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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 37: Arbalest

[Mike POV]

Hi there, Mike here.

So, what do you think of Arbalest?

At first, it was the merchant group I came from.

The place where they hired me as a trainee.

Arbalest Merchant was what it was called in the past. But, now it’s called the Arbalest group.

It’s already a fully-fledged army, a group under the command of Fittoa Region Noble, the Boreas Family’s Army.

Is it easy to receive this title?

The answer will be no.

Claude and I have planned all the possible routes we can use to let the place be controlled well. The first thing to do was to save the regent of the region.

Based on his assumption, the Metastasis event will be used by the other family, the enemy of Boreas house, to get the lord of Boreas family to be sentenced to death.

For now, let’s talk more about the Asura Kingdom.

The Asura Kingdom is a Kingdom located in the Central Continent. It’s one of the biggest on the central continent.

While Central continent is the biggest in this world. [AN: See the Glossary on my site for the image or head to Discord]

The Asura Kingdom was divided by 4 nobles with Royal bloodlines within them, The Boreas in the North, Notos of the South, Euros of the East, and Zephyrus of the west.

All of the nobles above had Greyrat in their last name, while the royal family used Asura as their last name.

There’s not really a need to describe more, as what you need to understand is that the 4 biggest noble under the Asura Kingdom is Boreas Greyrat, Notos Greyrat, Eurus Greyrat, and Zephyr Greyrat.

Incidentally, Paul is from the Notos Greyrat family.

However, because he’s running away from home. He’s thrown away the Notos name and using the Greyrat only. Zenith is also a noble from the Millis Kingdom, so Rudues is someone of the noble lineage.

Which is one of the reasons he had the enormous amount of Mana.

Well, Claude said I’m wrong about it, though. There’s another reason for that, which allows Rudeus and Sylphy to grow their Mana more easily.

Leaving that aside, using the knowledge of the Metastasis Event. I know from Claude, we, the Arbalest merchant group evacuating ourselves outside of the territory.


We ran to the capital and gave each of those 4 biggest noble houses a letter.

These letters are a time bomb that can be used 4 months after the metastasis.


Asura Kingdom Capital, the Court.

The Court was the place where an important decision was made. Here, everyone can see the proceeding judgment. A place where the citizen can help to judge the Convict.

Everyone can hear the King’s judgment on the matter that shook the world on this day.

A tragedy that creates chaos within the Kingdom.

“Now, we will start the judgment on the Convict! Sauros Boreas Greyrat, the regent of Fittoa!”

After saying so, the man continues to communicate every possible crime Sauros did.

Almost every one of them is not something even the King can do like he didn’t prepare anything for the orb. He didn’t do anything to help the citizen that being teleported.

They also blame Sauros for every bit of crime possible.

“Sauros Boreas Greyrat also deal with the slaves to buy the beast folk!”

That crime alone is something he can’t deny, though.

“You really do these?”


The other Nobles in the attendees looked away, pretending to not hear his shout as he shouted that.

The King coughed, though, then the speaker scratched that crime.

What the hell is wrong with this Kingdom?

Won’t this place be destroyed by itself in the future if this continues?

As I think so, the opposition continues to blame Sauros for what he can’t do.

To sum it all up, it all comes to ‘Neglect’…

“But, we’ve already asked for help!”

With that being said, I let out 5 crumpled letters with Boreas family insignia.

“Arbalest, at that time, was allowed to send the letter to the other 3 great nobles. Several letters are sent to the other merchant group within the area. However, they aren’t included with the insignia.”

In fact, the merchants scoff at it when they see them. But, once Claude went missing, they all helter-skelter about the missing golden goose, thus starting to increase the search.

“With the help of the merchant union, we have already found about 40% of the people within the fittoa region.” I stopped while showing them the report paper. I also showed them the reported missing person list. “However, I have never seen the help of the other 3 great nobles! This isn’t neglected from lord Sauros, but neglect from the other to help us in this unexpected incident!”

With that reasoning, the surrounding citizen loudly talks with each other.

I can hear some of the conversations about how the nobles point their finger at a troubled lord.

It’s out of topic, but the fact that this Kingdom doesn’t have a definite ranking on their nobles is a headache…

I mean, what the hell is wrong with the Great Noble, Noble, and lesser Noble name they create within their own community?

I can’t even know which one is higher than another besides the 4 great Noble…

Returning back to the Court.

I can see the opposition stare at me threateningly.

I know what they feel. What is this brat doing here? Is he just yapping his mouth to blame us for an incident that no one would believe?

Hey, man. This isn’t the time to point your finger at another and bring their downfall.

Seriously, I can see the representative from Eurus and Zephyrus look neutral as if they had already prepared for this. But, the Notos tried to defend himself so hard that it makes me wonder what happened with them.

No wonder Paul run away from home…

As we continued to develop the conversation, it soon became a heated discussion of what we should do to the disaster-stricken place.

Eurus and Zephyrus will send their people and help with the region’s construction. In contrast, the Notos begrudgingly sent their relief army to the area.

I can see that he still thinking something stupid, but I leave him aside.

Knowing that we’ve done well, Sauros used that occasion to officially let us become one of the Knights brigand under his command.

There’s a definite fact that actually helping us in this matter.

It’s a sad matter, but the death of his son and daughter-in-law help us convince the other.

It’s a grieving father and just lord card.

Claude and I tried our best to save them to tell you the truth.

But, we failed in the end.

No one can save you from being dropped in the middle of a beast pack.

By the time they’ve teleported, they are already surrounded by the beast. The barrier artifact that Claude gave them can’t save them.

The couple thus dies in the strife zone.

Sauros stopped whatever he did to the beast folk maid when he heard about the news. He then asked the other to leave, but everyone could listen to his crying noise.

At that time, the servants of the Boreas household grieved for their master.

There’s also the fact that Eris is still missing.

After the court event, Arbalest officially becomes the partner of the Asura Kingdom.

Arbalest then tied with the Kingdom, but it goes both ways.

We continued our search within the next 7 months while making the group bigger. As we had the approval of the Kingdom, we, Arbalest, became an independent group.

Although we are written as the subordinate of the Boreas family above the paper, we are actually another country within the Kingdom.

Well, it’s not like Asura Kingdom Royals knows our underlying meaning. Since we don’t really want to deal with something troublesome, we are kind neighbors.

Thus, by the time I received the letter from Claude, Arbalest was already the most prominent organization within the Asura Kingdom.




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