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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 54: Beast tamer

[Claude POV]


“Shoot your fireball!”

The Drake was following the command, and the massive fireball was launched towards us. The fire was so hot that the surrounding air was distorted by the massive heat.

In this type of sudden event, water magic might be a great counter to the attack.

However, for me to cast some water spell that can stop this kind of fire isn’t easy.

While I was being indecisive, teacher Reida jumped in to block the fireball.

In midair, she moves fluidly.

Using flow, she redirected the massive 5m fireball back towards the attacker. Both the attacker and its tamer were taken aback.

Even so, the drake that received the counter attack groaned in pain. Even so, it still protected its tamer.

Looking at the Drake, I realized something and stopped teacher Reida from following up to attack the one who assaulted us.

“Teacher! Stop your counter attack! ” I shouted, and she looked at me in puzzlement.

“He’s a company,” I add, while getting closer to the Drake and its tamer.

“What the hell are you trying to do, Ash?” I questioned him.

“Heck, shut it, Claude! Rather than questioning me, help me heal Charizard! ”

I sigh, as I help him cast healing magic for the beast.


Ash of Quellec village.

He is someone who’s been with me since the day before the memories of my incarnation appeared before me.

Our meeting was also quite queer since we met when I found a weird kid with a big egg trying to steal some fire from my father’s Smithy’s hearth.

At first, I thought that he was some kid from the village. But, he’s actually a brat of the infamous Quellec village.

The village where strange people congregate to study monsters and beasts.

Among them, there’s this weird kid who happens to be a beast master named Ash.

He said that the egg was a dragon egg, and to have it hatched successfully, he needed the hearth filled with metallic ore.

His village doesn’t have a smithy, so he asked the neighboring village, Buena Village, for a hearth, but was rejected by my father.

With that, he tried to steal the hearth fire while my father was away.

I didn’t think that much at that time, and I gave him the fire.

He was jumping in joy and thanked me for that. Then, he left without saying goodbye.

Then, we meet again a year after Alex’s memories integrated with mine.

At that time, I tested my skill and hunted the nearby monster. There, I met Ash, running around being chased by a wild hog.

He ordered his little lizard to attack the hog, but it failed and charred the lizard. Seeing his predicament, I helped him.

“What the hell are you doing here, alone?” I questioned him.

“Oh! If it isn’t the kid from Buena’s smithy! ”

He didn’t even thank me, and just ignored me while conversing with his charred lizard. Unexpectedly, it’s still alive.

“Is this the egg from that day?” I asked.

“Yeah, it took me a year to actually have this thing hatched. Almost making it a boiled egg, because of my anger… ”

He said while tapping the little lizard’s head.

I can see that it’s not a gecko, nor was it a water lizard. It looks like a Komodo dragon, a small one though.

“Is it safe? Was its spit poisonous? ”

I asked him, and he stared at me foolishly.

“Never thought of that….”

This runt is somehow a fool. He never cares about his surroundings and always takes an interest in beast taming.

I can see that the village taught him well.

Quellec is actually a hidden village that not many know about; not even the villagers or Paul didn’t know about them. My father does, though, since they made a deal with my father to create the wares.

I sometimes visited the village, but rather than a village, it’s more like a house lived with only a dozen people.

One of the reasons why Buena Village didn’t get attacked that much, and a single Paul, with the addition of several other hunters, including Sylphy’s father, Laws, was enough, was because the residents of Quellec village were there in the surroundings.

In fact, most of the stray monsters were from their failures.

The taming skill they had wasn’t perfect; they either trained the monster from an early age, or forcefully brought them down to subservience.

Plenty of the villagers died because of the failure. Ash’s parents were one of the victims. Even so, he still wished to learn it.

Later on, he named the lizard “Charizard.” Because it’s charred more often than not.

For several years, I cooperated with him to deal with the surrounding slavers and trained him along the way. I also developed a training menu for him and Charizard.

The fact that he was obediently following the menu I gave him was because he never beat me.

It’s not that hard to punch him in the gut, and it’s not like he can counterattack me.

Ah, I remember the day I always bullied him and made him tear up with his own incompetence.

In the end, he followed me and Mike to create our Arbalest. As I told Mike first about him, he unexpectedly told me that Charizard was a Drake, and that it could help us find the missing person faster.

Even if I want to deny the possibility that my dream was real, I still can’t stop the preparation. The plan needed to be done, and knowing fully well that without Sauros, the Fittoa region would be neglected, Furthermore, the population of the whole region was well over one hundred thousand people.

Which means, I need to increase my speed in gathering the people. I need to free more slaves and kill more traders.

As the charizard is a magic beast, it can grow faster. With the assistance of aerial scout, I can have a broader range of options in doing my work.

As we worked together, we trained more people, freed more slaves, and increased the number of our people.

Then, the question will be

Did we force the freed slaves to work with us?

The answer will definitely be no.

I will give you a hard denial.

All of them are under 18, and most of them were sold by their own parents or the village.

Using the knowledge I have from my past incarnations, I was able to develop an excellent program. Using their knowledge, creating a systematic physical and intellectual instruction book wasn’t that hard.

Thus, having them learn since they are young will create a sturdy foundation for the future.

Leaving the matter aside, Charizard and Ash started to grow better in both their cooperation and leadership. In particular, Ash seems talented at leading, not only taming.

Despite his eccentricities, Ash had a talent for assigning tasks to the appropriate person.

As for the reason why he suddenly attacked the HQ out of nowhere, well…



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