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Revision | Lonelyheart RAW novel


Kim Un-hee’s delicate love report on love and marriageLove, innocence, fantasy, romance……. And marriage. Like a combination of words that seemed to never be united, Gun-il and Si-eun became a couple. The artist speaks of the harsh reality with a cold gaze within the framework of the archetypal romance of contract marriage. Is marriage the…

The Legendary youngest son of the marquis MTL


After getting revenge on the Thulcaan Empire, Jack Valantier took his last breath. But just when he thinks it’s all over, he finds himself transported back to when he was 14! From his negligent and wicked family to his loyal servant and caring sister, it’s all just as he had remembered. But this time, Jack…

In This Life, The Greatest Star In The Universe RAW novel


A face is a face, a song is a song, a composition is a composition. Beautiful, talented and hardworking upcoming idol Sun Woojoo. One day, a miracle came to him! “I’ll become a star who shines more than anyone else.” His dreadful dancing wasn’t an issue anymore. At last, an idol with everything prepared. Now,…

Home Mushoku Tensei: That one Forgotten Mob Mushoku Tensei: That One Forgotten Mob Glossary

Mushoku Tensei: That One Forgotten Mob Glossary

Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced – saint – King – Emperor – God

Claude – MC

Somar – The mob that appeared often, the leader of Sylph bully

Mike – the black-haired Kid.

Laws – Sylph’s father


Timeline =

Rudeus Greyrat birthday November 22, K407

Teleportation incident, K417 one day after Rudes’ birthday = November 23

The common languages in this world are:

– The Central continent, the human language

– The Milis continent, the Beast-God language

– The Heaven continent, the Heaven-God language.

– The Begaritto continent, the Fighting-God language.

– The Demon continent, the Demon-God language.

– The entire sea, the Sea-God language



Claude Memories,

Alex Cromwell = Sword Saint

Fred Alphonse = Fire Elemental Miko, Enchantment Genius

Kuro Sadogashima = Time and Space Elemental Miko, Normal