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[Rudeus POV]

As I opened his eyes, I could see the dog’s snout in front of my face.

This is Rudeus’s handsome face, not a candy…

“uh… what is wrong…”

As I dazedly wondered what happened, the dog kept licking my face like I was some treat, but still feeling lethargic, I could only lay down without doing anything.

Then, I heard Eris’ voice.


As I heard that voice, I could see that Eris was already there with Ruijerd, showing his smile. Well, I can also see Gyes and the old beast folk that comes with him in the bandits’ den at that time looking away, with the beautiful female warden looking anxiously at the two small beast folk girls that we saved at that time and me.

I bet they must feel the sin of imprisoning their savior in an inhumane way.

Chill girl, I haven’t awakened a weird fetish, thankfully.


While I can think of many things at once, I still feel lethargic… my body was exhausted beyond normal. Well, I can already expect it since I’ve been mistreated for several days.

“ugh… Where’s this place?” I said while bringing my body to sit.

“The house of Dedoldia’s patriarch,” Ruijerd said.

“I heard about it!” Eris said excitedly. “you beat the North Saint, right?! The guy with a monkey face told me excitedly.”

It took me a while to think more about it…

“Did I… win… wait!”

At that time, I remembered.

“Cladue, right! Where’s Claude…?”

Before I can receive my answer, there’s a thudding sound.

“we had no idea you were the hero who saved the kids! I, Gyes, am prepared to receives any punishment!”

Gyes and the female warden was lying on their back, showing their stomach. It was a sign of their submission.

“You can boil or burn me as you want!” the female warden said in the beast god language.

Oh… as much as I want to do something to the female warden, I’d loathe doing anything I want her to towards Gyes.

Blergh, just imagining what I want to do to the female Beastmen to Gyes makes me want to puke.

“Lord Rudeus, as Dedoldia’s patriarch, I’d like to express mu gratitude once again.” He said after moving around the submissive two.

He then smiled while saying, “Thank you very much.”

That words alone made me blush, and I felt that my suffering wasn’t that much.

“Speaking of which, you two arrived quite late. Did something happen? I was quite worried.”

“That’s right! Listen to me! It was a lot of trouble!”

Eris said while showing such a happy face.

Eris is adorable. Ah, I want to sack her now…

Eris then told me excitedly about what happened during the week when I was in prison.

First, Ruijerd met Patriarch Gustav afterward and got misunderstood, just like me. Then, I almost got into a fight with the Doldia Warrior Group.

Well, Ruijerd is a poor talker.

I can imagine that.

After the misunderstanding was resolved, they all went to penalize the remaining smuggling ring… or, should I say, exterminate.

After that, the official at Zanto Port almost thought they were the smugglers.

Well, it was a lot of trouble.

Eris herself didn’t participate in the operation, but she was in charge of guarding the kids. But she talked about it with a big smile on her face.

I guess because she has the lineage of the Greyrat family too…

I can only smile at her story.

“Speaking of which, now that we’re at the beast’ village, we’ll have a lot of stories to tell everyone at the Boreas family.”

“Right! I’ll boast to grandpa when we got home! I want to meet him as soon as possible!” Eris said with a smile.

Suddenly, there’s a person barging into the room without any tact.

“Oh, the sleeping beauty already wakes up huh!”

I can see that he’s a bit different than before. There’s a definite line in his left arm. It’s unnaturally becoming whiter than his other arm.

Not to mention his sleeveless clothes show the apparent wound on his arms.

“What happened to you, Claus? I mean… why are you here? And what’s wrong with all your wounds?”

“Alright, before I answered your question, can I ask you how long was it since you’re travelling?”

“huh, what do you mean? We are teleported to the Demon continent, me and Eris, both of us just arrive in the Millis Continent for around a week, and we’ve been in the Demon continent for about 7 month…”

“I see… well, you must be so dumb then…”

I’m furious at what he said. What the heck did he talking about? Why’d he belittle me like that…

“fucking dumb… you’ve been outside for all these months and all you see and care about is your little missy here? Well, I know she’s cute but, seriously?”

“What do you mean by that…”

I am confused. What the heck? Did he eat something wrong? Why was he here in the first place?

“Sigh… I already know about this, but hearing you myself sure make me feel infuriated… just go and asked that monkey faced guy there… I can’t bear to see you right now…”

With that, he left.

It was making me and the other puzzled.




“Who’s that?”

Ruijerd asked.

“He’s my childhood friend from Buena Village…”

“He’s strong, Ruijerd… I can tell you that Ghislaine is very impressed with his swordsmanship, it’s something that happen before our teleportation incident, but that guy can defeat Rudeus easily with his swords, and make the Swords king Ghislaine using his full capability to train him…” Eris said.

When she said Sword King Ghislaine, there’s a definite shock in Gyes’s expression. As Ghislaine was someone he knew well, it’s his sister…

Leaving the Shocked Gyes aside, the village chief Gustav added.

“I heard it from Gustav, that the one incapacitated the whole slave traders, that is also a smuggler is actually that kid… the elves from the village next door also being led by him, as the slavers first target was them, and they succeed to kidnap their villager the day before…”

Eris then tells the story of her first encounter with Claude. Rudeus follow up the story and more information to share with them.

“A Mana burst huh… I’ve never seen once after the end of Laplace war…” Ruijerd said.

“A 12 years old advanced swordsman… I’ve already seen the young Water Mage Saint, but to actually had an all rounder Advanced… no, he might already be a Saint ranked swordsman already huh…”

What Gustav said is the truth, since the fact he could defeat the Noth-god Saint was already known, while he might beat an already exhausted Garus, it’s still a noteworthy achievement.

Moreover, the act of commanding the Elves efficiently without knowing what they said, moreover…

His bloodthirst that made them wary of him, even until now, is something else entirely.

He can see that Claude did not have a good impression of the elves since they are the ones he first met but still don’t get along means the elves are wary of him.

He exudes murderous intent with his whole body. They don’t know how they got here. But, as they had already heard about the mass teleportation incident, he had an inkling of what happened to him.

“But why would he suddenly got so mad at me?…”

“From the look of it, you might not be aware…”

“What did actually happen?”

“I know not much of it, but as we tracked the smugglers that kidnapped our children. We’ve heard about it plenty times…”

Eris and Rudeus look at Gustav in confusion while Ruijerd is waiting for the man to complete his explanation.

“The light that transported you to the Demon Continent, is something happened to everyone in Fittoa Region of the Central continent…”

“They called, The mass Teleportation Incident, and it cause everyone on the Fittoa region, whether it’s the human or the beasts, transported everywhere within the world…”





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