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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 77: Head Knight Claude

Chapter 77: Head Knight Claude

[Claude POV]

As head knight, I didn’t really have any job entitled to me aside from training the soldiers and guarding the territory. However, the territory given to Mike was the place near the epicentrum of the Mana Calamity.

The place where the destruction prevailed the most with the most victims was this place.

There’s something weird about this location; the fact that most things that had roots here won’t be teleported, which means trees and grass that have rooted deeply will stay there.

From my speculation, the metastasis can only affect something that’s not being buried, and the area of effect is just like a dome.

“I don’t know what’s missing in this place, but, based on the theory, The area shouldn’t be a wasteland… I said, while grabbing some grass. That’s barely grown on the place.

We’ve used the knowledge of geology you taught us, Master Claude. But, it’s still not enough to unveil what’s happening in that Mana Calamity. From what we can gather, the density of this location really is the highest… That’s also one of the reasons why the monsters raced to reach this place the fastest… said the leader of Division G, Geologist.

The division where I tutored was based on Fred’s knowledge, although not much can be taught. It’s still great knowledge to have, and having them develop the knowledge will be good things for the future.

“I can see that the mana in the surrounding area is great for us to train in… “I said. It can increase one’s mana capacity training in this area.”

“Surely you jest, master.” Even though I have stood here for several minutes, I already feel the pressure. To train and meditate here will cause me to suffer injuries, he said, pointing to his trembling legs.

I see, without a king-grade aura surrounding your body. You can’t possibly survive in this mana density.

“Tell those duals and advanced swordmasters to test my theory. I’m pretty sure they can further increase their capacity here. You guys from division G are lacking too much. It seems like you can’t withstand this much pressure with just an intermediate level aura. ”


While the leader of Division G was laughing awkwardly, he left the place to relieve him of the pressure.

Although I know intermediate grade is already strong enough, it’s necessary for them to develop better since the future is bleak…

I can’t even be sure if I can survive the upcoming manifestation, and asking those weaker than me to survive is next to impossible.

I just hope that the situation won’t happen, and that we can develop easily and live more comfortably.


While thinking so, another visitor came to the place filled with mana and locked eyes on me. The beast seems to send its bloodthirst, forcing me to step aside.

I sneer at the flying lizard that seems weaker than Charizard, taking a hold of my sword handle. I unsheathed it slowly while revolving the aura under the blade.

With a flick of the hand, a sword slash headed toward the lizard. killing it from afar as it gets bisected while still in the sky.

I swung my sword once, sheathed it back, and sat on the ground to meditate.




“No matter how many times I see it, it’s always amazing…” said a 100-man leader in charge of the corpse dismantling.

“Yeah, seeing how the wyvern slashed into 2… “We need to deal with the aftermath though. It’s annoying how much the carcass weighs,” said another soldier, coordinating with another to take care of the monster so it can be dealt with.

“Don’t say that, it’s our wages lying in there. There’s the item box after all, so it’s not really that troublesome to deal with the parts. ”

In the barren territory without any residents capable of farming, it’s hard to enjoy the tax. As much as Claude wants to live in the city, as far as he can see, it’s impossible. Since the Mana calamity incident created more loss than benefit,

That’s why the only source of income the territory had was monster subjugation. With the additional attraction of the Mana density in the area, Claude had an easier time gathering these resources. In addition, with the help of his training, Division X deals with extraction. They could make all sorts of creations using the ingredients given to them. Although the division only had five people, they were creative people that liked to deal with something new.

“Well, let’s send this to those people in X barracks.”

“I hope they can make some equipment for us. It’s kind of hard to follow Master Claude in this dangerous place.”

As the soldiers went to deal with the carcasses, they continued the conversation, filled with jokes and laughter.

Some talk about their children, while another complains about their newlywed relationship.

While the teasing continued, Claude continued to meditate in order to increase his mana capacity and understanding.

Though the ceiling of the lower Saint’s mana capacity seems like a chasm he can’t pass, he didn’t stop to try and increase his understanding of magic spells and try to visualize the battle he had with Ruijerd and Reida in his meditation.

This is something that he learnt from Alex Cromwell, as a way to deal with the life and death situation without actually killing yourself.

And based on his battle in his meditation, Claude is always defeated by them. Even when he goes all out against Ruijerd, he can only beat Ruijerd once. While Reida, who was defeated by Orsted in a move, can defeat him easily without even doing her best.

As he awakened from the meditation, Claude sighed.

“Even with all of this arsenal, defeating a God title and a true Emperor Rank is difficult, huh. Eugene is just too weak to call himself an Emperor Rank. The Kingdom sure is strange.”

Eugene is a real Emperor-ranked individual. Even so, he’s not someone that can be compared with Ruijerd the Spear Emperor, who has lived since the warring states, and the genius Reida Reia the Water God.

Eugene’s achievement as a Royal Knight leader can’t be underwhelmed, since he alone can deal with Shirone’s top master one-on-one and win.

This only shows how scary Claude’s potential is, since he literally is the best in the Asura Kingdom.

The Dojo of the Sword God and Water God, especially the North God, will never be affiliated with any nation. That’s a deal that had to be made in order for them to continue to grow their strength. Although one can leave the dojo, it’s not possible to affiliate the dojo itself with the nation. Since a power imbalance will start to devour the practitioners, making them convoluted with unnecessary politics.

Though some can deal with it, not all can.

Claude knows the time for another batch of monsters to come, so he gets himself ready.

“Everyone, prepare for the wave of flying and land beasts that will soon come from the east side!” Claude shouted to notify his soldiers.

“Yes, sir!”

As if knowing the situation, they prepare all the equipment in a matter of seconds, go from being laidback to having a chat in the camp.

focusing on the area. Claude told them the footmen would bear their shield in front while the archers knocked their arrows and pulled the bow. while the cavalry stood beside the archers, flanking them.

Not long after, the hordes of demon beasts ran to them.

Thus, another night of monster massacres started in the territory of Lesser Noble Mike.


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