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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 23: the laid back life in the Great forest [3]

[Rudeus POV]


One week passed.

The rain continues to fall.

Claude yelling and the beast warrior groaning can be heard softly within the rain.

We occupied one of the vacant houses in the village and live there.

For the most part, we are heroes of the Great Forest, so even if we don’t do anything, we still get food.

This isn’t a good lifestyle. It’s far too deprived.

I know it, because this Rudeus’ past life is a NEET…

But, Claude is more deprived than that. He just used this opportunity to beat the guy’s black and blue until he was satisfied He came to me to learn more about language before we started our debate in magic and spell mastery.

There was a huge flood happening below the village, and it was terrible. At one point, a child from the village fell in.

I used magic to save them, and they were quite surprised and grateful.

Since that’s the case, I considered using magic to just blow the clouds away, but I decided not to do it.

Roxy also said it, but it’s not a good idea to manipulate the weather too much.

If I were to forcefully stop this rain, something bad could happen to the Great Forest.

Quite frankly, I just want it to end already and hurry on to the next place, but…

Well, it will stop in three months or so. It’s just a matter of enduring until then.

While Claude is fidgety, he still controls himself since the great forest, and the surrounding area is free of the people teleported aside from the deceased one.

At a time, I asked him.

“You sure can be patient…”

“I believe in Mike. He’s more capable and trustworthy than you, I’ve been planning every possible scenario with him after all, so there’d be lesser loss than we expected before…”

“Ugh… I’ve heard it from Geese that his Arbalest Merchant group is officially became the Boreas Greyrat house’s proxy to deal with this occurrence…”

“Yeah… he’d be doing well. It’s been half a year after all, those that can be saved will be. And those that can’t will already be dead by now… I just hope that I don’t waste that damn 2 month in the end…”

Well, I can’t blame him.

He needs the time to regenerate his limbs, and the fact that something scary like the troll to actually be there alone within the flocking monster will make you wary.

Someone as cautious as Claude will always think more about the safety of the path he threads…re

I started to wander around the village in the rain.

It was a village, after all, so there were no weapons, equipments, or those sorts of shops or inn.

Fundamentally it was all private houses, warehouses, and guard stations.

All of that was built on the top of the trees.

The design of the village was three-dimensional and quite interesting.

Even just walking around gets your heart beating.

There was a place where I wasn’t allowed to enter beyond a certain point in one part.

That pathway is supposedly an important place for this village, it seems.

Of course, I don’t intend to walk into such a place with my shoes on.

Then, I found a place where the lower and upper levels are intersected.

Just then, as I was thinking about if a woman would pass over above me, Geese appeared.

“Yo newbie, they already let you out?”

After calling out to him, Geese made a happy face and waved towards me.

“Yeah. They told me to never do it again. They’re idiots right. It’s already decided that I’m going to keep doing it.”

“Police officer dog?! This guy over here hasn’t learned his lesson!!”

“Hey, wait just a minute there. Wait. Stop it. I can’t run away right now because it’s the rainy season.”

Since it’s the rainy season right now.

Since that’s the case, this guy will do it again.

Really, he’s a guy who can’t be helped.

“Ah, I’ll return the vest.”

“Didn’t I say to stop with that respectful way of speaking. Keep the vest.”

“Is that fine?”

“During this season it’s still cold.”

However, he’s not a bad person, it seems.

This whatever convenient and warm feeling reminds me of Paul.


I wonder if he’s doing well.

“By the way, Geese, tell me more about this Arbalest group…”

“What? Isn’t Claude know about it more than you, senior?”

“Well… you know…”

“Ah… you’re too embarrassed to ask huh. Well, I don’t know much about this. But from the history, it’s started 3 years ago, from a merchant group. They grew into the Arbalest we all know. Each and every merchandise they create isn’t that amazing, but they’re cheap…”

“What does ‘cheap’ mean?”

“It’s what it means. Every product they sold are obviously in the middle tier, but they sold what them cheaply. Way lower than the actual market price…”

“Won’t the other merchant be mad at them?”

“yes, they create a ruckus at that time. Almost every merchant group goes to their HQ and make Arbalest had a tough time. But, they soon became allies… what happened in the HQ is unknown, but the fact they are able to bring the high and mighty merchant group under their heel is something else…”


What did Claude and Mike do?

Did they use mind-controlling magic?

No, it’s forbidden from being used.

There’s also the drawback of using that kind of magic.

“No one know what happened. But, the fact that the merchant group leader was elated in the meeting they had that day was something know for all to see…”

“Did there any usage of magic?”

“Mind controlling type magic, right? No… there’s none…”

“Then… what…”

“It’s the weapon box.”

“Whoa! Geez, don’t startle this old man…”

Claude suddenly appeared astonishing us. Geese even jumped.

“The weapon box? That coffin?” I asked.

“Yeah, we promised to sell them that space box. There’s no one in this world that can create the item in this world beside from me, at least the known one.”

“They don’t haggle, even tried to confiscate the one Arbalest own?”

“Arbalest don’t have it. All the item Arbalest sold was created by the Buena Village.”


“Ah… so that’s why the merchant group only sold things limitedly…” Geese add

“Yep, the smart ones know that a technology that can make their lives easier is a good one for them. The inventory box I show them was only a prototype that sized 3×2 m. it is limited and can’t have something 4 times its size within, but it can store items unlimitedly… the weight will increase too though”

“however, with that item the can have their item spoil free?”

“Not quite, but it can let their item be safe within another space. So the item that break in transportation…”

“Will decrease huh… as expected of a merchant…”

“Well, I’m not promising to give them for free, but allow them to buy it later…”

“What do you mean?”

“Hah! Hahaha! Those guys must be biting their fingers knowing that the craftsman might be dead in the teleportation incident…” Geese laughed out loud.

“Wait, but didn’t you tell them you create it?”

“You sure are dumb, Rudeus… the things happen 2 years ago… how old was I?”


That’s right, there’s no way they will believe a 10 years old kid can create an item like that. That’s why they should be crying in tears when they realize that their golden goose can die…

“Is this one of you plan?”

I asked him because this can also be linked to the Merchant group, who’ll be searching the whereabouts of the Buena Villager.

“It’s Mike idea. Brilliant right? I’m telling them the truth, and saying I create it. But, Mike control them to make them believe that the one creating it reside in Buena village. Increasing our contact with the outside world.”

“Creating economic circle in the village. Thus allowing the population to increase…”

I am amazed.

Is this something a child under age can do?

Even I can’t think of something like this…

I mean, am I the Reincarnator from the modern-day or him?

“I see, that asphalt road? Is that something Arbalest did?” Geese suddenly asked.

Wait, Asphalt?

“Nah, it’s my idea. My magic training under the fire and Earth combination create it, that’s why it’s not something other than me can do.”

“An original magic at that age? Senior, and also you… What kind of monster this Buena Village hid?”

“You forgot to mention Mike, he’s also from Buena and the leader of Arbalest…”

“Damn, what a mystical Village…”

Huh, Asphalt?


Did that mean…

Claude is also…




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