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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 21: the laid back life in the Great forest [1]

[Claude POV]


I am Claude, and…

I seem to be stuck once again.

My mana can’t grow up anymore.

However, thanks to the Troll, my body regeneration grew a step better than in the past.

“Hey, Rudeus. Teach me Magic again, I can’t seem to progress well these days…”

What the heck is wrong with that smug face of his? I need to hold my fist here. I still need him to teach me Magic, after all.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t my disciple Claude. The one that always said I’m weak… he sure had the gall to ask me to teach him Magic…”

“Shut it, you are weaker than me over all. Don’t deny that…”

“Urgh… Okay, okay… what a prickly man you are. This is why you won’t get any friends.”

“Mind you, I’ve got more friends than you, you know?”

“Ugh… I forgot that the whole village is your playground filled with friends…” he groaned and looked annoyedly at me, then added, “but, are those guys alright? They’re still groaning…”

It’s been 2 weeks since we resided in the Great Forest.

Within these 2 weeks, aside from searching the surrounding area for a surviving person or Corpse. I also asked the Dedoldia guys to help me. In exchange, I make them weapons and train them.

They’re weak, weaker than even Rudeus.

“They’re this weak and you’re still losing against Gyes? I mean, seriously… you need to take care of your surrounding more, although a shitty one, you’re also a swordsman you know?…”

“Hey, don’t preach me. I am ambushed when I mofumofued this guy here…”

That Divine beast really is attached with him, huh.

What’s wrong with this dog? Is this really a holy beast?

“Well… leaving that aside, let’s continue our training. I also need to learn other language you know.”

It took me 3 days to learn the Beast God from Ruijerd and Rudeus.

They are astonished at my progress, but…





While Rudeus and Claude were busy exchanging their ideas on Magic and spell.

Ruijerd and Eris are sparring in the ground after the fallen Beast-Warrior gathered in the corner to continue their groan.

“You’ve seen my spar with Claude, Right?” Ruijerd said as he evaded Eris’ attack.

“Yeah! It’s a great spar. I’ve got a lot of fun watching it.”

“Then apply what he did in our training right now,” Ruijerd said as he stopped Eris’ sword and blew him away.

“Ugh… I mean, how?”

“Think more, Claude is the type to think more on the future”

“erh… What does it mean?”

“have you heard his experience in the labyrinth?”

“I do. It’s crazy! Even crazier than ours.”

“Based on his story spar before, I can already deduct that his type of battle is unlike ours. While Eris, you are perfectly compatible with the way of the Swords god style. A headstrong frontal attack…”

“I learnt it from Ghislaine!”

“A different type of style will achieve a different type of battle. While there are several other kinds, Claude’s way of using his swords is survival. In terms of ability, I was better than him. He can’t defeat me, but I am also unable to win against him.”

“Huh? Why?”

“His Magic, the space-time magic that he created used for stopping time. It’s an ability that allows him to use a guerilla tactic.” He stopped for a while, then said, “which means he can attack me, but once he wants to run. No one can stop him.”


“that’s why think more of what kinds of battle style do you want to do. You need to be adept in countering all the types of style from now on.”

“Right, in other words. More training, right!”

“hmm… that’s also true huh…”

Ruijerd said as he swung his spear from Eris’ opening.


Eris groaned at the attack that made her fly towards a tree. She maneuvered in the air, moved her feet towards the tree, and shot off towards Ruijerd while pointing her sword to Ruijerd.



[Rudeus POV]


After getting out of the prison, it was raining heavily outside.

The rainy season had come.

This Rudeus Greyrat feel lonely in this heavy rain.

Supposedly it will be raining heavily non-stop for the next three months.

The ground will be completely flooded, and you won’t be able to walk.

This is why those who live in the Great Forest live on top of the trees.

It seems like the kidnapping incident this time was a rather special case.

It was a large-scale abduction plan orchestrated by a smuggling organization.

They came up with a plan to abduct the Holy Beast, Guardian of Doldia.

I don’t know why they would want to abduct something like that.

However, the Holy Beast is supposedly a special kind of animal, so there are a number of those who want to get their hands on it.

Well, it’s difficult to just abduct the Holy Beast under normal circumstances.

Even if you succeeded in abducting it, the warriors have good noses, so they would quickly come to take it back.

Therefore the smuggling organization aimed for the start of the rainy season.

The rainy season will continue for three months straight.

Since that’s the case, all villagers will be busy preparing.

All of the village warriors will have their hands full. Even during the time, the bastard Claude always beat them in the name of training.

Also, it’s not possible to go out on a ship during the rainy season.

In other words, if you abduct the Holy Beast right before the rainy season then transport it to the Magic Continent, the warriors will not be able to catch up in time, and you can perfectly escape.

Of course, the Beast Race was being vigilant for that.

The adults warned the children not to go outside while preparing for the rainy season.

Needless to say, they also told it to the Holy Beast that was being protected.

That’s why the smuggling organization went a step further with its plan.

First, they hired all the local kidnappers and waited for the right timing.

Then at a specific time, attacked all the locations at once and abducted children right and left simultaneously.

The warriors were in a panic.

Just when they were starting to ease up because the abductions seemed low this year, children from villages all over the place were abducted at once.

Even more so, the smuggling organization had hired armed forces beforehand to attack the villages simultaneously. They also attacked the Elven Villages for an unknown reason. They succeeded in kidnapping some of the children, only to be foiled because they were too greedy to attack the Dedoldia village.

There was no damage to the Dedoldia village at this time.

The warriors of the Dedoldia village received requests for aid, split up, and went out to defend the surrounding villages.

Then when the guards for the Dedoldia village were thinned out, the smuggling organization launched an attack on the Dedoldia village with elite forces.

They succeeded in abducting not only the village chief’s granddaughter but also the Holy Beast.

Cause incidents all over the place, then attack the primary target, a lightning-fast plan.

The armed forces attack.

The abduction of the children.

As well as the abduction of the Holy Beast.

Since it was like that, no matter how skilled the Beast Race warriors were, they wouldn’t have enough forces to cover it.

Gyes and Gustav first gave up on the children.

They gathered together the warriors and went to set up the defense lines of the village, then they went off to search for the Holy Beast themselves.

It just means that the Holy Beast is that much of a special existence to the village, it seems.

The time between kidnapping the Holy Beast and transporting it on the ship wasn’t even supposed to be two days. They could locate the safekeeping place for smuggling goods was supposedly good luck.

The smell of blood and the sight of rising fire.

Supposedly, those two factors became the key that allowed them to locate the building.

It was thanks to us.

However, I wonder why the Holy Beast was at the same place where Ruijerd was transported.

It was a large-scale operation, so there were probably some mistakes here and there.

Otherwise, they might have planned for Ruijerd’s handcuffs being undone and rampaging.

Now then, from here on is unrelated to me.

What were they doing after neglecting me for a week?

According to the story, Ruijerd was furious at the smugglers.

He suggested attacking the ship that was prepared to depart.

They didn’t know which ship had children on board it because the smugglers also knew of a way to conceal themselves from the beast race’s noses.

The way Gustav put it, after understanding their intentions, they responded to it accordingly.

Speaking of Eris, she was also taking part in this plan, supposedly as the escort for the children.

With a full-faced smile, of course.

This must be the Greyrat’s blood as well.

Well then, the attack of Ruijerd and the others succeeded.

Tragically the smuggling organization’s ship was discovered, and all of their members were half-killed and captured.

From within the ship, abducted children just kept coming out one after another.

There were supposedly around 50 of them.

Well then, the children were saved. Happy Ending.

That’s not quite what happened.

Since they had just attacked the last ship departing before the rainy season, the Saint Port officials came out.

Obviously, Gustav and Gyes protested against them.

The beast races abductions. Slavery was taboo between the Great Forest patriarchs and the Holy Milis Kingdom.

They only tried to prevent that, so it would be strange for them to take the blame.

The Saint Port officials were taken back with this.

They would have been fine with at least a bit of notice beforehand.

However, the attack was just barely in time to catch the ship’s departure.

There was no leisure time to explain.

As well as the fact there were 50 people.

50 children.

It wasn’t just five or ten.

There were one or two children abducted from villages all over the place.

Saint Port hadn’t caught onto this at all.

Even more so, the officials were taking bribes and looking the other way.

This was a violation of the treaty.

If they left things as they were, a large crack would have been made between the Beast Race and the Holy Milis Kingdom.

In the worst case, it could have been war.

The talk even made it up to that level.

In the end, the Saint Port side withdrew.

Regarding the Beast Race, a considerable amount of compensation was paid.

Those negotiations and returning the abducted children to their parents took roughly a full week.

That was why I was put off and left neglected for a full week.

Well, I guess it couldn’t be helped.

Rather, I’m glad they managed to finish such an important matter within a week.

Though, you know…

The Beast Race people are full of gratitude and enraptured with Ruijerd.

Eris is surrounded by the children of the Beast Race and full of smiles.

I was in prison together with a monkey-faced man experiencing a life of freedom.

It’s not something I can accept.

Rather, they could have just let me out of the prison midway through, and it would have been fine.

I was clearly displeased, and Gyes apologized.

“I’m really very sorry.”

It was the Beast Races version of prostrating oneself.

Gyes was facing up to me as he showed his stomach.

I thought I was being made fun of at first.

Even though his stomach was seen, Gyes’s tone was desperate.

He couldn’t imagine that his daughter was just saved, nor that the seals on the Holy Beast-sama had been removed, and that he just stripped that savior naked and threw cold water on him.

And halfway through that, he forgot about it and focused on other matters. No matter what he does, it’s not something that could be forgiven.

There was no option left but to offer his neck.

That is what I was told.

However, he wanted me to forgive the watch guard.

She was just doing her own job as she was told.

Since she will get married after the rainy season is over, while it’s fine to seek punishment, he doesn’t want me to do anything in retribution that would humiliate her.

If that becomes the case, then there would be remaining evil intent.

That is what I was told.

To put it frankly, I was totally put off.

If you go that far with the reverse prostration in front of everyone, it will cause me problems.

Also, if you show me that tightly chiseled six-pack, it will just make me jealous as well.

Rather than that, what about the Onee-san guard… no. Never mind.

“Everything started from a misunderstanding. Well, I’m not really bothered about it.”

Here’s the time to be forgiving.

I’m an adult, after all.

I’ll show my dignity.

That’s right.

The one in the wrong is the smuggling organization.

And that smuggling organization has been wiped out.

It’s a happy end.

I suffered, and you all suffered as well.

It’s fine like that.

I have nothing to say beyond that.

My life in the prison was somewhat fun.

The food was good, and Geese was there.

The Onee-san left in charge of me was beautiful as well.

“I, the village leader, am also grateful for your great tolerance and heart.”

After seeing my response, the old warrior called Gustav said that arrogantly.

Gyes is fine, but wouldn’t it be fine for you to apologize as well?

For the most part, it was you who was there at the time and giving out orders, right?

Well, it’s fine.

I don’t want to see some old man prostrating himself.

Rather than that, I’d prefer to see the Onee-san guard…

Ruijerd as well brought his face close.

“Would it be good for me to apologize as well?”

“No, it’s fine Ruijerd-san.”

“Is it fine? Though it’s my fault?”

“Ruijerd-san also gave it his best for a week, didn’t he.”

The Beast Race approved of Ruijerd as well.

It seems both Gustav and Gyes have already heard that Ruijerd is of the Supard race.

Regarding the Supard race, I don’t know what kind of feelings they hold towards them.

Though at the very least, right now, Ruijerd is the hero who saved their children.

I was being patient, and Ruijerd was raising his fame.

In that case, then the outcome is all right.

Putting aside the process as long as the outcome is achieved, I have no complaints.



Just as I thought that Eris came forward and kicked Gyes in the stomach.

Then “Bestow the protection of water to the place where thou demands, let the crystal clear flow appear towards here, Water Ball.”

Struck the unguarded Gyes mercilessly with the Water Bullet.

The surroundings were dumbfounded.

Eris took her usual pose and said in a loud voice.

“With this we’re even!”

As expected of Eris, I thought.

Of course, the real demon was there sat nonchalantly while giving them a small smile. I can see his eerie smile that tells me, ‘you’re weak. I’ll train you more in the meantime. I don’t care if you spat some blood. I will definitely, train you so much that you won’t be defeated by these weaklings’

I mean, man. Seriously?

I’ve known you for years.

You’re more Sparta than Paul in training. I can already accept that you’re better than me in battle…

Well, it was only later that I knew.

I misread his smile, it was not towards me, but towards the warrior, he trained till they puke blood…


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