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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 25: the laid back life in the Great forest [5]

[Claude POV]

It is Claude talking.

I’ve been here for 2 months already.

Aside from bullying those weak-ass Beast race Warrior. I also do my own training.

Learning the other 3 languages from Rudeus took me 3 weeks.

It only took me 3 days to learn the Beast God-language since I can learn it easier with those that talk with the said language from my surrounding, and the Demon Language have Ruijerd, who I can talk to while having a spar with him.

The hardest was the fighting god language, which took me 2 weeks to learn the language from Rudeus.

I don’t even know if it’s right or not, but I should have a normal conversation with the holder of the said language.

Well, leaving the language aside.

I succeeded in creating a better weapon than before.

“This is something else…”

Said Ruijerd as my weapon can create a nick in his spear before it snapped in two.

“Haha! A successful invention!”


“Our teacher is awesome!”



My smithy’s slaves were delightful of my achievement.

Guys, you are way better than those stupid warriors.

Well, smithy’s slaves were actually way better at comprehending my teaching.

I don’t want to beat the Warrior anymore since Gyes can counter-attack me.

It’s not like I’m afraid to get beaten back by them. I continue to focus on my individual training with Ruijerd and do my smithing work.

There’s also the fact that Ruijerd said to control my bloodthirst.

But, even until now, I’m failed to control them.

How the heck do you control something intangible?

I mean, it’s not like bloodthirst can be controlled like mana.

Because of that damn dungeon, I always had a nightmare and held a weapon even in my sleep.

I thought I’d already overcome my trauma, but it still haunts me.

“Sigh… I need to meditate…”

With that, I stop what I’m doing and continue to meditate.




It’s a queer sight for all to see.

A young man was sitting in the middle of the rain without even budging a bit.

Doing nothing but focusing on the matter of the heart. That is something a person can’t do.

“This is something else, huh…” Rudeus said while seeing his childhood friend acting like a weird person.

While Rudeus watch Claude in admiration.

“Huh, why the admiring gaze Ruijerd?” Eris asked, seemingly puzzled.

“This is what they call a person with a world, an event that happened when a person can converge with the world. In other words, he’s being enlightened…”

“Huh?…” Eris is confused.

“Basically, he’s increasing his comprehension about something and focusing on it, right?”

“Indeed… It’s a thing that everyone wishes to have but can’t… Something like this is a rare sight even 400 years ago.”

“It’s something that’s a level above Mana burst…” Gustav suddenly said while still looking at Claude in wonder.

“It’s something that happened to the person that fight against the Demon King Laplace. He once defeated and running away from Laplace successfully, however, sine then he’s always being afraid of the Demon King until Perugius bring met with him and asked him to fight with Perugius…”


“Of course, that person that still afraid of Laplace refuse it, Perugius then leave him alone. But, knowing that Laplace approaching closer to him, he can’t run away from it anymore. So he meditate, and receive enlightenment…”

“Who is this person you’re talking about?…”

“He is someone that’s not written in the history book. His legend was not told since he’s one of the deceased…”

“Wait, how could a person that leave his mark on history be not written in the book?”

“I don’t know about that, you humans are a weird creature… Political thinking is what I don’t understand after all, I’ve met that person several times in the wars and his strength is something I can’t fathom… If he was not poisoned, he might be the person that defeat Laplace that day, not Perugius…”


Confusion filled Eris and Rudeus’ expression.

It took him a while to remember what happened on Earth to make Rudeus realize that this person might be scratched by the human ruler of the era.

“But, what’s about this Enlightenment thing?”

“Just think of it as the next stage of Mana burst without the defect of the said event.”

Enlightenment is such a bizarre state.

No one can explain what it was and what it achieved when it reached that state.

Once the person wakes up from it, they will be more powerful, while most will only slightly improve.

This is not something desirable for someone that needs to be immobile for a long time.

So, Enlightenment was not a popular thing.

It took Claude 4 days to awake from his enlightenment.

Once he awake, he immediately fainted with a high fever.

It took him another week to recover from the fever, but he is still working in the smithy, even with that fever.

Though he stopped his training for that week, his dexterity can be seen increasing.

Between the person that achieves some big increment or not, Claude will fall to someone that achieves the latter.

He received no increase in anything whatsoever, but his heart became free of the fear of the dungeon.

With that fear away, he becomes more approachable and gentler.

Rudeus then realize that he went back to the time in the village.

“So he become a mad dog because his fear?” Rudeus asked Ruijerd.

“Probably, since the bloodthirst surrounding him has diminished…”

“What… I thought he’d be stronger like that time in the manor…”

Eris’s face can be disappointing since she wants to see something interesting.

But, the relief on Rudeus face shows that he doesn’t want to be left behind further by Claude.

“Ruijerd, can we have a spar? That Warrior isn’t a warrior anymore…” Claude said while waving his hand to Ruijerd.

In the middle of the sparring ground, the groaning Gyes can be seen with his eyes swollen.

“Well, he might not be stronger physically. But, mentally, you need to be prepared as his real occupation isn’t a fighter…” Ruijerd said as he moved to the sparring ground.

“he isn’t a fighter with that prowess?” Eris asked.

“… I got to train harder…”

“I’ll come with you, Rudeus! Let’s train!” Eris said, following Rudeus that walking faster to the training ground.


Meanwhile, in the Fittoa region, City of Roa, Arbalest HQ.

“Sauros, stop acting like a child! You’re a damn noble, can you just stop asking for a beast race maid?!”

“Shut it, Mike! This is a man’s need! A boy like you won’t understand!”

“Ahhh, why’d Claude asked me to shelter you… I mean, you must be one of the reason why the beast race become such a desired slavery commodity to the slavers… damn, can’t you just act like a noble should?”

“What kind of act a noble would do? I am a noble, and this is something a Greyrat noble do!”

“Ah… I see why Paul became like that… Sigh, I wish that Rudeus won’t start to act like the Greyrat family… ah, wait… he already did…”

Mike was babysitting Sauros, that acted like a baby, and thinking what’s wrong he did to be left with a whacko like this…

“I’m sad of Asura Kingdom’s future since this is the better noble of the empire… sigh… should I leave the Kingdom and start in another from now on?”




“Master Mike, here’s the latest report on our search…”

Mike received the paper from his subordinate, sat on the sofa, and read them carefully.

“I see… we’d found 90% of Buena villagers, and almost all of the Central Continent explored… around 40% of Millis continent, and others still under 30% huh… it’s too long…”

“What? You’ve already finished your exploration within the Central continent in under 1 year? You dare to call it slow?”

“Ugh, shut up Sauros… Men just bring some female beast race to accompany Lord Sauros here…”


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