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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 55: Sky Rider


“Bloody hell! “Bastard, Claude, you’re cheating! ” Ash shouted loudly and swore to Claude.

“What the, man? Are you sane? Did all the work you did make you crazy or something? ” Claude retorted that he was actually questioning the man’s sanity for suddenly attacking the Milshion branch and didn’t create a commotion.

“Dang, you really forgot what I said in the past about the thing when your prediction became accurate?!”

“Bro, I know that you want to fry me, but there’s actually a thing named Time, Place, and Occasion before you decided to do it…” Claude sighed as he massaged his head.

Claude is aware that Ash had some loose screws, but to think that he’s this insane

“Damn, you little… Who’s this old grandma? She’s disturbing my plan! ”

Ash said rudely, pointing at Reida.

Isolte was offended at Ash’s rude behavior, while Reida chuckled at the brats’ misconduct. Only after she counterattacked that she realize the fireball wasn’t that dangerous since it was mostly directed accurately at Claude and filled with illusion.

A Drake that can make the fireball shoot smaller and less dangerous as it gets closer to its target. It’s the first time Reida has seen something like that, and she can’t help but get surprised each day.

This Arbalest is actually a den of little monsters that once grew, not even she can deal with.

“She’s our patron, Water God Reida Reia.” Don’t be rude to her, since she’d be someone that protects us…

Claude said, as he got closer and slapped Ash.

“Ugh, what’s that slap for?” Damn! ”

Ash said as he touched his cheeks.

Claude didn’t hold back. Ash’s cheeks were swollen because of that slap.

“Anyway, it seems that you’re not improving since the day we parted, huh?”

“Shat yer trap, bastard. You dare to say that after throwing your werk at me?” Are you for real?”

In the plan, Ash is mad at Claude. In fact, Claude should be the one that commands division A, and Ash will only be the hub.

But, the bastard actually gets himself teleported and leaves the job on Ash and Mike, making them worried over the hectic situation for almost a year.

It is too much for him to handle stupid nobles from all over the country. More often than not, he needs to get high-handed and beat the one troubling him, like that Duke something from Saint Port.

Thankfully, he didn’t use the name of Arbalest at that time.

However, because of that, the Duke something from saint port got irritated over the guys from Central continent.

“You mean, we need the protection of some elderlies to have an easier time?” Ash said, pondering over what Claude said.

Isolte was fuming at Ash’s rudeness. She unsheathed her blade and whacks Ash.

“Whoa! Hey, what’s wrong with this crazy girl!” Ash said, evading Isolte’s attack.

“Rude bastard, who’s crazy!” Isolte said as she increased her speed.

“Go on, my cute wife! But the bastard to pieces! ” Claude said from the side, cheering Isolte. The person cheered, got more angry, and increased the speed of her sword.

“Damn, Claude! Help! ”


In the middle of the room, Ash was treated by C.

He’s bandaged with several bruises on his face. His Charizard was recuperating outside. It’s not injured heavily, but it’s too tired from the travel.

“But, to think that Charizard can make a feint You’ve improved so much in this one year… That’s unexpected. ”

Claude praised Ash, but the person slumped down while looking at Claude with resentment.

“You, you don’t know what kind of hell I’ve spent in Division A… Even that Sword King Ghislaine that you showed off isn’t that helpful in battling with dragons or other monsters within the Dragon Range… hell, even the monsters in Begaritt Continent see Charizard as a snack! ”

Within a year, Ash has traveled to every corner of the central continent with his Drake. Because Charizard can’t carry too many people in his back, he can travel faster alone than in a group.

“This brat is so huge but still has miniscule stamina.”

“Duh, you think it’s easy to travel around the continent with someone on your back? Even that Sword King can’t battle in midair, and the viscosity of the mana in the air is scary enough. Even for an intermediate mage like me… ”

As a tamer, Claude had already instructed Ash to practice his mana control and increase his mana capacity.

The same as Claude, Ash can also reach a higher state in his spell mastery, but it is blocked by the mana capacity he had.

A normal person can only have an intermediate mana capacity. The only thing that he can do to increase his mana capacity is to achieve a mana burst. But, something like that can only be achieved if the vessel is ready to burst through the dam.

Unlike Claude, Ash didn’t train his body.

He’s only slightly better than Rudeus in terms of sword mastery. Well, he was at Paul’s level when Claude started to train.

“That’s why I told you to train your body more, even if you can’t learn swords.”

At Ash’s words, C nodded. “Claude, you need to realize that not everyone is as sick as you” at Ash words, C nodded.

Unable to retort, Claude changed the topic.

“Did you already deal with the matter of Division A?”

“I’ve sent Ghislaine to take care of it. She should be ready to take care of the matter well, with all the troubles handled by the adult. I, the great Master Tamer Ash, can help you with your task”

“Great, now let’s train first.”

Claude said, as he dragged Ash to the ground.

“C, help me!” Ash shouted to C, but got ignored.

“Please, hey! I’m still injured here! ”

Ash of the Arbalest.

He is a talented monster tamer who is being eyed by many nobles in the Asura Kingdom.

His gallant drake created fear amongst the knights and mages all around the kingdom.

Following Arbalest’s inaugural, there were many people who wished to cause disruption and trouble for the group.lowering their prestige and creating rumors of the inability of the Boreas family.

One after another, people come and challenge the members of Arbalest. Only to get their asses beaten, until one of the Royal Knights of the Asura Royals came to join the game, and Arbalest was pushed to the corner.

To be a royal knight, one must have attained advanced rank in magic or weapon mastery.

That time, the one playing was not an advanced master, but a renowned saint-ranked master.

There’s no one that can beat him in Arbalest.

Knowing this, Mike sighed and asked Ash to help him deal with the trouble.

At that time, the appearance of a monster tamer brings chaos to the people. The appearance of the colossal Drake instills fear in the people.

That one roar shook the capital of Asura.

The Ars is filled with a tense atmosphere, and the Saint-ranked Royal Knight gets his knee bent.

He became serious and tried his best to deal with the monstrosity before him.

Even so, he still failed.

That event cemented Arbalest’s position as the strongest knights in Fittoa territory, while also proving to be a turning point in Fittoa history.

Sky Rider Ash is a well-known name throughout Ars.





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