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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 48 : Brownie Point

Chapter 48
: Brownie Point



Wearing an apron, he stood before the stove. Skillfully handling both the fire and the frying pan,

The fact that Claude could cook actually astonished C, since he was horrible at cooking.

Not everyone is perfect; that’s what he learnt from Claude. No, everyone in Arbalest was taught so when they saw the perfect Claude.

Claude is an adept swordsman and wizard. He is also a great enchanter and smith. However, that seemingly perfect Claude is actually a bad cook.

horrible, even.

Sometime in the past, he cooked for them. But, leaving aside his good appearance, aside from him, no one can eat his food.

As more people were deceived by the looks, the infirmary was filled with the members of Arbalest.

Later, there’s an unspoken rule about not eating anything that looks great and edible. Ones especially created by Claude.

“Err, Master Claude, is this safe to eat?”

C asked, eying the food on the table.

Reida was mesmerized by the presentation. With the glistening food and great looks, there’s also a good smile permeating the dining table.

As Reida tried the food, C actually paled when he saw the valiant Water God.


See, I know there’s something wrong with the food! Only the presentation is good! ’

C was traumatized by the food of the past, so much so that he felt his stomach churning from the thoughts alone.

But it appears that his delusion will remain a delusion.

This is great! How can you cook this well? ”

“Wha?! Water God, are you trying to deceive me to eat that thing? ” C loses his composure and accuses Reida.

“Hmm? What are you talking about, Charles? ” Reida said as she took another spoonful and chewed it.

This… this… Is this real? Can Master Claude cook? ” C muttered while getting closer to the table.

If you don’t want to eat it, then don’t. You’re being fussy about it now. Claude said, while trying to feed Isolte.

I can eat it myself! Hmph! ” Isolte refused the spoon Claude gave. She’s still mad at Claude from yesterday’s spar.

She is mad at her powerlessness and lack of training, but she is also mad at Claude since he actually toyed with her.

Even so, she can’t help gobbling the food Claude made.

What is this food? It’s so good! ’

Stars could be seen whenever she took a spoon after another. Claude smiled at her and teased her with another proposal.

You can do it every day if you become my wife, you know? How about it? An attractive proposal, right? ”

Umu, really, that’s good. If you become my grandson-in-law, I can eat this food whenever I want, huh?

“I got another brownie point here…”

As Reida said, Claude looked at the glaring Isolte.

She still had her cheeks filled with food and glared at him. She looked like a squirrel.

“Anyway, why’d you create a dojo in Millis when your HQ is in Ars, the capital of the Asura Kingdom, grandmother?”

You’ve already addressed me as “Grandmother” here? Such a shameless brat… But, I like it, ” she retorted, and refused to answer the question.

It confuses Claude; after all, the 4th incarnation hasn’t finished what it wanted to tell Claude.

Meanwhile, C took a bite of Claude’s food.

“What is this? This food tastes great! What kind of sorcery did you use, master Claude? ”



[Reida Reia’s Point of View]

I can only say a few words about the boy’s display of mastery and mastery.


He worked on both sides especially well. The style he used excelled greatly in his use of both magic and swordsmanship.

The style is to accommodate a mana swordsman’s usage of aura.

I can see that he actually didn’t know about the aura surrounding his body.

It’s the first time I see an aura and mana cooperating with each other. The usage of his time attribute magic is also something I can’t believe.

That is definitely not time magic. The usage of time isn’t the same as the one that the Dragon God uses. His usage of time magic only applies to himself.

As he used the time spell, he actually got his work done twice as hard. It’s as if he’s actually forwarding his time alone, bearing the brunt of the unneeded part.

Normally, something like that is impossible to do. A wrong mistake can take his life, a suicidal spell.

But, that happened before me.

I used all my surrounding attacks while reflecting his spell. But, he actually used the Time Spell again. I can’t see any breakdown within his mana and aura, which means it’s a spell he can use.

It shouldn’t be possible, but it has happened before.

What a queer sight.

I want to test his capability, but his ability alone can rival a King-ranked Swordsman, but that is because of his stunning way of fighting through the utilization of magic and swords.

They’re still a bit green, though, an immature style that’s still in its embryonic form.

Even so, it’s quite amazing what a boy my disciple’s age can do.

He must have quite a thrilling adventure when he’s transported to the metastasis, huh?

He’s amazing. I won’t deny that, but as much as he adored my grandchild, I can see his insanity in his swordplay.

I wonder what happened to him?

For a child to be plagued with madness…

Even so, Whenever he teases Isolte, I can’t see his madness anymore. Even when he fought with Isolte, the madness was reined carefully. It was only when he fought with me that his madness was unleashed without control.

I can see that Isolte didn’t hate him; she was even fond of his power.

But, she’s too stubborn to agree with him.

Well, let’s give them more opportunities to meet with each other.

But, seeing the child blinded with madness, being that meek around my granddaughter,

What a sight to see.





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