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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 16


“Ah… that hits the spot. You’re pretty good at this, Newbie…”

“Hehe, it’s because I’m able to do everything.”

“Oh? Like beating up a dragon with bare hands?”

“No, I can’t do such a thing.”

Inside the cell, Geese and Rudeus are lying on the ground. As Rudeus the one below, Geese used his hand above him.

Giving Rudeus a massage, they continue to converse.

“Like doing it with 100 women at the same time?”

“Two at most.”

“Like escaping from here to Zanto Port?”

“Do you plan to escape?”

Geese asked while coming closer to Rudes’ head and whispering the said words.

“I am getting worried about my comrades.”

Geese stood up and said.

“I don’t want to. Escape on your own if you want, it’s possible for you right?”

He said as he still remembers the night before when Rudeus was getting chilled from the night coldness, he blatantly opened the cell and astonished the guards.

Putting his clothes on, he comes back again to the cell and has asleep.

“look, the guards still staring a dagger at us…”

“Why?! At least consider being my guide until I’m halfway through!”

Rudeus said and pulled on Geese’s leg. It makes Geese fall. Then he answered, “I’ve got something to do! It’s fine if you’re innocent, right? They’ll surely understand.”

“No matter how many times I try, they won’t even listen!”

“I got it, I’ll hold one of the guard hostage and have them show me the way to town!”

“h-hey, calm down for a sec, Senior!”

Geese said and made Rudeus fall by holding one of his legs.

“Let me go, Newbie! I’m mad!”

Rudes then crawled on the wooden floor to open the cell.

“I’m gonna burn this forest too! Huh? The young lady guard is gone.”

“Hey, Newbie isn’t this place getting a bit too hot?”

“now that you mention it, it does feel so.”

“Also, it’s somehow smoky…?”

“huh… ah…”

Geese suddenly pointed towards the outside of the cell.

The forest was burned.

“Did you do that, Senior?”

Rudeus then shakes his head while looking at the burned village flabbergasted.

“So it means…” Geese said.

“”It’s a fire!”” they both shouted at the same time while looking at the flaring bed inside their cell.

Of course, it’s easy for Rudeus to get out of the cell.

As he and Geese ran outside, they could see the flaming hot fire assaulting the village, and the arsonists burned the flame.

In fact, Rudeus knew it too well.

“Those damn slavers…”

“You know them Senior?”

Grunting, he moves to counter-attack the Slavers.

They were all swift in their feet, as the amount of enemy was then they could deal with. Geese and Rudeus tried their best to keep up with the help. Not long later, the male Beastmen brought Rudeus to the village came.

“This is horrible. These guys are the rumored slavers that sold the beasts race…”

‘Honestly, I’m mad at the people in this village. They locked me in prison and refused to let me explain…’ this is what Rudeus thinks as he sees the man doing his best to save the children.

‘but even so, this scene… is way too disturbing for me,’ he said as the cries of the children being dragged away touched him.

“What’re you stand there for?! Let’s go and help him!”

Rudeus slap Geese on the back and continue his endeavor.

He used great timing to help the Beastmen. The person was astonished by the sudden help and looked back to see Rudeus behind him.

His eyes widened, but he didn’t think much and receive the help while still wary of Rudeus.

Their cooperation can’t be said to be perfect, but it’s helpful to the man.

As he moves to attack the slavers in front of him and save the children, Rudeus keep his back safe. Meanwhile, Geese treat the injured beast race.

Sadly, not many could be saved as more death was counted.

The number of slavers is too overwhelming.

As the beast race male exhausted, Rudeus’ mana almost depleted. Even Geese was already out of wit to help the injured beast race.

As the beast race male got closer, he gave the children he saved to Geese and said to Rudeus.

“I thank your help, but please do get the children to a safer place…”

“Where’s the safer place in this sea of flame, I wonder?”

“That is…”

“I’m Rudeus by the way, not doubting my innocence anymore?”

“I’m really sorry for that… I am Gyes… We can talk about that later. Please at least help the children.”

“I have another idea, but please give me 10 minutes…”

As he said so, he started chanting a long spell while entirely focusing on the mana surrounding him.

‘I need to gather as much cold air as possible, using the atmospheric pressure and wind to move the above. I shall guide the spell to create a greater cumulonimbus…’

As he continued to chant, the sky got darker, and the cloud let out lightning. A deafening sound of thunder suddenly come out of the sky, stopping the battle for a second.

Not long later, a heavy downpour came.

“What is this…” Gyes said as he felt the surrounding fire stop their track.

While Geese said, “Awesome! As expected of Senior!”

However, even within these downpours, the slavers didn’t stop. Their movement is hindered. They aren’t accustomed to the slippery ground in the forest. However, none can stop them.

Knowing that the source of this weird weather came from the mage, they move to attack Rudeus but are stopped by Gyes and Geese’s cooperation.

Not until a helping hand came and stopped the tank in their track. Then, leave them incapable of blocking more than they can handle.

Using his wand, Rudeus then let his Early intermediate style swordsmanship shine and defended against the assault for some time until the pouring water finished to extinguish the fire.

Having less than 5% mana in his body makes his movement sluggish. Thanks to his practice, he can still have that much mana. In case of him not practicing, he’d definitely be dead by now, either from the mana exhaustion or by getting stabbed.

They head to the next one, where the children are gathered as they’ve finished dealing with the slavers within the area.

Because of the sudden downpour, the carriage that had the children within was stuck in the mud. Letting Gyes head there faster and save the children.

“Just as I though, it was you!” Rudeus said while looking at the man pointing his blade to a child.

“Pet Owner, why are with these guys? While the red haired girl and the fake Supard guy are still busy dealing with the Beast warrior group.”

He was called pet owner in the Demon continent as Ruijerd, and Eris was called the dog, with Eris being the Mad dog showing her way of fighting, and Ruijerd was called the watchdog.

He was so good at handling both of the dogs, making them believe that Rudeus was a demon race with a young body like those from Migurd Race or another one.

“I was wondering why they haven’t shown up. So they are doing something…”

“Can you read the room, Pet owner? You guys succeed in traversing the sea with my help.”

“You mean by using us?”

“of course, I did. Why’d I asked you to set free the kids that we worked so hard to kidnap?” he said and made the blade get closer to the girl’s neck. Her fear can be seen from her expression, “It to distract the Doldia guys, huhu.”

“As expected… well, I’ve already though that you definitely has some plan in mind…”

“Say, Pet owner. Join our side. Did you know? Beast brats sell really well. Some aristocrats love them and pay a lot.”

As he said so, a beast race warrior took a stand behind a tree to ambush him.

“Hahah, what a disgusting pervert!” the man said while laughing disparagingly.

‘it can’t be them, right?…’ Rudeus thought while thinking about the Boreas Greyrat family awkwardly.

They sure have plenty of beast race maids in the mansion, but a single-family definitely won’t be able to buy all the children they got right now.

The buyer must be a group of aristocrats from what the person said.

“Sorry, I refuse.”

“Heh, so Dead End wants to pretend to be men of Justice?”

“We want people to see us that way.”

Dead end was what the Supardian, no, Ruijerd was called in the Demon continent.

To make him clean his name, the Dead End was used as the party name. to let the others forget about the Dead End from Ruijerst infamy and use the party name to let the world know that Dead End is a good person or entity.

“I see. You just made the wrong choice, you know?”

The person said while raising his hand to slash the girl. The girl was held in the neck and cried at that gesture.

Gyes moved after seeing the other beast race and head to the man’s position.

As the 3 Beast warriors trapped him, the man threw the child towards Gyes. As Gyes held the girl, the other continued to attack while Gyes stopped his track, thus making the three-pronged attack fail and allowing the man to counterattack.

He quickly dealt with 2 of the beast race males and stabbed once in the stomach while kicking another into Gyes. He attacked Gyes in that split second.

Gyes threw the girl away and allowed the slash to succeed.

“Ughh, Gyaaah,” the stabbed Gyes was rolling on the ground feeling the slash that bled on his chest all the way to a bit over his stomach.

The wound was deep, and the blood poured out of his injury.

As the man looks towards the hurting Gyes, he sees the child holding the one with a chuckle ignoring Geese.




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