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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 52: Arbalest Division A

[Ghislaine POV]


It’s been a year since the Metastasis Incident inflicted Fittoa Region.

This event happened so suddenly. When the teleportation light spreads towards the whole region, I can’t grasp the situation really well.

The world was engulfed with light, and while I wanted to save Rudeus and my lady, I was unable to even when I ran as fast as I could.

Once I opened my eyes again, I could see the wilderness.

Using my inhumane reaction, I tried to understand the location I was sent to. unexpectedly, on my way to the nearest town. I found Lord Sauros’s son and daughter-in-law’s corpses being eaten by the monsters.

Filled with deep hatred, I slaughtered the beast that was munching on the corpses and gathered their corpses.

I want to bring them to Lord Sauros and let their bodies be buried in a good place.

It took me 3 months to reach Asura Kingdom, the capital city of Ars.

It’s not weird that I am unable to bring their intact bodies here since the bodies were spoiled. I chose to cremate their bodies and keep the ashes with me. Thus, by the time I reach Ars. I informed Lord Sauros of the situation.

By the way, I’ve already understood what happened to me.

The Fittoa Region Tragedy

Metastasis that inflict chaos upon the Asura Kingdom with Metastasis.

For once, I really fear what will happen to Lord Sauros, since I know for sure that he will be the scapegoat to clear the kingdom’s name.

On the way, I’ve heard about the trial that will soon be held to judge the convict, Sauros Boreas Greyrat.

I really am surprised that they actually held a judgment en masse.

This trial was actually a joke for the people and the nobles. For an elderly noble like Lord Sauros to be defended by a child not more than 15 years old and even a no-name group as his backing,

This is such a laughing stock that no one would believe that Sauros the Criminal could be saved.

In the end, however, the truth prevailed, and Lord Sauros was saved from any judgment since all the other great noble houses were also responsible for this mistake.

This event brought the name of the child upfront, and the group backing him was acknowledged as an official Knight Corps for the Boreas Family.

The name Buena Mike of Arbalest soon spread throughout the Asura Kingdom as the gifted genius in this kingdom. The future of the Boreas Territory is bright with him supporting the current regent.

As soon as the trial ends, I will net with Lord Sauros and have a proper burial with him. To send his son and daughter-in-law, and the possibility of his granddaughter in the future, is a bleak vision.

Mike was actually Claude’s childhood friend.

To my astonishment, Mike, Claude, and Rudeus actually came from the same village.

It is the village where Paul lives and the place I visited once to fetch Rudeus.

What a great village to have 3 people with this talent come from a village…

I don’t know whether this village was cursed or blessed.

“I’m sorry to say this, even though you’ve just arrived here recently, but can you help the Arbalest research group find more missing people, Ghislaine?” Lord Sauros said listlessly.

It’s my first time seeing him this quiet.

“Whoa… I know you’re sad, but I never expected you to get this quiet… are you alright, old man?”

I feel annoyed at this Mike’s response. He’s too rude towards Lord Sauros.

“Geh, chill, Ghislaine… I don’t mean harm. Mike said while taking a step back.

“Sigh, leave it be, Ghislaine. He’s my savior, even if he’s like that. ”

“I understand, my liege…”

Lord Sauros is my life saver. He’s someone that took me in when I was homeless.

The day Paul and Zenith disbanded the party, we parted from each other. At first, plenty of other parties asked me to be their comrade.

However, soon, one after another fooled me and stole all my money and belongings.

At that time, I had yet to be a Sword King and was still a saint. As a saint, albeit, I can make money from doing evil. I refused to do so, and as a result, I almost died because of hunger.

It was at that time that Lord Sauros took me in and employed me as his family’s guard.


Following that, I am tasked with accompanying the Arbalest Group Division A, led by Ash, someone in the same age group as my lady Eris, Claude, and Mike.

He is a capable kid.

No, he is a capable person.

With his lead, the Division A “Adventure” moved in an organized way.

Moreover, his mount is the perfect match for this search mission.

Arbalest is actually bigger than I thought.

At first, I thought of Arbalest as a group of children gathering together with the power of friendship or just an old man commanded by Mike alone.

However, it seems that I am wrong.

This group is solid.

They have a great command point, great resources, and great task division.

Most of the people in Arbalest are freed from slavery.

I learnt about it after spending 3 months exploring the continent with them. Division A is in charge of looking around the continent, Division B is in charge of getting resources and money, and Division C is in charge of setting up information points in each town.

From what I learn, these divisions can work so well alone, but, from what I learn, they haven’t been completed yet.

A group that was created by Claude five years ago.

The group was not just a ragtag bunch that was created after the tragedy.

It seems that Arbalest already knew about the incoming tragedy and prepared for it.

The question will be, why won’t they let us know about this information?

Thus, the answer is simple.

He had already done so, but none actually believed it. They called the information “utter gibberish” even…

Five months before the event actually happened, there were already orbs floating above the Fittoa region and everyone could see them.

No one thinks that’s a weird thing, and rumors about the Orb bringing disaster already float around the region. The Kingdom, to be exact.

Even the letter Mike used is actually the truth.

Even if he fails to persuade them of the impending disaster, no one can blame them because they, too, do not believe it will occur.

Who can believe that the small orb in the sky can bring destruction to a whole region in the first place?

This is negligence.

Come to think of it, there’s someone with the speed of light. It must be the Armored Dragon King’s subordinate at that time.

That person suddenly assaulted me and questioned me about the orb.


I wonder, what’s about My Lady Eris?

Is she safe?

I hope Rudeus is with her…






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