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Mushoku Tensei: That One Forgotten Mob Glossary

Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced – saint – King – Emperor – God

Claude – MC

Somar – The mob that appeared often, the leader of Sylph bully

Mike – the black-haired Kid.

Laws – Sylph’s father


Timeline =

Rudeus Greyrat birthday November 22, K407

Teleportation incident, K417 one day after Rudes’ birthday = November 23

The common languages in this world are:

– The Central continent, the human language

– The Milis continent, the Beast-God language

– The Heaven continent, the Heaven-God language.

– The Begaritto continent, the Fighting-God language.

– The Demon continent, the Demon-God language.

– The entire sea, the Sea-God language



Claude Memories,

Alex Cromwell = Sword Saint

Fred Alphonse = Fire Elemental Miko, Enchantment Genius

Kuro Sadogashima = Time and Space Elemental Miko, Normal


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