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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 60: Turning Point

K419, Fittoa Region’s capital,
There’s a commotion in Arbalest HQ at this time.
“What did you say?!” Mike is shouting at the report in his hand.
“What kind of insanity is this regent trying to do? *uck! Sauros! What are you doing? “
Mike and Sauros have a good relationship, but they always squabble with each other. Even if Sauros is older than him, Mike’s merchants’ soul refuses to act as a subordinate to a person that acts like a child.
“Oh! Mike, you’re here… come and have a drink.”
Sauros said this while intoxicated.
After knowing that his granddaughter is still alive, he just forgets about himself and has a party every day with the surviving maid that comes back.
There’s no need to say what he did with the maid.
Massaging his forehead, Mike feels he has gotten a lot older dealing with Sauros and all the childish nobles in the Asura Kingdom.
“Is this really the kingdom that survives from the Advance of Laplace? I doubt that they can survive another war with a Demon lord, knowing the situation of the current Asura Kingdom…”
Right now, all the files in Mike’s hand were filled with all the stain he received from Arbalest Division I, Intelligence.
As one of the main concepts, Alphabet Division was yet to be perfected.
They act as spies in the target area.Since the position had yet to be filled, they could only work fully in the Asura Kingdom and some of the capitals of the central continent’s kingdoms.
They’re also the ones that send the information to C’s Division mostly. Division C acts as the Hub. Division C is the cover of Division I, at the same time as the one designating Division I’s job.
“You do know that you still have jobs to do, right?” Mike said, with arms akimbo.
“Gahaha! I have a great subordinate. There’s no way I can get in and disturb my subordinate’s well-done job! ” Sauros said shamelessly.
Although Mike is flattered, he’s still ticked by this negligence. Should I embezzle some money from him? Nah, there’s nothing that I can embezzle… I might even shoot my own foot…’ is what Mike thought while looking at the idiotic regent in front of him.
“I don’t care about what you’re doing. But, stop doing stupid things and go back to your home… I still have Arbalest to take care of… “
“Nah, my butler is noisy. He always told me to do this and that, he even sent some aunties to me so that I can make another son! Fuck, he should have sent me someone younger, not an elderlies!”
Mike was flabbergasted. He wanted to applaud his butler.
“Alright, I’ll send your desired harem to your door. So please sit well…” Mike said, smilingly, with a chilling gaze. As he turns his back on Sauros, Mike is smiling evilly.
Then, at noon,
Mike sent the ladies to his room, locked the door and left him alone with the ladies in the room.
“WAIT, WAIT!! NO, please! God! NOOOO!”
The room was filled with beastgirl ladies from his age to older, they are fierce, someone like Sauros can’t deal with them. Thus, his hellish night just started…
“I’ve dealt with Sauros; now let’s deal with the letter Claude sent to me…”
In the letter, Claude wrote that he had already finished all the preparations for Arbalest to launch Milshion’s wide movement.
Starting from Dedoldia’s craftsmen and the supplies, Dedoldia village can send to the group. With this, Arbalest and Underground A will have a steady supply of resources even if someone cuts our link from the Central continent.
Furthermore, knowing that Paul has experience dealing with adventurersHe can cooperate with the surrounding guild to make a quest and deal with the wild adventurer team.
A self-sustaining group, this is the ideal organization structure that Claude wishes to forge.
This is not an ideal of someone that living in the six faced world. This knowledge is something that was passed by Fred Alphonse.
Although Fred wasn’t a merchant, he taught psychology and learned about plenty of mindsets.
His title as a doctor isn’t just on paper.
He not only learns about the knowledge, but he also feels like a chess piece within the corporation.
Teaching his students at a college level allows him to create a self-sustaining resource without sacrificing his time to deal with something that others can do.
Well, there are plenty of things that can define a self-sustaining resource in a corporation. But, leave these things aside.
“Knowing this, the racism on the Millis continent is severe. Arbalest can have an easier time hiring the rejected adventurers. “
Claude uses any means possible to increase the strength of the Arbalest Branch while ensuring his group won’t be incapacitated.
“There’s also the fact that Reida Reia accepted the proposal. With this, we can move with ease within the Asura Kingdom. No one would dare to mess with the Water God Dojo. Asura Kingdom is the HQ of the said Dojo, after all…”
Mike chuckled as he continued to rub his forehead in annoyance.
“What the hell did he do in a year? How can he finish something I’ve yet to do in Asura…”
As he closed the report, he leaned back in his chair.
“Everything in this world can be used… there’s nothing that I should forget and I should use everything in this world as my chess piece… My aspiration is not to be a merchant. What I should be is…” Mike stood from the seat and crumpled the report.
Mike said this as he threw it on the nearby fireplace.
“I am the second in command. Completing what he can’t do is something that I should do.” sigh, now let’s call for the next plan… “
Mike took a deep breath and shouted.
“Prepare for the Dragon Subduing Plan!”
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