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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 45 : I love you




She seems to be younger than what my other incarnation remembers, huh?

But she should still be around my age, isn’t it?

Oh well, I don’t know about the feelings my other incarnation had, but this is definitely something I own myself.

Is this what they call “love at first sight”?

I got fluttering when seeing her up close. Even all the planning I had to make her interested in me was blown away.

As I suddenly said,

“Water God, Reida Reia… I’ve taken an interest in your granddaughter and wish to court her. Can I have the opportunity to do so? ”

Look, I can see that the water god is astonished at my confession and is looking at me with wariness.

while the person I courted is blushing.

Oh, she looks lovely when she hides her embarrassment.

Oh my heart…

“Wa… wait, master Claude, this is different from what we discussed before.”

C, you are older than me, but you seem to have less experience than me. Even though I’m astonished at what I’m saying, the word just comes out of me without even realizing it…

“Um… Can we have a small conversation first in the restaurant ahead, please? “…

I said, trying to fix the mistake I’d made.

C patted his chest and asked the ladies to follow him. While I tried to have a small conversation with Isolte, Reida grabbed her away from me.

I sullenly follow them, while sneaking a glance at Isolte.

Ah, our eyes meet.

I sent a smile at her, and she blushed hard, looking away from me.

How cute.



Sitting at the table for 4, C finished ordering drinks for us.

I cleared my throat, and apologized for my sudden statement before…

I’m sorry for that sudden outburst before… Please let me meet you. I’m Claude from Arbalest. And the person with me is Charles, the head of Arbalest Millis Continent Branch… ”

Yep, C’s name is actually Charles. Well, the full name is actually just a front name; it’s not like I can call him C in front of outsiders since C is a codename given to the higher ups in Arbalest as the head of the other C1 to Cn under his banner.

C is the 3rd division leader, in charge of the information hub. In this world, he is the central figure of information gathering intelligence.

There’s also A, which is in charge of adventuring. Currently, Ash from Quellec village is the one in charge of that division.

Then, there’s B, who’s in charge of business, with Mike doing his best to learn and gather more connections in the Central African continent.

For now, there are only 3 divisions. But, me and Mike have planned to make them in alphabetical order.

They also had a code on themselves, with the vice division head as the C0001. They are usually referred to by their codename, with C being referred to as “C,” C0001 as “C Triple One,” and C0010 as “C Double One.”

While there’s no one with the code name of C0100 and up, C0100 will be called with C zero one, and C1000 with C one.

The way they’re called is to deceive others. From the way they were called, it’s easy for one to think that the one called “C” is the leader and the “triple” is the subordinate. It’s also to let others think that C Triple One is C111, not C0001.

If you’re confused with the explanation, then it means the purpose of the name has succeeded since it’s kind of confusing for the new members of Arbalest to get used to their name.

Leaving the naming of the division aside,

So, what’s the purpose of Claude and Charles’s visit to me in this sinful city? ”

“Pardon my sudden outburst, water god. But as I am pleased to meet you here, we already knew that you would visit this place before. Because I am a Miko that can foresee the future,

“Hoo? A Miko, huh, that’s amusing to know. And, you want me to believe a child that should already be a Sword Saint is also a Miko? ”


I’m just bluffing when I say that I am a Miko, since I know that the Water God won’t believe me, but to think that she can perceive that I am a Sword saint…

I am astonished by your farsightness! I am sorry to say that, but I might be lying about being a Miko…

She squinted her eyes at me. I could see that she was actually a bit surprised at my statement.

So, what’s the purpose of your calling me? Can you make it fast since I need to head to my business with my disciple? ”

“Pardon me, but the discussion will be continued with Charles. It’s outside of my jurisdiction to have a haggle with you. Please, Charles. ”

I won’t trouble you with their talks about business and banter over useless things.

To make it easier, right now, C is asking the Water God to be the backer of Arbalest. The fact that Arbalest can’t stay in Millis without an umbrella of the world’s power is hurtful, but it’s needed for us to make a plan before being attacked without any backup.

What the Arbalest offer is payment for the Water God’s style swordsmanship and the protection of the Water God to safely create a better environment so that the Arbalest group can have a shield.

What can the name of the water god have for our protection?

Simply put, the name of Worlds’ power can be a deterrence not for others, but for the nobles of this world to feel a bit scared about trying to make trouble with us.

I can see that you’re honest while saying the payment is for us, but I don’t really see the purpose of limiting our cooperation.

Reida Reia said, asking Charles about the purpose of the 5 year contract.

If our calculations are right, that is, within 5 years, Arbalest should be a power to be feared. So at that time, Water God’s and Water Style’s dojo protection shouldn’t be needed anymore… However, we are open if the dojo wants to have more time to cooperate with us! We are thankful even if

That’s a confidence you have. Is the reason the young Sword saint beside you?

“That’s only half of it, but having Master Claude with us is something that’s a must, since he’s the founder of this group.”

Wait, we didn’t talk about it before…

What the heck, C! you’re ruining my mysterious stigma!

Don’t worry, master Claude, mistress Reida has already noticed that you’re the boss of our group.

“Ho, that’s perceptive of you, but you can still deny that, isn’t it?”

“Good cooperation is something created with trust… That’s what Master Claude always taught us, so, I took his word to be frank with you, Water God. ”

“I… heave… Alright, alright… You got me, so, what’s with the deal? ”

I said, sighing heavily. I still winked at the flabbergasted Isolte though.

She blushed and glared at me. What a cutie…

“Hmm, I would say it’s okay for us to cooperate, but before that,” she stopped talking for a bit, and looked at Isolte, her disciple. I could see that Isolte nodded at her gaze and she stared at me. “If you really are sincere with this contract, let’s have a spar with my disciples there.” I might allow you to make a way with her, in case you can surprise me. ”

Isolte suddenly banged the table and shouted at her master.


“I’m in. Let’s head to the alleyway beside this café!”

I said happily.

Reida Reia, the Water God, is now the judge in the fight between her disciple and Claude. She is in charge of the fight, which is taking place right now.

That means the cutey and I will have a brawl in some city alleyway.

It’s not that far from the café where we were before, since I had planned to have a spar with them in the first place.

But I never expected them to be the ones asking for it.

“This place is great for the spar. I believe you already have the intention of getting one since we met then.”

I scratched my cheeks at her words and laughed awkwardly, heading to the other side of the alley and staying there, waiting for Isolte Cruel to prepare herself.

“What a sneaky brat…”

“Since both of you are already ready, by the time of 3, let the spar begin…”


I prepare my sword and hold it in my right hand, keeping my stance ready for battle. Knowing the Water God style, the other person should be passive in their attack, so I prepare to attack as soon as possible.


I can see that Isolte has already taken her stance. Hmm, this should be an interesting fight.


At the end of the count, I am attacked by Isolte in an unexpected way.



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