Rudeus with the wooden sword handle.


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