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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 79: Foolish Noble

Chapter 79: Foolish Noble


Many nobles were green with envy as they saw Mike’s territory bringing him fortune from the beast’s material.

Seeing that a ragtag group of soldiers can have such a meaty pie makes them want to have a slice, so they sent a group of knights as an excuse to help the dangerous area. Claude knew what they were thinking of, so he allowed them to do as they wished and left them be.

only to learn that the knight they dispatched had gone missing or been destroyed, leaving no survivors.

This makes them angry, but they can’t blame Mike for it. So, they can only bite their nails and once again realize the power behind Mike.

There’s no way that a group of knights with at most an Advanced grade can deal with the beast that comes for the mana, and there’s also a suicidal noble that comes in person only to have his name and title become history.

When they come to the territory Claude questioned their purpose.

“Can I know the reason you guys come here?”

Although he sounded polite, they could hear Claude’s tone. making them irritated, and replied, “We came here to assist in the subjugation of the monsters; you should be grateful for our good intention.”

“Is that so? Then, I’d be delighted if you could give the monsters’ carcasses you’ve defeated to us. Since you are coming with the good intention of helping our new territory” as Claude baited them, they show a bitter smile.

They were annoyed to see this new head knight, who was the same age as their children, look down on them. Even so, they can’t act like a fool and say what they intend on doing.

As Claude can see what their real purpose is, he doesn’t beat around the bush and say.

“We all know what you guys intend on doing, so I won’t beat around the bush. Do you want to deal with the beast yourself and get the loot, or do you want us to help you and we will get 90% of the total loot? Your choice

“What! Are you kidding me? 90% is too much! ”

“Huh? You think our help is cheap or something? There’s also the tax you need to pay once you gather the carcass and the toll to pay on the road we created with sweat and blood. So, if you want our help, you can only get 4% of the total earnings. ”

“We’ll do it ourselves then! Who wanted your help? ” Their young master that followed them from behind then said so angrily, he can accept the 6% tax, but not the 90% payment. It’s not like they can’t use another path to come back to their territory. Thus, making a 100% profit after dealing with the monsters in the area.

Claude just shrugged his shoulders and gave the contract to the young master and his soldier. He told them to read and sign it. The contract was summarized as; the signee will follow all the rules, and in the case of the signee’s death. The fief lord and anyone within the area won’t be responsible for their deaths. Any choice the signee makes was on his own without anyone to force them to be killed.

Thus, after reading them and understanding the meaning of the contract, They stood still and kept an eye on the cunning head knight in front of them, feeling that he saw them as corpses even before they entered the hunting ground.

The young master, knowing that he was belittled, and his company were mortified. They don’t want to sign it, but Claude is too strong for them to defy. Thus, they can only obediently sign it. He knows that there’s no way his group of soldiers will die.

After signing them, they headed towards the map Claude gave them.

Within the map, there’s a note on what monsters will occasionally appear and what their danger rank is.

This map is helpful, and not many die after following the note on the map.

But, there’s more death that comes after not following the notes and instructions of the territory soldiers.

Those that succeed receive enormous wealth from the hunting ground, sharing their story as they brag about it to the others.

The head knight was true to his word, as he wouldn’t ask for even a cent if they chose to head back using another path. but only asking for 6% of the profit even if they choose to come using the territory path.

However, aside from those that come back in glory, The victim on the hunting ground was far higher than the succeeding one.

Overall, there’s more death on the scale. As a result, the Kingdom is in turmoil.

This one thing brings a headache to Mike.

“What the hell, they’ve signed the document and are still asking for reimbursement because ‘helping’ us made their successor and soldiers never come back again?” Are they sane? ” Even if Mike can ignore their anger, there’s still a need to give the king reason for what occurred within his territory.

The fact that Mike’s territory soldiers and Head Knight can go in and out of the hunting ground uninjured while the others are harmed is suspicious.

So, Mike blamed it all on the prodigious head knight, Claude. only to be given stink eyes by the other nobles and pointing his finger at the greedy nobles, rather than asking his territory soldier for assistance.

It’s an open secret that this ‘help’ was not for him, but for the lord that sent their deceased soldier to the hunting ground.

So, the blame isn’t given to Mike. Nor is it given to the other nobles.

This incident cemented Mike’s territory as the most dangerous place in the kingdom, allowing the others to realize what kind of hot object this hunting ground is.

Later on, they asked the territory soldiers for help, being given only 4% of the profit while mostly working themselves. This allows them to make a profit, but not enough to justify wasting their time in a foreign country; thus, they abandon all unnecessary tasks and return to their home country.

As more foolish and greedy nobles meet their end in the hunting grounds, there’s no one that wants this hot potato anymore, and they leave the territory.

“Are there any more guests?” Claude asked.

“No sir, they seem to fear the hunting grounds.”

“Okay, it’s a bit sad that there’d be no more easy job. But, oh well, let’s go back to our daily schedule. ”

“Understood sir!”

As the soldier heard that, their expression was filled with joy.

The times when the nobles barged in and took their job, some rejoiced, but after receiving Claude’s practice, they all felt in despair and wished to be back to the hunting ground rather than receive Claude’s training.

Thus, another beautiful and peaceful day on the territory comes to an end.







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