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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 40: Miko


As you’ve already known, Claude is a Miko.

But, what is a Miko in the first place?

Miko is an unknown entity that’s outside of human understanding.

They’re unknown beings who understand things without knowledge, powered by an unknown power.

Their power is something they understand without learning. It’s something that needs to be controlled. Or you will lose yourself within the power.

The same example for this is Shirone Zanoba.

The Miko from the Shirone Kingdom.

He had an unimaginable power in his strength, so much that even a grab could kill a person.

Zanoba instilled his power within him since the day he was born, and because of that power. He killed several of his siblings.

As he was seen with awe, he was also the source of fear.

No one will know when he’d snapped and destroyed everything in the castle, some want to put him in a cage, but no cage can hold him.

It’s a different story for Fred Alphonse, the Claude from another Universe dying from the Troll. He is someone with intellect. He can understand how to control his abilities because he has experience of how ordinary people think.

Not to mention his degree and ability to understand things better than most because of his experience in the past as Fred Alphonse. He’s also docile in his research and doing nothing but helping his father heating the smithy using his ability.

Sadly, he can’t do more research as Fred was killed in the metastasis event.

Then, what about Alex Cromwell, the Sword Saint Claude from another universe?

He can actually be called a Miko of Swords since his understanding of Swords art is not something that can be explained using words. However, since he isn’t overpowered, we can assume that he’s some Genius who can do better than most.

Thus, assuming the last person, the Miko that only knows of his power after his death, Sadogashima Kuro.

Unlike the other Claude, he’s someone who had a power that should not allow him to die.

In fact, he survives in the end.

However, Our Claude’s power will activate itself once the Claude from another universe has a great regret.

Yes, Claude’s Miko power doesn’t just receive from all the Claude in the multiverse.

It’s more stringent than what Claude himself thinks.

Claude is the Miko of Lingering Feeling.

Only those with a tremendous amount of feeling can reach him.

As of now, he still doesn’t realize that his power of Miko isn’t a power that will only appear once. It is something that will continuously occur as long as he is alive.


Alex Cromwell had a regret his inability to save the children and the villager in Buena Village.

He feels mad at his inexperience and inability to save them. He can’t even take revenge for them as the Troll kills him.

While Fred Alphonse’s regret is his inability to survive against the Troll and sadness as Fred can’t pass his knowledge to the other person.

As a former teacher, he always had the feelings to teach another and leave the world after leaving something behind. Thus, he gave Claude all the experience and memory of his Enchantment training and magic training.

Then, What about Sadogashima Kuro? Did he have to regret his death?

No, he had no regret.

But the fear instilled in his bone about how painful Kuro’s shared his death to Claude to tell him to prepare.

Prepare for the threat lingering before him.

Prepare to die.

Prepare to feel the regret.

And prepare to deal with them.

For Claude, these memories he got from the three are very important. Each and every one of them is indispensable and helps him to become what he is today.

Alex’s Training helped him develop his body.

Fred’s Training and Research help him increase his mastery in spells and Magic, also the Enchantment.

Kuro helps to constantly live in fear but prepare for everything, not to neglect his preparation.

While Alex and Fred’s death is simple, Kuro’s death is too gruesome for the eight years old Claude.

To deal with the Vorpal rabbit alone, Kuro needs to die 20 times. Claude’s Miko power can feel all the person’s feelings in memories.

The feeling of being eaten alive is something he will never get used to, and the fact that the Ancient Troll ate him alive awaken this trauma. They are stopping him from stepping outside for several months.

It took Kuro 5 years to get himself forward.

Those five years enabled Claude to pass the Dungeon in half a year.

Claude’s last memory from Kuro is when Kuro succeeded in finding the Trolls’ weakness. Claude can only hope that Kuro actually got out since he knew that. Since Kuro didn’t send another memory, it means he succeeded in getting out alive.

These five years are all he took to enact plans to deal with the Troll.

It’s not that Kuro Sadogashima succeeded in finding the Troll’s weakness. Still, in his last memory, he finds that the Troll becomes stronger when it receives fire or any light source, while the regeneration gets stronger.

Then how long will it take Kuro Sadogashima to defeat the Ancient Troll?

Ten years…

It took Kuro another three years to defeat the Troll and two years to relieve him of PTSD.

He also had the same trauma as Claude. There’s no way anyone can stay sane after repeatedly being eaten alive and get their body parts eaten before their eyes.

There’s something that makes Kuro and Claude fear the Ancient Troll.

That is the monster’s sadistic tendency.

For the Ancient Troll, it is boring to kill the enemy as soon as possible.

There’s actually no need for it to eat its prey, that one can survive for thousands of years without eating. The ancient Troll’s food is actually just light, any light source…

However, the Dungeon’s light source isn’t edible for it.

Why was it called Ancient Troll?

It’s a monster born before the Demon King. It’s something that already reigns supreme by the time the worlds of gods are destroyed.

However, because of the machinery of the owner of the Dungeon, it was locked and getting bored without anything to do.

The ancient Troll had another name in the past.

The World Eating Troll.

The gods feared the being because it tends to destroy a world or two for its amusement because of its unknown years of imprisonment. It’s slightly stronger than an ordinary Troll King outside, but a simple source of fire or light can raise him to be a monster of another realm.

In fact, in Fred Alphonse’s future, the world was destroyed by the running amok Ancient Troll.

Not to mention Orsted, even the Human god was decimated by the monsters’ rampage, leaving the world on the brink of destruction.

Suppose it’s not for the survival of several people, and the world‘s destroying Troll’s bored being there. In that case, it will surely destroy the realm without leaving anything behind.

It’s sadistic.

It won’t decimate everything in the world without leaving some trace.

It also left proof of its existence and somewhat a gift for Fred Alphonse that enabled it to leave the damn Dungeon.

This means there’s no future left in Fred’s Alphonse universe, making his will become the world’s will to defeat the Troll.


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