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Mushoku Tensei FF E Chapter 5 : To Err is humane



[Claude POV]


The Handsome Claude is here.

Whoa, a northern style in the end, huh…

I can see the distance from the Intermediate to Peak Advance sword mastery by witnessing the battle. As expected of someone that can use all 3 styles, that’s amazing.

“As expected of my master. To attack someone using a handle, and from a distance also! That’s amazing. This Claude is amazed!” I said while clapping aloud and seeing he is handing Rudeus to Ghislaine to make the even today end.

“Sigh… having a smart son is harder than I thought….”

“I don’t know whether you’re complaining or bragging… Have you ever seen a child who can develop a spell on his own? Aside from me, of course!”

Paul just looks at me and shakes his head. Well, I’ve developed a Beginner spell only. It’s more of a modification. Actually… not something else like Rudy did.

“Zenith, is this really yours and Paul’s kid?” Ghislaine looks at them.

“Hey, that’s rude,” Zenith said while Paul laughed awkwardly.

Yep, I’d never believe that Paul would have a son this smart. Knowing him…

Oh well, I hand a small envelope to Ghislaine and pat Rudeus’ head.

“Leave them to me, well… be well.”

A new spell, huh…

No, it’s a new type of spell. A new category!

Barrier magic, what a novel way of defensive type!

I should implement this to an item, and then the other can have another type of defense in an emergency.

The deadline will be in 3 years…

As he sighed, the other adult looked at him in confusion.

“What? Is it that weird for me to know what Paul would do? Though I do not approve of his way of doing things, I won’t put my hands on other family’s decisions… it’s not like I’m his father….” I said while pointing at Paul.

Whew, I feel like my IQ was belittled here…

“Let’s say I already know Rudeus’s dependency on Sylphy as she is his first friend and disciple. Knowing that his first master was a female and she had already left for some time, he must be feeling somehow lonely. Well, unlike you all ‘smart’ adults. This kid here is delicate and knows psychology better than you guys… so I expect he and Sylphy will create some misunderstanding….”

Take a small breath, and seeing the puzzled expression, I continue.

“Well, Sylphy had the same trait as Rudy… Luffy is actually that lonely, you see… I don’t really want to have a ‘good’ relationship with a green-haired kid because you guys know better than me, and the villager had the same mind as we do. Then, the only one she feels close to is Rudy, so she definitely will want to have Rudy by herself all along….”

“Anyway, since I already know the reasons above, it won’t be weird to conclude that Paul will do something to fix his son’s mind and call someone from outside. Thus, looking at the stripper there and knowing that someone as queer as her would definitely be an adventurer or a former adventurer will tell me that he’s Paul’s friend or ex… or both?”

“Which means, Rudeus will be deported somewhere to save his mind from being dependent on Luffy… well, I believe there’s more way than this one, but I won’t intervene in other people’s family’s situations without being asked….”

They are staring at me wide-eyed, with a mouth that slightly gaping.

What? Did an 8-years old have sound reasoning that odd?

Well, it sure is.

“I’m lying… heck, you guys sure are gullible…..”

I already know it from the anime and novel. Of course, I’m not a psychological master or something… just a Ph.D. in Psychology.

“Shut your gaping mouth, and you can deal with the trouble Luffy make later… anyway, I’ve given my letter to Rudy and marked the brand on the carriage… see you later, folks, and have a safe trip stripped,” I said while walking away, and wave towards them.



[Ghislaine POV]

It took some time for me to awaken from the stupor. I always thought that that boy was brilliant but not this smart….

This judgment that even a King can lack was seen in an 8-years old kid. What a fantastic sight to behold.

Imagine if a toddler suddenly creates a new spell…

Wait, Paul’s kid just did that…

What the hell is wrong with this village’s children? Are there more kids like this, or both are just the abnormality?


“You sure have a smart disciple… Paul….”

“Ah… ahhh… he’s a quirky one indeed….”

“Then, I’ll take this one away… see you again, guys.”

“Yeah, take care… Rudy, too, please.”

“Ghislaine, please take care of our Rudy….” Zenith said while Lilia bowed.


[Rudeus POV]

The last thing I remember was the sudden attack that D*mn Paul sent to me, and when I opened my eyes. I can see the tails swinging in front of me.

I’m glad that it was a wooden sword. Else, I’d be injured if a metal handle hit my head that hard.

“Darn Paul, what the hell did you do?”

I said while patting my forehead. I can feel the bump there…

“Pleased to meet you. I am Rudeus Greyrat.”

“Considering that you are Paul’s son, you’re polite.”


I confusingly stared at her.

“I’m Ghislaine. I look forward to working with you starting tomorrow.”

“Well, Thank you… I’m pleased to work with you.”


Well, what did happen?

As I looked at the window, I could see that Buena Village was already out of reach. I doubt I can run away there. It’s not like Paul will let me back since he’s done this already…

Ah, Sylphy… I’ll miss you…

“Umm, Miss Ghislaine….”

“Just call me Ghislaine. There’s no need to add Miss. Read it,” she said while throwing 2 envelopes at me.

As I opened the letter, I could read Paul’s writing.

“To my beloved son, Rudeus.

You can let that Muscle doll tell you everything. I’d like to say that, but even her brain is filled with muscles, so I guess she won’t be able to explain it well….”

I read them loudly, and then Ghislaine was madly shouting, “What did he say!”

“P, please sit down Ghislaine. That’s just a joke.”

“I see”

“Let’s get to the point. I found you a job. You’ll be working as a tutor for a 9-year-old lady living in Roa” Is this about what I asked before? Then why’d he knock me out? “That person there is the bodyguard and swordsmanship teacher of the household.

She said that she’d like to learn something from you in return for you teaching her swords. Try not to laugh at her and say: Even your brain is made of muscles. What are you talking about?”

Ghislaine then unsheathed her sword while “What did you say….” angrily said.

“But she is a swords king. Nobody can be fitter than her as a swordsmanship teacher. I guarantee her skill. Your father hasn’t even won against her once, except in bed.” Stop writing unnecessary things, you fool!

Ghislaine then snorted with a ‘fu.’

That guy really is popular with women…

“From now on until you turn 12, which is 5 years, you’ll be teaching reading, writing, arithmetic, and simple magic at that household. You’re not allowed to write a letter or go home during that time. Because I felt like you’re being depended on Sylphy too much, I’ve decided that it’s not good for either of you.”

You’ve done it now, Paul…

“By working, earning money, and living an independent life, I look forwards to you becoming a more wonderful person…

From your great father Paul, who’s full of Intelligence.”

What Intelligence do you have… sigh…

“Paul loves you, huh.”

I can only shrug her statement and read the continuation of the letter.

“PS, I don’t care about the lady, but that muscle Doll is mine, so keep your hands away from her. He said”

“Hum, let’s send that letter back to Zenith.”


Then, let’s read the other letter…

“By the way, who’s this from?” I asked this while opening the second letter.

“It’s from your Friend, Claude”

Huh, why’d he gives it to me…

What’s the thing he wrote, I wonder…



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