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Mushoku Tensei FF E Chapter 6 : Side Job

[Claude POV]

“Ey, Claude… can you help me fix this?”

“In a minute….” I said while hammering the swords in my hand.

It’s been a year since Rudy went to Roa, and now, I’m a full-fledged Blacksmith…

Well, the handsome Claude is doing things.

“D*mn it, pops! This is child abuse! How could you order your beloved son to work while you’re still alive!”

“Ey, shut it! It’s your fault that you’re better than me! Look at them. They refused my work and asked for your service! It’s hurting my pride already, and you dare to complain to me?!”

Aiiii, I never thought that being too good was a repercussion.

D*mn this talent, I can’t focus on my swords and magic-related things for several months…

“You better learn well from me, Dad! Don’t you feel embarrassed that your son is better than you?”

“Shut it, you Son of a ….”

“don’t you dare to complete that statement, or I’ll tell mother about it!”

“D*mn it, just shut your mouth and work! I didn’t raise you for talking back at me!”

“D*mn, shameless old man… you are no better than Paul!”

“Hey, I won’t send you to another Region just to get some work!”

“You won’t dare to since I’m better than you!”

We continue our banter while working. Well, I can say that my relationship with my father is that good.

What Paul did to Rudy became the gossip of the village, while some complained about it, more commend him since the town would have a better future for Rudy.

Sylphy was dejected but chose to continue to learn about the household matter from Lilia and became a perfect bride for Rudy.

Luffy also learned plenty of things, from a common understanding of the world to the story of Paul, Lilia, and Zenith’s adventure.

Well, leaving Luffy aside.

I unknowingly became a prodigy…

A Blacksmith prodigy that can do many things…


I like the money that flows, but I don’t like this slave-like labor…

“Ahhh! I give up!” I said while throwing the hammer to the ground.

“Hey! What are you doing… don’t you dare to run away! Claude, Clauuuuuude!! Don’t leave me alone. I’ll die of overworking!”

“I’ll pray for if that happens, see you pops!”

I’m sorry, father. I’ll surely pray for you if that happens…

Leaving the smithy, I head towards my princesses.

“I’m here! Norn, Aisha!” I said while running to the babies.

They’re already able to walk and run, albeit slowly. Seeing me, the toddlers light up and run towards me.


“It’s Cluud!”

Oh, my princesses, I’m here, come to meee.


“Mama, help! Help!”

“Gyahaha, Big brother Claude is here! Where do you want to go, princesses!”

As the toddlers run around, Claude chase after them.

They seem to run around screaming for their mothers, but they are filled with smiles. They hid their mouth as if being afraid to be seen, but their cheeks inflated like a balloon.

“I caught you both! Where do you want to run to, my princesses!”

“Kyaaa, nooo, Clud is bad! Release us, kyahaha.”

“Yeah, release us! Hahaha”

If Rudy was here, I bet he’d cry tears of blood.

I can see Luffy in the back with Lilia and Zenith. They sure see her as Rudy’s bride-to-be, huh…

Well, it’s not like I’m some harem lord that will collect all the girls…

Just Aisha and Norn will do.

“My wives to be!” I said while hugging them tighter.

“Nyooo! Who wants to be your bride, D*mn cluuud!”

“Yeah! Get your claw off my daughters, you lolicon!”

Paul said threateningly while pushing me aside and taking the babies.

Leaving the father and daughters, I move to see Luffy for some time.

Oh well, she’s doing well there. It’s terrible for me to disturb them. Let’s just write a letter to Rudy and send them over.



[Rudeus POV]

Rudeus is excellent, because I am him.

“Yoh! You must be waiting for this handsome man’s letter!”

I am grumbling, reading the opening of the D*mn letter makes me want to choke that narcissus till he fainted.

“This person always seems like this, right, Ghislaine?” Eris said.

“Indeed, I can see his character well… well, he acted like that when we first met”

Oh, she seems to talk about when she took a rest in the Inn and used the attire she had right now.

Although she’s a muscled woman, she still has a nice body.

Claude doesn’t seem to be a pervert who enjoys seeing a woman’s skin, unlike Paul and me. Well, I never see him peek at a woman back home…

What do I expect of a child, I wonder?

It’s not like he’s reincarnated like me.

Well, let’s continue.

“Everyone’s doing fine! You don’t need to worry. I’m taking your sisters as my bride and thinking of training them to be a good women from the day you receive the letter, but that D*mn Paul is disturbing my goal, so I am focusing on beating the Cr*p outta him. That b*stard always uses his water god style and Northern God style to defeat me whenever he is pushed in the Sword god style. I can see that your father is a shameless tutor, D*mn… Like father like son… so shameless.”

“Hahaha! I like the last phrase! That Paul did shamelessly but isn’t your sisters around 1-year old by now?”

“That D*mn pedofilth, I will smack your head if I was there… Paul should do better in battering him!”

“Oh? Didn’t that mean this Claude is strong enough to push Rudeus’ father back? Wow, this is amusing! Ghislaine! Was Rudeus’ father weaker than you?!” Eris said, shouting.

That guy is weird. I can see that he’s talented…

The talent an adult would love to have…

“He is if we are talking only with sword god style. However, he’s only lacking when he’s using all 3 of the style of the sword….”

Even if he’s using all 3 of his advanced sword style, he’d still lacking, huh… so this is the chasm between Advanced and King-ranked Swordsman…

“Whoa, Ghislaine is strong!”

“Well, the other style was used for other kinds of situations. In a battle, you can’t expect to always could strike first, and his mixed style can be said to have more mobility than mine. which make him stronger in a certain condition, but I’m definitely stronger than him….”

Well, leaving that aside for now.

“Luffy is doing fine. She’s always training with Lilia and Zenith. You need to be with her since she’s doing all those things for you. Your mother already brands her as her daughter-in-law… lol, anyway… Be careful of that round thing outside. I feel an ominous aura out of it… Take care!”

So Sylphy doing well, huh…

“Is this the person that writes the D*mn book?”

Besides the letter, he also sends me a book.

It’s a lesson book, well, it’s only a concept paper. But that’s still helpful to teach the household, not only Eris and Ghislaine. Even the other maid and servants read the book I create using his concept paper.

“I’m the creator. He’s the one that gave me the idea….”

“But this person sure is lazy… isn’t this like his 3rd letter this year? How can a person just write 3 letters a year?”

Hahaha, I want to say that he’s better than you, Eris, but I’m afraid to get smacked in the head…

“Well, he’s actually at your age, my lady.”

“Is that so? He’s already my age but can already be on par with Rudeus while using his magic?”

“Yes, he’s strong… not only was Claude, an adept swordsman, but he’s also able to use all types of beginner magic before I leave him. He’s also an enchanter and Blacksmith….”

“Hoo, that kid is that amazing, huh….”

“Whoa… is he really someone my age? That’s a bit too exaggerated….”

Now that you mention it, he does, huh…

Is he Reincarnated?

Or was he possessed by something?

I don’t really know…

“But is that round thing he meant is the thing in the sky?”

“It might be….”

“How can he know about it? Even my eyes didn’t see anything weird about it….”

“Well, being aware of something won’t kill you… so, let’s just take Claude’s warning in mind and continue our lesson.”

“That Paul must be thinking about your glue-like behavior towards Luffy and asked you to be a man… as he sent you to Roa and tried to train you under that stripper, he must be thinking something along the line of making you be a responsible person….”

It’s the letter I received from Claude when I was in the carriage.

I can’t believe he was thinking off the line since you can’t send a letter home. I’d be the one sending you the letter, and you can send the letter to me, and I’ll convey it to your designated person.

Don’t write anything cringy, or I’ll burn it, he said…

I don’t expect him to help me…

Is this the feeling of having a brother? Am I failing as a brother in my previous life, then?

Well, it’s obvious…

As a son, as a brother, and as a human being…

I’m a failure at that time…

This is why, this time…

I will succeed!


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