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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 22: the laid back life in the Great forest [2]



Their current location is in Gustav’s house.

It’s a house on top of a tree and the largest house in this village.

It’s a three-story building constructed from wood on top of a tree.

They wondered if it would be alright if something like an earthquake hit, but it doesn’t even shake a bit when the adults are running around inside.

They are the Dedoldia race.

The Dedoldia race patriarch Gustav.

And his son, warrior leader Gyes.

The one Rudeus saved from the smugglers was Gyes’s second daughter Minitona.

It seems the eldest daughter Rinia is studying in another country.

And then there was also a daughter of the Adoldia race mixed in with those we saved.

The Adoldia race patriarch’s second daughter Terusena.

A dog girl with big breasts.

There were plans to return to the Adoldia village, but the rainy season started up on the way, so she’ll be staying here for three months.

Incidentally, even among the beast race, it seems those with the blood of the Dedoldia can be sold for a high price to a certain country’s nobles.

Especially, children who can be trained easily are aimed at often.

A certain country’s nobles.

‘It sounds like a story I’ve heard somewhere!’ Rudeus thought.

“The nobles of Asura can’t afford to be lax with stuff like this going on!”

The Eris-kun over there!

Why are you saying it is unrelated to you!

There are likely people with a mouse-like family name related to this from the start!

‘I’ve never heard anything along those lines from the butlers and maids at Eris’ house, but it’s quite possible they were people that were abducted like this as well.’

Sauros Boreas Greyrat is a good person, but his viewpoint is slightly different.

‘Yeah, for the time being, I’ll keep quiet about this.’

it’s better to say nothing at this timing.

Just as Rudeus thought that Eris just happened to remember something and showed the ring, she was wearing.

“Come to think of it, do you know of Ghislaine? This ring is Ghislaine’s.”

She can’t speak in Beast God-language.

Therefore it was in human language.

The only ones here who can use the human language outside of Ruijerd and myself are Gustav and Gyes.


Then Gyes made a grim face.

“Is she still alive?”


That voice was filled with disgust.

A voice as if he was going to throw up.

Then a single word.

“She was the disgrace of the family.”

Those words were just the start of Gyes bashing Ghislaine.

In the human language, which Eris could understand.

Then he told us how much of a failure, how inappropriate she was as a younger sister, and such. Gyes had a voice filled with indifferent emotion.

Since Ghislaine has saved Rudeus’s life before, it was a subject which he couldn’t listen to anymore.

It seems she did some rather mean things when living in this village. However, that is talk from when she was a child.

The Ghislaine they know of is a clumsy person who gives it her all.

Someone who does everything carefully and puts her heart into it.

She’s not a person who deserves to be talked about like this.

I am a sword teacher that Rudeus respects and a magic student that I can brag about.

That’s why somehow or other…

Please stop it.

“That ring as well, is something she got from our mother after recklessly acting out, there really was no meaning to it. She was an idiot who only knows how to break things.”


“Shut up! What do you know about Ghislaine!”


Interrupting Rudeus’ words, Eris started screaming at them in a loud voice. In a voice loud enough that I thought the house would break, the Dedoldia family faces were frowning.

Gyes suddenly flying out of the house, Claude kicked him outside. Then, he shrugged and came out of the house to pick the injured Gyes. Claude threw him on the hard floor.

The only ones who understand human language are Gustav and Gyes.

The other few who heard Eris suddenly start yelling and thrown Gyes were dumbfounded.

I thought Eris would start acting out violently, but it was Claude, the one that acted violently.

However, Eris just made a mortifying face, and tears started welling up in her eyes, her fists were shaking with anger, but she didn’t move to strike.

“Ghislaine is my teacher! She’s the number one person I respect!”

‘I know.’

How well Ghislaine and Eris get along together.

She is the one that Eris trusts the most.

Far more than Rudeus.

“Ghislaine is amazing! Extremely amazing! If I need help, she will quickly come to save me! Extremely fast! And extremely strong!”

Eris started yelling out all sorts of words she didn’t know herself.

Even if you couldn’t understand why the meaning was understood with that bitter voice.

At the very least, she said everything I wanted to say as well.

“Ghislaine is… hikku… egu… To say something… like that… hic…”

Eris continued to give her best not to strike them while her tears started to flow.

‘That’s right, you shouldn’t hit Gyes here.’ Rudeus then glares at Claude.

Ghislaine was hated for her violence in this village.

She would always act violently as she pleased.

If Eris were to strike him, it would just prove Gyes’s words.

That you and she are the same.

Gyes started to panic as he watched that. When he remembered Claude’s kicked beside him, that still healed him.

“No, but… It can’t be that Ghislaine has… Respect? How could that be?”

After Rudeus saw that, he calmed his anger.

“We should probably stop talking about this topic.”

I proposed that while embracing Eris.

Eris looked at me like she couldn’t believe it when I proposed that.

“Why? Rudeus? Did you hate Ghislaine?”

“I like Ghislaine as well.”


“The Ghislaine we know and the Ghislaine they know are different people with the same name.”

Then Rudeus look at the confused Gyes while saying that.

Even he would probably change his thinking if he met the current Ghislaine.

People change as time passes.

Since Rudeus is the one saying it, there’s no mistake.

Eris couldn’t accept it.

However, she, for the most part, let go of it.

“No, has that Ghislaine really became such a respectable person?”

“At the very least, she is someone I respect.”

After saying that, Gyes made a face lost in thought.

Claude, that finished his healing, slapped Gyes in the back.

“He’s someone I’m indebted to. Even if Ghislaine is a bit of an exhibitionist, looking at the people here, she might be better. But, hearing you mocking her like that, if you’re someone I don’t know I’ll undoubtedly kill you on the spot.”

Well, after hearing that story just now, it seems like all sorts of things happened between him and Ghislaine.

Those must have been things that he felt could never be forgiven.

A relationship of blood is relatively severe.

Especially since it’s a blood relative.

You cannot forgive some things no matter how many years pass.

“Since that is the case, will you apologize?”

“I’m sorry about that.”

What a delicate atmosphere it’s become.

‘In any case, Ghislaine, huh.’

They had forgotten about it this past year, but she should have gotten dragged into that teleport as well.

‘I wonder where in the world she is and what she’s doing.’

‘Since it’s her, I would imagine she’s off searching for Eris and me…’

Rudeus regret being unable to gather information in Saint Port.

“Now tell me, how do Ghislaine gets out of the forest when she’s a child…”

Claude suddenly asked Gyes and glares at Gustav. Since Gustav is Gyes’s grandfather, he should know something more than the younger Gyes at that time.

There, they tell the story of a young and wild girl no one can deal with.

Since small, Ghislaine was already a prodigy.

She was someone that couldn’t be chained and feared by the villager.

Claude snide their story, and Ruijerd also agreed at his remark.

“You fear a girl, no, a warrior better than you… what a cute thing to do…”

“You do know that if she can already do something that great since her child, it can also be possible for her to become stronger than Gyes right now… no, she’s already stronger than Gyes Right now, you do know what a title of Sword King entitled, right?”

With what Claude said, both Gustav and Gyes had sadness in their eyes.

“For a weakling that was defeated by a mere Saint to be smuggler, you do had a stupid brain eh…”

“Leaving aside the fact that the one keep the small Ghislaine is the former Sword God, Gal Farion aside. Are you sure you guys are the village chief, and village chief to be right now?”

“Please, it’s already the past. We can never know what the future lies because what we sees that day is a monster in a human skin…” Gustav suddenly said.

“She’s still a damn child though… sigh… I guess the only one know the meaning of what a family is in this room was just me and Ruijerd huh…”

Claude said while looking at Ruijerd.

He can already see the agreement in Rudeus’ eyes towards what the Doldian do to Ghislaine. Although he despises what they choose, Rudeus accept it as the best option.

Eris is just too young to understand the meaning of abandoning such a young child, while she’s still too immature to even now.

However, Ruijerd, the last in his race, sends his disapproval-filled gaze towards them just like Claude.

“Sigh… I am too lazy to have a debate… Just so you know, the once monster in a human skin you all feared is no more, the one that’s in your memory is The Swords god style, Sword King, Ghislaine Dedoldia. Someone that can easily destroy the smuggling Ring encroaching your territory not just once or twice…”

“Bear it in mind that you past choice is a mistake… I believe that a family is something that must be protected no matter how bad they are, unless they wished for your demise…”

With that, Claude left the house while Ruijerd sighed and sat down.

The melancholy in his expression can be seen in everyone in the house.

He is the last of his race.

The spear in his hand is something his child gave to him.

As the last person in the race, he can only reminisce the past and drown in the sorrow…


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