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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 24: the laid back life in the Great forest [4]


[Rudeus POV]


Two weeks have passed.

The rain still won’t stop.

I, this Rudeus learned that the Dedoldia race has secret magic.

Letting out a howl to search for the location of the enemy and letting out a special kind of sound to screw up the opponent’s balance, that sort of magic, it seems.

It seems the magic Gyes used to paralyze me was one type of that magic.

From what I heard, it seems to be magic that makes use of “sound”.

Since that’s the case, I asked Gustav to, by all means, teach me how to use it.

Pleasantly he agreed to it.

He performed it live for me several times as I tried to imitate it.

But… It didn’t go very well.

It seems to be something you can’t use unless you have a special vocal cord from the Dedoldia race.

I thought it might be something like that.

But, Claude actually succeeded in doing so but stopped since it was hurting his throat.

He’s already finished analyzing the magic and recreated it normally.

Damn, is he the prodigy, or I am?

Anyway, he enjoyed beating the beast warrior. But, after the smithy was completed, he chose to spend his time teaching them how to be good blacksmiths.

I can’t believe that he can make a smithy atop the tree.

Not to mention becoming an adept teacher.

He can actually open a smithy and make money from it with his skill alone.

Going back to the topic before.

Most likely, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I can’t use most magics specific to certain races.

Even though the beast races can use the magic of the human race, it’s unfair.

I understood the basics of combining your voice with magic power and tried it several times, but the effects weren’t really all that powerful.

The only thing that I could do was make my opponents surprised for an instant.

It seems it won’t be very useful.

After showing my voiceless incantations to Gustav, he was quite surprised.

“Do the magic schools teach those sorts of things these days?”

“It’s because my teacher’s instructions were good.”

Then for no reason, I start pushing Roxy’s name up.

“Ho, where did that teacher originate from?”

“She’s a Migurd race from the Biegoya region of the Demon Continent. In terms of magic… I guess she would have learned it from the magic university.”

After saying I planned to eventually go to the magic university myself, Gustav said, “Ho, you can already do that much, and you still strive for more,” and admired me.

It was a bit of a good feeling.

Though, once he knew Claude could do so too and could even use their magic, he acted nonchalantly as if it was not something weird.

When I asked him about it, he shrugged and said.

“He might look like a human to you, but he’s actually a beast inside. It might be because of his experience, but his regeneration alone can be said to be strong enough to call him a Demon of the Demon continent.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well, I only hear it from the older ones when I was younger. But, some called Demon lord in the Demon continent.”

Yeah, I’ve met one, and she gave me this eye.

“Demon lords can do almost everything. They had a regeneration strong enough to recover half of their body in an instant… there’s no one aside from those Demon lords of the Demon continent that can do it, which is why it’s not weird for him to be able to do something like that…”


Now, everyone thinks that Claude is weird.

Great, I have more compatriots!

One month passed.

Monsters appeared in this village.

An insect-like monster similar to a water spider appeared on top of the water and suddenly jumped off the water and attacked. Something similar to a sea snake climbed up the tree as well.

The materials from both of them seemed profitable.

Incidentally, the village’s warriors protected us.

However, it seems like the beast race’s proud sense of smell and sonar-like voice aren’t very useful in this rain.

The monsters kept avoiding the guards on watch and appeared in the middle of the town.

I was walking in the village with Eris when a beast race child suddenly got caught by something like a chameleon right in front of our eyes.

Instantly I sent the chameleon flying with an earth bullet.

That was dangerous.

The child cutely waved its tail and thanked me.

After seeing that, Eris started breathing roughly from her nose.

In a fluster, I stroked Eris’ butt, and she stopped.

The child watched that with a smile.

That was dangerous.

And then, right now, my life is in danger as well.

I told Ruijerd about it, and his face turned into a frown.

He can’t let a situation pass by where children might be in danger.

Even though that’s the case, the village’s guards were against us helping out.

“The warriors of this village have their own pride in protecting our people.”

Supposedly there’s something like that.

It’s the duty of the village’s warriors to protect the village.

They won’t ask outside warriors for help, and they won’t allow you to intrude on them.

That’s supposedly Ruijerd’s common sense.

I didn’t understand it at all.

Claude just shrugged it off since he didn’t care about the villager that much.

Then, he continues to train his smithing skill and his beast race disciples.

“Isn’t the safety of the children more important than something like that?”

After saying that, Ruijerd thought about it for a few seconds and then went to talk about it with Gyes.

“Oh, Ruijerd-dono would like to offer help?”

Gyes welcomed him greatly.

His impression in regards to Ruijerd was extremely high.

Come to think of it, it seems Gyes was participating in the attack on the ship.

He offered a reward for the help as the representative of the village’s warriors.

It became where we would help exterminate monsters that appeared around the village. Bring it to Claude for him to create more weapons.

Ruijerd finds them, and I use magic to defeat them.

Then we recover the corpse and strip them of the materials.

Then Gyes will buy those from us.

Quite a good cycle.

In the beginning, just as Ruijerd had said, the warriors of the village didn’t make very good faces.

However, after seeing us exterminate every monster without mercy, it seemed like there would be no victims this rainy season, and they gradually opened up to us.

Claude feels they wasted his time training them, just beat them up senselessly.

“I thought the beast race were a prouder race, but… To leave the defense of their village to another race, really…”

For some reason, only Ruijerd was bothered by it.

It seems that several hundred years earlier, the beast race was different.

One and a half months had passed.

I have the feeling that the rain has started to weaken a little bit.

It’s probably just my imagination.

Eris, Tona, and Terusena are all getting along together.

Even if they can’t communicate with words, they can still get along well at that age.

Even while it was raining outside, they wandered around here and there.

And somehow or other having quite a bit of fun.

I wondered what they were doing, and it seemed Eris was teaching them human language.

That Eris was, teaching someone a language!

With the experience of a teacher, this isn’t where I cut in and crushed Eris’s image.

I’m a man who can read the mood after all.

I’m just hiding somewhere nearby and observing the situation.

Eris never had any friends of the same age up until now.

Since that’s the case, I felt quite proud that Eris finally got along with someone of the same age.

Red hair, cat ears, and dog ears.

I’m fine with just being able to watch them get along happily.

Though you know, Eris.

I don’t think it’s a good idea if you cling to someone so recklessly.

Someone like me could misunderstand.

See, just look over there.

Isn’t Gyes-san watching?

What do you think a parent would think while watching someone cling to their daughter while their nose is flaring like that?

“Hmm, Eris-dono, thank you very much for getting along so well with my daughter.”

Uh… what?

Isn’t your response different from the time with me?

She’s, without a doubt, excited over that daughter of yours.

I wonder if women and men are different after all.

I see. I guess that would be the case. It should be obvious, huh.

“By the way, I’m sorry about the situation with Ghislaine. We haven’t met in quite a long time, so there was some misunderstanding. It seems that little sister has grown up quite a bit by walking around in the outside world.”

Gyes bowed his head.

During this past month, he must have done all sorts of apologies here and there.

It’s a good thing.

“That’s the case. It’s Sword King Ghislaine after all! The current Ghislaine can even use magic, you know.”

“Hahaha. Ghislaine can use magic? Lady Eris your jokes are too good.”

“It’s true! Rudeus taught Ghislaine letters, math, and magic after all.”

“Rudeus-dono did?”

After that, Ghislaine and I were pushed forward in reputation by Eris.

Talking about my classes and things that happened in Fittoa region.

About how, no matter how bad she and Ghislaine were at learning at first, both of them still managed to be taught properly by Rudeus and how much she respects me, that sort of talk.

After listening to it, I started to feel a bit embarrassed.

After three years, the teleport incident happened, so I couldn’t teach until the end though…

Gyes was quite interested in the topic.

Then after he separated from the three, he came over to where I was hidden in the wooden box.

“Then, what is that respectable teacher doing in this kind of place?”

“My… my hobby is observing people.”

“Ho, that is quite the noble hobby to have. Incidentally, how in the world did you manage to teach Ghislaine letters?”

“There’s nothing special about it, just normally.”

“Normally? I can’t even imagine it.”

“It seems like she was troubled here and there by her lack of knowledge during her adventurer days. It’s probably natural for you to be unable to imagine it.”

“I see. Even though that younger sister used to be the type of person who wouldn’t stop beating people up whenever something she didn’t like happened…”

After listening to him, it seems Ghislaine used to be the same kind of girl as Eris.

If you were to ask how, it would be getting into fights, not to mention she was strong and couldn’t be stopped.

It seems like Gyes was forced to drink boiling water several times.

He was a weak older brother who couldn’t match his younger sister’s strength.

Speaking of older brothers, I’m also an older brother.

I wonder if Norn and Aisha are doing well.

That’s right.

I wanted to write a letter, but I kept forgetting about it.

After this rain ends, I’ll go to the Holy Milis Kingdoms capital and send a letter to Buena village.

Oh right…

The village is still a wreck, huh…

“By the way, Rudeus-dono.”


“How long are you intending to remain inside of that wooden box?”

Of course, until they start to change clothes.

It’s almost night, after all.

They’ll start taking a bath and getting changed into pajamas soon.

“Sunsun… I smell the scent of arousal.”

“Eeh! No, that can’t be. Could it be that some beast loving girl is making a happy face somewhere?”

I was playing dumb, and Gyes raised his eyebrows.

“Rudeus-dono. I’m grateful for that time. I’m still quite sorry about the misunderstanding led to that situation.”

After setting that preface, Gyes changed his expression.

“However, if you put your hands on my daughter, the situation is different. If you don’t move away right now, I’ll throw the box with you in it into the water.”

He was serious.

I didn’t hesitate.

I left the box in a second.

In an amazing speed even.

“I’m one who protects this village. I don’t really want to say this, but go easy on it.”



Well, maybe I went a bit overboard.

I’ll reflect on it.


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