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“Hey, hey, Senior! That‘s not looking good! The man used North-style swordsmanship!”

“you know a lot for a  monkey bastard,” the man said while pulling the girl’s hair.

Rudeus was already exhausted, and Geese was…


“Now, come at me, Pet owner,” The man said as he pointed the tip of the blade to Rudeus. As he let the blade down, he added, “Or did you get cold feet after seeing that, so now you’re thinking about overlooking this, you coward?”

As the man moves closer while holding the girl by the hair, he taunts Rudeus.

‘What a coward, holding a hostage…! I want to say that, but this guy is strong.’

‘perhaps I may as well overlook this? Unlike Ruijerd, I’m not so righteous that I’d risk my life to save some kids who I don’t know.’

“You’re really not coming? So boring,” he said as he looked down on Rudeus. “Alright then, Pet owner. Contact me anytime if you wanna join us.”

“Help me…” said the little girl using the beast god language.

At that time, Rudeus eyes opened widely.

He wanted to help, but the exhaustion he felt at the time was too overwhelming. He can pass out right away.

Geese yelled from behind.

“Are you really fine with that…?!”

As the man stepped further away, the little girl was groaning in pain as she was dragged away, being pulled with her hair.

As Geese and Rudeus were thinking about their powerlessness, the divine Beast. The dog suddenly appeared and attacked the man.

“What the hell!”

Using that opportunity, Rudeus sent a magic ball towards the man, throwing the girl away. She was grabbed by Geese at that moment, safely securing the girl.

As the girl was released, the dog moved back towards Rudeus side.

That magic spell was the last thing he shot before he was exhausted. He dropped powerlessly and received protection from the Divine Beast.

“You bastard! You’ve done it now!”

The dog was growling beside Rudeus while Geese ran towards him.

“Senpai, are you alright?!”

“ha… haha, sorry Garus-san. Dead End can’t be evil.” He said proudly.

Garus clicked his tongue while looking at the tired boy.

He came with a lot more man than he ever had this time. Since the thing was, he already succeeded in attacking the Elven village before coming to the beast race village.

The attack was successful, and the elven race was already brought nearby.

This night should be the nightmare for the elven and Beast race, as they can only see their brethren being abducted before their eyes.

However, this even creates more noise than what they intended. The fire alone should be enough to incapacitate the beast race and make the other race fear their life to enter the burned forest.

However, now, the Elven race knight should be entered the area soon.

So, Garus used the opportunity to attack Rudeus as fast as possible. While Geese and the dog were trying their hardest to deflect any attack. Rudeus tried his best to replenish his mana.

“hahaha! That amusing little boy!”


A voice suddenly appeared, then a gritting voice of a heavy thing being dragged echoed within the battlefield.

The sound of some heavy thing terraforming the land, making ditch on the ground.

The booming step of the person who arrived didn’t appear, but the sound of the gritting land was heard clearly.

Garus heard the sound stopped his attack, and checked his surrounding area. The sound was coming from all over the place.

Then a nocked arrow sound can be heard, as of that he already realized that the Elf is already here.

“Damn it! Everyone, retreat!” Garus commanded swiftly, sadly as he looked back, his henchman was already laying on the floor, losing their consciousness.

“Oh my, they’re so weak…” said the person as he held the last Garus’ henchman that still awakened.

That eyes filled with dread as he was choked by the grip of the person holding his neck. The smile on that guy was so scary in his eyes, so much that he had already peed his pants.

“Damn it, who are you!”

Garus yelled as he moved faster towards the person. He didn’t really take that person highly as he already saw the figure.

A size that is only a bit smaller than him, and the attire looks no better than a beggar. If he didn’t see his henchman being held like a chicken, he’d never thought of the boy in front of him as someone strong.

That prowess of using a hand to choke an adult over 70kg in weight is eerily scary.

“At last, someone that used a human language! If only I meet you sooner, we can actually have a light conversation… sadly, we can’t now…”


Garus threw his sword towards the boy and ran as fast as possible to continue the attack.

Before even the sword arrived at the boy’s place, the boy chuckled nonchalantly and threw the man’s body far.

He then said, “Time square,” as he opened his palm and made a fist with it.

The boy suddenly disappeared.

He stopped in his tracks, and the sword he threw lost its target.

“Where are you looking at?”

Garus heard the sound and didn’t look back but rolled to the front as he already knew the person behind him.

He didn’t even stop to ponder how could the person suddenly appeared behind him.

“tch, as expected of an upper advanced swordsman… you sure think fast, but even so… it’s too late.”

Garus felt something wet in his stomach. It was not the water from the spell since the wetness had a bit of hot air in it.

He looked below and saw his punctured stomach.

He wanted to say something but was stopped by the blood coming out of his mouth.

It was not said before, but actually, Garus was kind to Rudeus.

In the first place, he had more than 100 people at his beck and call. As he could call them all, he wanted to decimate the opposition and deal with Rudeus faster than he could think.

However, he thought that Rudeus was still a child and a worthy one in the first place. He can see that having this kid own him will bring him more profit than killing him.

Garus is right. His thinking is true to its worth. As Rudeus is someone that will never forget the debt he had to Garus, in allowing him to pass the sea and move to Millis, Rudeus had already moved the thought of killing him ever since their first encounter.

In Rudeus’s mind at that time, Garus was kinder than the beast folk. Thus creating a hierarchy that made him hold back to not killing Garus.

Knowing that Garus always held himself not to kill Rudeus.

But, this boy in front of him…

No, this monster in front of him is different. Once he sees him, he can feel the pressure he felt from the Supardian.

It might even be scarier than the Supardian as he can feel the bloodthirst this boy had.

He doesn’t know why, but the thirst of blood. This monster’s anger and eeriness aren’t something one can get from an average person.

Garus can blurrily see that his henchman was knocked out by the arrow from the elven folk as he falls down.

While they might lose their life, he didn’t think much of it but felt the loss of profit.

Then, Garus loses his consciousness.

“Hey, Elf! Leave some for me, I still need to wash my blade in their blood!”

He said in human language, the Elf that can somehow understand him just ignore him and continue to shoot their arrow, immobilizing the slavers.

Meanwhile, from behind.

Rudeus felt that his tiredness was blown away as he saw the figure…

“Why… are you here, Claude…”





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