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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 59: Additional Memories

[Claude POV]

Who is Alexander Cromwell?

He is my physical fitness teacher, the person that was once known as the prodigy when he was 13 as he won an MMA world tournament. becoming an eternal champion at the age of 25, and the strongest weapon master at the age of 35.

Having all those achievements, he never feels it’s enough.

There’s something missing in his search for power. There’s something that he can’t grasp on earth. Another way to increase his physical ability without sacrificing something.

As he aged, Alex continued to search for more knowledge about the world and found an energy. Mana, that is something that he found after a long search.

However, it is too late.

Since by the time he found out about mana. He’s already on his last breath.

At the age of 70, he was killed by a mage from his own world.

Thus, his journey on power came to an end.

Wait, wait, wait…

What’s actually happening? How could he suddenly die in the hands of a magician? I also want to know why a 70-year old gramps got himself killed by a magician…

However, that’s the fragment I can gather from his past life memories. The other part is about his life as Claude.

His watershed moment is the same as when I activate my Miko power.He recalled his previous life when Rudeus hit him in the head with a water ball.

But, unlike me and Fred Alphonse,

When that happened, the first thing done was


He yelled and choked Rudeus with a sleep holder, making the little guy pass out.

No matter how many times Rudeus tapped his hand, Alex never stopped the sleeping holder. At that time, he feels the rage of being killed by a mage, and sends all the rage towards Rudeus. The little reincarnator becomes the black sheep.

Somar and Mike used all the strength they had to stop Claude from killing Rudeus.

In the end, Alex, who realized something was wrong, opened his lock and threw Rudeus to the side and spat while saying “Sorry for that.”

Leaving the unconscious Rudy and the gasping Somar and Mike alone, Sylphy was shaking not far from them, looking at Claude with dread in her eyes.

As he walks around the village, Alex discerns all the memories that reside in Claude’s head. He learns more about himself and the world he resides in.

At this point in time, he already knew that there was magic in this world. The fact that Rudy used some is actually the truth, and he wished to know more about this.

However, he lost interest when he realized how weak his body was.

Thus, using the knowledge he had. He creates a menu for himself.

He trained his body to withstand all the types of martial arts he knew. Before learning about skills in martial arts, he needed to create a stable body.

7 years, it’s already a bit late to create a good body. a stable foundation, but it’s a good time to train strenuously.

Using all the things he had in mind, he trained to create a pink muscle.

different from a red muscle that focused on burst power and a white muscle that focused on elasticity. Pink muscles excel in both.

As he trained himself, he didn’t set everything else aside.

I know that he’s in his 50s somewhere around. Alex is training relaxedly, unaware of the tragedy that will befall him.

He spent his time relaxingly while training and doing chores as a child.

He trained the little ones with his training menu, and using this knowledge, I created the menu for my Arbalest.

Then how can Alex send me his request?

The day after, he was sent to the dungeon along with the children of Buena Village. He actually tried to train them there and used the meat of the monster for the children, since sulking in the corner is not good.

Sadly, that’s his first mistake.

He didn’t know that the meat of Vorpal Rabit in Dungeon was poisonous to the children.

From here, he sees his first casualties.

After knowing that he couldn’t eat the meat, he started to act in a hurried manner. Rushing to clear the dungeon and let the children out was his second mistake, as he didn’t have any knowledge about the dungeon.

Thus, more children die of starvation.

As he continues to clear more floors rapidly, unknowingly, there are no children in the dungeon already. Thus, he was left alone, beaten and starving without anything to eat.

At this time, he died before even reaching the Ancient Troll.

Thus, what is left in his mind is not his starvation for power. But his regret at not being able to save the children.

So, his will is to save more children.

And that’s what I do. While killing the slavers, I save more children’s lives. While I train myself, I also do the same to the children.

However, unlike Alex, I trained them more to hide and cooperate in emergencies.

I didn’t expect that Somar and the other kid would actually get so much better that they could make A underground thought.

That’s a nice miscalculation.

Anyway, the reason I mentioned this is that the memory is actually updated.

What does it mean?

Did it mean that I’ve completed what he requested?

However, the updated memory is too jumbled. I need to piece them back together again.

In this memory, Alex’s experiences in his past were unveiled. The parts where he learnt about Ki and the art of war he learnt while commanding his mercenary team in the war.


Alex was a war veteran, even someone that had killed more than a company.

In this memory, he was called the monster of Battlefield…

I need to digest this memory. After another round of enlightenment, I believe Arbalest can be better.


In the middle of the field, Isolte and Paul are having a spar.

“Are you tired already, little missy?” While evading Isolte’s attack, Paul said mockingly.He nimbly moves his body away, from right to left, and combines the movements he had using all the styles he had learnt and the experience he had had.

“As expected of a FORMER S-ranked Adventurer. You sure are getting rusty…” Isolte said as she mocked Paul. She succeeded in having a sneak attack and scratching Paul after he let his guard down.

This battle is being refereed by the Water God, Reida Reia.

“They are actually having a decent fight… it’s astonishing, right teacher? ” It’s been almost half a year since I learnt under her tutelage. As much as I wanted to call her master, I didn’t inherit her Water God Style but developed my own style, which made me unable to be called a practitioner of the Water God Style.

“That Paul had a good foundation in his art, although he’s old enough to actually stop his track.” He continued to train himself, enabling him to reach the Saint Rank by miracle… The way he handles Touki is too rough. I can’t believe you learn from him… ”

Is she flattering Paul or mocking him?

I don’t know, so I just laugh awkwardly.

Paul is different from me because I haven’t learned about Touki.

He already understood the concept and was stuck there for years. He failed to achieve control over Touki, which made him stop at the gate of Advanced Ranked Swordsman in the past. Spars with me awaken his intelligence and allow him to understand more about Touki.

Even so, he’s not a genius.

He’s mediocre at best.

But he’s still stronger than that Garus I defeated in the great forest.

“Still, he had the potential of a Sword King. Given more time, he might even become a Sword Emperor… ”

Oh, it’s definitely a compliment.

Good for you, Paul.

“Right, the preparation has been completed. We can depart anytime now. Have you finished your preparation, teacher? ”

“Me? I’m always ready. ”



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