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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 43: The City of Crime


“This place is better than I thought…” Claude said as he passed the slave market street.

“After A underground completely taking this place as their turf in the shadow, the place became better. Before, you can even see the slaves being killed on the spot because of some stupid things…” C said, following Claude in their walk.

“Yeah… I know about that…” Claude murmured slowly under his breath.

It’s already several weeks after he, Rudeus, and Paul parting their ways.

Within that period, Claude gets a new future path. In another timeline, the wail of another him who’d be dead in the future, sending Claude his wailing wish for Claude to help him.

“Another premonition, master Claude?” C suddenly asked.

“No, this time, it’s a quest to deal with…”

C nodded at his answer.

It’s already been an open secret that the leader of Arbalest, Claude, is a Miko that can predict the future.

Most of the closer ones in Arbalest already knew about it, so Claude had nothing to fear of letting Paul and Rudeus and his company know about it.

Knowing that their leader is someone that has the power to predict the future given the member of Arbalest confidence when they do their mission. This is another plus of having a Miko in an Organization.

“Have you made contact with Somar?”

“I don’t think there’s a need for that, sir…”

C said as he pointed the cloaked person in front of him, signaling them to follow him in their Arbalest code.

“Hmm, must the kids from Buena. They are smarter after we’ve parted because of the Metastasis, huh…”

C chuckled at his words. He would never stop thinking about the torture the children receive being trained by the Spartan Claude was.

Not to mention the young adult like C, even the older Arbalest member, were traumatized by Claude’s training in their early days.

As much as the former slaves were, Claude’s training made them feel the slave treatment they experienced in the past was lukewarm.

Even so, they knew the purpose of Claude’s training. Given a choice, they’d definitely think that it’s better to die from his training than to die a slave death. Amusingly, there’s not a person killed during the training.

Even if the training becomes harsher every day, they are also given the food to replenish their nutrients. Unknowingly they had a deep attachment towards the group and heavy ties with their training comrades making the group tightknit.

“What about Ash? I’ve read the report. I never expected Ash of the Quelle Village will also enter Arbalest with an additional pet at that…”

“He’s moving around as a messenger around the world, sir. He’s been missing for a while now. But, he’d contact us later, I believe…”

“I see, well, a new enchantment Item to lessen his burden is on the way. When it’s done, we can make it easier to contact each other…”

“I can’t wait to see it, sir…”

while following their guide, C and Claude converse with each other regarding the members of Arbalest that’s not in the area.

It took them some time and a roundabout path to enter their building right now.

“It sure took so much time…”

“They’re being wary of someone tailing them, sir…”

“It’s too much a hassle. It might become counterproductive…”

Suddenly, a person appeared behind both of them and said.

“Nah, the situation right now made us do that… Long time no see, Claude.”

“Yeah, been 2 years since I see you again… Somar…” Claude said without looking back, but C got startled by the sudden voice.

It’s kind of weird seeing the pudgy Somar become so lean and…

Well, not that handsome but basically on par with Zanoba.

Hey, I know you want to call Zanoba’s ugly, but there’s still Geese and those demon folk that’s worse!

Zanoba is still a handsome bunch, more so than his little brother, at least…

Leaving looks aside.

As they progress further into the room, Somar guides them and shows them the area still not under their control.

“What’s stopping you from getting the area under control?”

“It’s the world’s power, obviously…”

“I see…”

Aside from the 7 renowned power, there’s still under the ranking. Of course, they’re not as magical as them, but they’re still an enemy an average person can’t defeat.

“Which one was it?”

“I don’t know…”

“Huh?” C confused by the answer.

“Well, I understand…”

Claude looked unsurprised by Somar’s answer. He already knows that Somar being the leader of the Crime city underground is already something unthinkable for ordinary people to think about. It’s not like he will suddenly be a world power after his training with Claude.

Even now, Claude is still slightly stronger than your ordinary people.

Claude is, at most, as strong as Ruijerd by now. Using all means attached, he can only compare to Ruijerd.

This means there are still those above, like the Swords god, North God, even the Water God is stronger than him.

Don’t add Ghislaine to the count since she’s a tad weaker than Ruijerd.

Shouldn’t that mean Claude is already within the same rank as Ghislaine? A sword King?

No, using all his power. This means Claude will use all his weaponry, magic, trap, even his Cloud style.

Bein on Par with Ghislaine and Ruijerd in his weapon mastery alone is a big no.

An enormous chasm differentiates the Rank of King and Saint, and this chasm isn’t something that just anyone can pass.

Even with all of Claude’s potential, it still took him more time to reach them.

Yes, what he needed was time.

With time, he can even reach the God Rank.

But, how long will it take to reach them?

Can he achieve the number one spot? Defeating the Technique God?

“Then, how long will it take you to know about the power behind it?”

“I won’t search them…” Somar answered.

“Why?” Claude took a glance at him enquiringly.

“Because our purpose is the protection and search of the Metastasis Victim… I’m not hungry enough to make myself a target of a world power… I know they can bear me controlling the underground without encroaching their area, but asking more and pulling a hair on a beast’s body? I’m not that foolish…” Somar said.

“I see…” As he received the answer, Claude stopped himself from being greedy too.

He focused on the quest he had on hand.

“Alright, let’s stop the Underground A expansion and focus more on the victim. I will also ask you to search for this person…”

Claude said as he gave Somar a drawing.

“Who’s this?” Somar asked as he saw the woman in the picture. She seems a pretty girl born from a noble lineage.

“My employer asked me to save her. You might not see her yet this time. But, there should be a time when she arrived in this town. Save her for me…”

Claude said as he sat down.

“Alright… now, tell me about my parents’ grave and their location…” Somar said while keeping the drawing in his pocket.



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