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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 76: Each on their own path towards the future

E Chapter 76: Each on their own path towards the future

[Claude POV]

“Hold your sword, and slash! Always think before you slash that sword down, and leave no one alive once you are on a battlefield! ”

I shouted towards them while walking with weight on my legs.

This world is funny.

No matter how many times did you kill the evil, another will cropped up from who knows where. All these bandits are entering the region, which is still new like a flock of rats.

Even though they knew that there were knights around the periphery, they still tried to go and ransack the village.

Amusingly, I found out that some of them are actually survivors from the Mana Calamity, the metastasis tragedy.

“Have you found out the reason they went and robbed another village without caring?” I enquired of the Fittoa region’s Division I leader.

“I’ve yet to find anything, sir… It seems like that they are just doing it because they wanted to…” he said, while reading me a report of what the bandits said in the interrogation.

In one of the reports, it seems that most of them feel the pain and despair they have been inflicted by others. That is why they want the other person to experience the same pain they did.

This is troubling me.

What is the reason they all went insane, for the survivor filled with insanity like this?

I refuse to believe they become one after being saved.

Arbalest has done their best to help the victims of Mana Calamity recover, although we can’t save them all. We’ve done the best we could with the support we gave them…

And now we need to take care of the victims’ psychology?

What’s wrong with this kingdom? Is Sauros doing his job properly even?

Damn it, if I knew about this, I wouldn’t have let Mike go and deal with the situation on the capital with Ash.

Now, I need to trouble myself and get his territory straightened out before I can start my own training.

While I grumble about what I need to do, the situation on the territory has actually started to get better. As the population of the territory came back, the former regent mostly went missing.

Mike did all he could to help Sauros quell the nobles in the capital, while Sauros did his best to deal with all the paperwork needed to let Mike and me get more territory. Almost 40% of the missing regent territory was given to us.

Meanwhile, he needed to send his envoy to the neighboring lords that survived to quell their misery and madness.

There’s no way a sane person will like it when an emerging noble gets more territory than theirs, or a senior with more merit than the new leaf.

So, Sauros deals with them in another way to coax them.

Arbalest is almost bankrupt after helping the people in Fittoa by giving them free crops and tools for an almost 0% loan.

This tragedy is not something we can perceive, although I know that it would happen. There’s no way I can know the damage it will cause to the territory, not to mention the tragedy that will soon happen because of the sudden dungeon manifestation.

I want to forsake the populace and get my life in a stable way, but I can’t forget the sight my 4th incarnation shows me about what happened to the Fittoa region.

Slums and slavery started to get crazy, and the Notos family’s foolish act created a bigger situation in the region.

They wanted to devour the dead region of Fittoa, but they started by using mercenaries to abduct the citizens and sell them as slaves.

It’d be stopped by his family, but the damage was already fatal enough before the Dungeon manifestation happened. Adding more incidents one after the other.

Killing him won’t solve the problems either, since his fate has already been written.

I don’t know why, but fate is something that I can’t change.

The inflicted damage, however, can be reduced.

Which is why I chose to follow the noble path in the first place. Though being a noble myself is bad, I can let Mike hold the title while I’m the actual lord behind him.

Why’d I need to be at this roundabout?

I don’t know, but my gut tells me to…


Seeing the mana in my surroundings, I can perceive that the world will be alright. The surrounding mana had the same viscosity as the one in the dungeon where I’m trapped. What does this mean?

For now, I know that the mana density has increased by at least five times since the Mana calamity.

In exchange for the tragedy, there lies a blessing.

Using this environment as my base, I am able to increase my mana capacity to that of a saint.I’m a dual Mana saint and Sword King by now, and once again I’m stuck on the stage. My mana cannot be improved further, and I remain a lower Saint ranked mage.

It’s already an achievement not many can do. I know that Rudeus’s mana capacity is at least a king grade right now, so I can’t stay at my own standard and increase my other skills. like speed casting and chantless casting.

I need to be able to blast a spell or two in an instant, and what do you think is the best target for that?

“Rock bullet!” As I cast my magic, the target ran away in a hurry.

Without even realizing it, the spell I cast hit the leg and blew off the target’s leg. preventing him from running away.

“Capture him, and start the interrogation. “Cast some healing while bringing him to the camp! ” I said, commanding my subordinate.

“Yes sir!” the 10-man leader said to me, and ordered his subordinate to help him pick the bandit leader we subjugated.

Right now, while Mike is helping Sauros in the Kingdom’s capital, I act as his substitute while training the recently hired soldiers and guards.

Amusingly, I am his superior and subordinate at the same time. Even so, a head knight must promise to protect his lord, even though I didn’t see Mike as my lord. I won’t renounce my promise to protect him. He’s my buddy. There’s no way I will allow him to be hurt.

Before, I might not have thought like this. But my 4th incarnation’s memory is etched deeply in my heart. His relationship with Jino Brits was something I envied, and from him, I can tell when you are sincere in a relationship. The person on the other end will also be sincere with you.

Even though my 4th Incarnation didn’t leave me any useful information, like the knowledge of magic and enchantment like my 2nd incarnation Fred Alphonse, knowledge about weapons and warfare like my 1st Incarnation Alex Cromwell, and about this world and the danger and opportunity the dungeon gave me like my 3rd Incarnation Sadogashima Kuro.

My 4th incarnation deeply tells me about kindness and loyalty. Something that I forgot while doing my best to survive.

Well, I don’t even know about loyalty and sincerity in the first place since the words are missing from all the memories I had.

By now, I had already realized the effect of the memories I had from my incarnation and how to deal with them.

My sanity all this time is actually on the brink of insanity. I didn’t even realize I acted oddly until Ash told me so.

After dealing with the security, I need to go back to my factory, hidden within the manor. There, I created a printing machine to inscribe the necessary enchantment to create the space item. It’s not a great machine since it still needs me to start them, but at least I just need to start them and they will do all the work automatically.

After the machine has done its inscriptions, I’m checking the inscription for errors, then sending it to the enchanter Arbalest Hire to activate them, and then putting them on the auction of the day to sell in Ars.

Well, the machine can at most make 3 daily, so it’s not really that mindblowing. It’s still helping me not create something repetitive, though.

While I focusing myself on the matter of the territory, Mike doing his best in Ars with Ash. Meanwhile, C and Paul, along with Somar, are still moving around Milshion to rescue more people and create a network for Arbalest.

Ruijerd had yet to come to a decision to enter Arbalest, and was wandering around the Central Continent, from what the intelligence tells me. He’s in a village, invited there to stay for a while after saving some villagers from that place.

While Eris and Ghislaine start their journey towards the Holy land of Swords, Rudeus only remember to head towards the Adventurers’ guild while having the trauma of being left by Eris and start his adventure to search for the still missing Zenith.

Each of us had our own path to thread, I wonder, where will we be in this huge net of fate. Will we meet with each other again? Or would there be someone left us to the afterlife?

Even so, I know that tomorrow will come and another problem will appear…




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