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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 58: Report



K419, in the meeting room of Arbalest Milshion Branch.

At that moment, Claude received a report.

“From our intel in Shirone Kingdom. Rudeus actually gets himself into trouble…

“What?!” Paul shouted at the report.

C was reading the report unhurriedly and only glanced at Paul without thinking much of him. While waiting for Paul to calm himself down, he continued to report.

The Shirone Kingdom is a small country, but it’s an old country that has 200 years of history.

For this world, which keeps track of history in 1,000 year denominations, speaking of 200 years might not seem all that old.


However, 400 years ago, all human race countries except the Asura Kingdom and the Holy Milis Kingdom were wiped out in the war.

Until 300 years ago, when the Dragon King Kingdom took control of the southern-most tip, it was a region of intense strife.

Even now, if you go north, the strife zone spreads out.

The Shirone Kingdom is a country that is relatively close to that strife zone.

In such a place, how did the Shirone Kingdom manage to last as a country for 200 years?

It’s because they formed an alliance with the Dragon King Kingdom early on in their history.

Although even if you were to call it an alliance, the difference in power is clear.

If you were to stop by the Shirone Kingdom on the way to the Dragon King Kingdom, it’s like the Kikka Kingdom and Sanakia Kingdom, a vassal state.

in the capital of the Shirone Kingdom, Ratakia.

The quality of the rooms aimed at D rank on the Central Continent is better than those aimed at C rank or above on the Demon Continent.

This means that there are plenty of better adventures that inhibit the city.

In fact, this country is filled with labyrinths. You just need to clear one to live a lavish life afterward. Which made plenty of S ranked adventurer, like Paul and his party gathered in this city.

This is one of the reasons Arbalest had difficulty setting up their network in this location.

“I see, so the Shirone Royals didn’t consider the metastasis to be significant and ignored what happened at Asura Kingdom, huh?”Ash said.

This is a weekly meeting Arbalest had. This appointment was scheduled for all the higher-ranked members to understand what happened in the other branch. so that there’d be no sudden emergency that happens and makes them helter-skelter.

“I don’t really feel that it’s weird. The vassal state is always acting like the nobles of the Asura Kingdom did… they didn’t take others’ misfortunes as something that needed to be taken care of. Shirone that had a Miko in his lineage act, even more so, since they feel that having a Miko means they are chosen,” Reida said while sipping the tea slowly.

Behind her, Isolte stood straight. She didn’t say anything, but she did cast a glance at Paul, the second Sword saint in the Milshion branch.

Of course, Paul didn’t really care about her stare. He still panicked at the report that Lilia and Aisha were found imprisoned with Rudeus.

“Easy, Paul… you know that Ruijerd is with them, right? You don’t need to act that panicked” Claude said.

It’s easy for you to say, but it’s been a year since Lilia and Aisha have been there. Now, even Rudeus is there and has gotten himself into prison. What is actually happening? ” Paul was getting impatient and asked C to continue with his report.

However, the report ends there.

“What do you mean it ends there?” Does the intel not write more of what happened?” Claude asked.

“The next report should be here in five…” C said while counting his fingers. At the count of 1, the door opened and someone entered the meeting room quietly while handing him the letter.

“Yeah, the report is here.” He took his time opening the letter. He’s doing it on purpose to tease Paul.

“Damn it, Charles! Quickly read the report!”

Chuckling at the adult, he shrugged his shoulders and read them.

In summary, it explains how the incident was resolved.

About the fact that Zanoba the Miko of Shirone is wreaking havoc and the part where he actually becomes friends with Rudeus after knowing that Rudeus is the artist that created the figure.

Palm-faced, Paul could just hide his embarrassment as the stories continued.

“What a great son you had there, Paul…” C teases him.

Vera just laughed awkwardly behind Paul.

As C continued to tease Paul with all the weird things he had done, Norn entered the room and said,

“Claude, I heard that you’ve found Aisha already. Is she alright? Oh, please excuse me. ”

After she saw that the room was packed, she left again in embarrassment.

“Norn didn’t come for me…” Paul said dejectedly.

“Oh… Leave that stupid father aside for now… Let’s continue with our discussion…”

Claude said as he tapped the table and continued the conversation.

“So, we know that Shirone is actually a place we need to take care of.” Because of that, I and Ash will leave for Shirone and meet with Aisha and Lilia, who are being escorted by the members of Arbalest there, while A underground is safe in the City of Criminals. We can’t forget them as they became the hub for the Dedoldia village. ”

Claude stopped at that, and everyone nodded.

“Paul can cooperate with Charles and save more people in Milshion and further move to the Demon Continent for now.” We can’t expect to save the dead, but we can at least save the one that is still alive. ”

Looking at Reida, Claude can see that she’s acknowledging the decision.

“The target is someone that’s easy to find.” But he’s too dangerous. Charles, has the recon team found the target?”

“Yes, Division A have found your target. It’s amusingly easy to find someone that can frighten you at a glance”

“Was he followed by a person?”

“Yes, a female with a mask. She followed him all the time on his journey…”

“Alright, Ash and I will continue to head towards the Central continent with Charizard. We should reach the place within a month. Let’s move to prepare for our departure…

“Wait, I want to add something…” Redia suddenly interrupted.

“It’s alright teacher, please do”

“For this journey, can you add me and Isolte too?”



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