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Before, we’ve talked about the last 2 memories from Alex Cromwell, the sword saint, and Fred Alphonse, the Fire Elemental Miko.

Each person gave experience to the Claude we’ve known. They gave each expertise to Claude.

Alex, and his Swords mastery.

Fred, with his capability on Enchantment and Mana control.

Although Fred might be stronger than Rudeus, his experience can’t be copied since all he did was learned by himself.

Unlike the Claude, that learned the basics from Rudeus and don’t have an affinity with external Mana. Fred was an elemental Miko that was blessed by Mana.

Fred can directly control the Mana and tinker with the spell without effort.

In fact, he can directly reach the Fire Mage Emperor rank before the metastasis incident but refuse to do so since more fame will bring trouble to his peaceful life.

Claude has tried doing the same thing as Fred for more than enough time but cannot do it; hence, Claude is unable to reach a higher stage with his low Mana pool.

However, his Enchantment was something he could copy.

It’s not that Claude was more intelligent than Rudeus that he can start to enchant with only a copy from Roxy’s staff that Rudeus had.

Fred learned Enchantment quite suddenly. In fact, Fred had a master of his own.

His master just visits the village suddenly for some time, leaving Fred with some book to read and learn from. However, Claude’s memory doesn’t remember the person that became Fred’s master. So, he missed the chance to learn from the same person.

Coming to Alex Cromwell, the man was already an adept sword user.

He learned more as he spent more time with the mercenaries that went out of the village.

As they started to fight, Alex learned by seeing.

He sometimes asked Paul about the difference in swords’ style. However, he mostly learns them by either having a spar or just finding it out by himself.

The training he did is just enough to make him a Saint Swordsman, though, since most of the rigorous training Claude did was from Fred.

Leaving those two aside, let’s talk more about the 3rd Claude.

Kuro Sadogashima.

Unlike those 2, Kuro is more mediocre.

He’s nothing but an average Salaryman that lives in Japan.

Died at the age of 50, he’s an average person that likes to read web novels.

Mushoku Tensei was one of the stories he read, but he’s not an avid reader nor a fans of it. It’s just that he recently watched the animes on the said series that he started to remember bits of pieces of the stories.

Then, how did he die?

Leave those things aside since Claude doesn’t have any memories of their death…

However, Kuro’s start is different from Claude’s and the other 2’s awakening.

“This green-haired kid… Have I rewatched Mushoku Tensei again?” he said as he saw the girl in front of him.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you, Claude?” Somar said while tapping Kuro’s shoulder.

“Claude? Is it me?” he asked the boy.

“Mike, there’s something wrong with Claude’s head… is he sick?” Somar said to the black-haired boy beside him.

“hm? I don’t know about that. Is it that wicked Supard’s curse?”

“No way, let’s beat her to unlock the curse!” Somar suddenly said as he got closer to Sylphy.

“Count me in!” Mike answered.

As they bullied the green-haired girl, Mike just stood there confusedly.

“Is this a real live version? A drama version? Why the hell do they look so real…” as he said so, Rudeus suddenly appeared and threw a waterball at them.

Of course, Kuro also getting hit by the water ball.

As he felt the cold water, he realized it was real.

He wasn’t dreaming.

“it’s reality,” he said as the coldness of the water permeated his body.

He sneezed, then shouted, “Hey! You misfired it! I didn’t do anything to the green-haired kid!”

“Oh… sorry about that!” Rudeus said as he apologized to the innocent.

“Wait, Damn, Claude, help us!” Somar yelled.

“Right, why’d you just stand there and complain. Help us to take revenge…”

“Are you guys dumb or something? He can use magic. We’re no match… retreat!” he said as he ran before them.

Looking at their friend’s back, Somar and Mike followed Claude while uttering the ‘you better remember this’ line to Rudeus.

What happened next is something you already know, but Kuro is an adult.

He went to Sylphy’s father’s place the next day to apologize.

Her father accepted the apology and said that he’d talk to Paul about this matter to stop the misunderstanding with his son.

“Oh, Luffy! Come here, Claude said he wanted to apologize.”

Kuro accidentally meets with Sylphy to bring his father the food.

Kuro and Sylphy then apologized to each other and became friends from thereon.

Of course, they also become friends with Rudeus soon after.

Looking at the trio, Mike and Somar somehow get annoyed. But, being the adult he was, Kuro can easily handle both Somar and Rudeus’s Group.

Eh quickly timed the time he spent with both groups and sometimes gathered them together.

His days were spent talking to both groups, training Swords, and learning magic from Rudeus and Sylphy.

“Sigh… I don’t have any talent in either swords or magic…” Kuro said dejectedly.

He looks at both Rudeus and Sylphy. They are younger than him but have already learned more spells than him.

Leaving aside Rudeus that already studying magic for years ago. Even Sylphy that learns at the same time as him, can already do better than him.

“Don’t mind it, Claude… Even I can do it! You will get better…” Sylphy encouraged him, and Rudeus just smiled wryly at him.

“Ugh, what’s with that look, Rudy… anyway, thanks Luffy…”

“No problem, Claude.”

As Sylphy said so, Kuro continued to train.

When Sylphy learns the intermediate stage, Kuro can barely chantlessly use Beginner rank magic.

He can do all attributes, though, which alleviate his pride.

As Rudeus wasn’t that good at healing magic, Zenith started to tutor Claude more as he spent more time helping her in the clinic.

“Thanks for the help, Claude.”

“It’s my thanks for teaching me, Teacher Zenith.”

“fufufu, it’s not bad being called teacher…”

Zenith said happily.

As he spent years, Claude became better at every bit he learned.

Starting from magic to swords, then smithing.

However, his growth is average.

Even at the age of 10, he is still a beginner in all of them. He also can’t do Enchantment.

He never learned about Enchantment. Just seeing the magic circle is already short-circuited the brain of that 10-year-old kid. Even Kuro, the already 50 something old man inside, has trouble seeing them.

By the time an orb appeared in the sky, he had remembered a particular event in the anime.

The metastasis event…

When Kuro remembered that, he started to panic.

He told everyone about it, but no one believed him. Even when he said that to Rudeus and said to him that he knew the past, Rudeus just forgot about it the next day and acted as if nothing wrong had happened.

Claude even troubles himself to go to Roa at that time to talk with Rudeus.

An unknown hand stopped him from doing anything at the next moment.

By the time he remembered it again, it was already happening.

The white lights envelopes the whole Fittoa region.

Where he heads to is not a mystery anymore…

The Dungeon of the Ancient troll was where he was teleported to, and there, he met with something that would change the world…


As you already expected, the Dungeon was not something an ordinary person could explore.

By the time Kuro arrived in the Dungeon. There, he met the Vorpal Rabbit.

It’s a stroke of luck for him since it’s only one Rabbit.

“What is this place?” he asked while eyeing the Rabbit in front of him.

“What’s that rabbit?” he tried to get closer, but his leg stopped moving. Then, at that moment.

“F*ck! That is a monster! It’s not a docile thing!” The Rabbit bears its sharp teeth and eyes Claude with murderous intent.

As he ran for his life, he tried his best in any way possible to survive.

He ran.


Claude continues to run until he meets with a dead end.

Not long after, his vision turned black.

Then, he comes back to the position when he meets the Vorpal Rabbit.

“Why am I here again?” he questioned himself.

Knowing that he couldn’t run from the Rabbit, he held the sword in his waist and did his best to kill the Rabbit.

As he slashed the Rabbit, it dodged and counterattacked.


A bite, with just an edge, the Rabbit succeeds in chewing his hand that holds the sword.

Claude rolled on the ground in pain as the blood continued to pour out of his wound. He shouted in pain while the Vorpal Rabbit just chewed on his arms without caring.

The horde of vorpal Rabbit then comes because of roar. They just move slowly towards Claude.

As they get closer, Claude can feel the dread of the horde.

They are thinking of Claude as prey. No, he’s a lump of meat at the butcher. Waiting to be bought…

He stopped his cries and looked towards the shining eyes of the vorpal Rabbit.

He tried to run, but the Rabbit followed him.

A bite on his leg, calf, body…

As he’s down on the ground, the Rabbit continues to chew on him while still conscious.

It didn’t take that much time till he died.


15 times, that’s the amount of death Kuro feels in the Dungeon from the Vorpal Rabbit alone.

By now, he already knows that he’s a Miko of Time and Space.

Different from Alex, his Miko powers come from the world itself.

He is a person that’s being denied from death, thus, allowing him to resurrect after his death.

But, how many times can he resurrect?

Is it unlimited?

Or is it limited?

Kuro couldn’t care less about something like that.

All he wanted to know right now is…

“How can I survive from this place?”


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