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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 69: A new destination

After being decimated by the Dragon God, Ruijerd and Eris keep Rudeus beside them. Safeguarding him from further trouble
Knowing that Claude wasn’t capable of thinking straightly at that time, they let him be and allowed him to take command or Arbalest members to return to Ars.
At that time, Claude didn’t think of anything aside from quelling the disappointment in his mind. As mad as he was, even Ruijerd was capable of understanding Claude’s feelings.
In the first place, the destination is different from them.
After keeping the area in check, they bring Rudeus to a shade since the tunnel was destroyed by Claude’s aura-filled slash.
Not long after, Reida Reia, the Water God, woke up. Isolte was still there, gripping her hand tightly.
Reida smiled a little, and set her mind on her regret.
Never can she believe that she can’t survive against the opponent she set her mind on…
An attack
With just an attack, she passed out for 6 hours. letting her granddaughter be vulnerable because of her mistake.
She knew that she couldn’t beat the Dragon God, so she set her mind to improving her skills. To be better than she is right now, she needs to let Isolte train by herself.
And the best place for that is the Holy Land of Swords.
With that in mind, this journey will be the last time they meet. To develop, she needs more experience in dealing with monstrosities other than the Dragon God.
Knowing that there’s stronger people in the Demon Continent, she set her mind to journeying the other continent to seek more power.
While she is thinking about that, Rudeus wakes up.
“Uh… What’s happening? “
Ruijerd and Eris were glad that he was fine. Claude’s high grade potion worked wonderfully. Even if there’s a hole in the middle of his chest, there’s no wound on the said chest. The only thing left was the gaping one in Rudeus’ clothes and his dry blood.
Even after spending so much on an event, he nonchalantly joked about it with Eris and Ruijerd. As if there’s nothing wrong just several hours ago.
“I remembered that Claude was here. Where is he?” Rudeus asked.
As Reida moves closer to the group, Isolte follows behind them, limping. “I also wanted to know his whereabouts.”
“That bastard just left after having some conversation with the man assaulting us…” I don’t know what they talked about, but it seems Claude’s idea was rejected. “He’s mad at the rejection and created that hole with a slash of his sword,” Eris pointed through the ceiling.
Seeing that, Reida realized that Claude had achieved the final push towards controlling Touki outside of his body to create a projectile, finalizing his rank as a Sword’s King.
Ruijerd also understands the criteria for one to reach the title of King. Eris’s explanation is enough for him to realize that the little warrior is starting to reach his standard. It won’t take long for Claude to be on par with him, and even defeat him in a battle.
Rudeus looks confused at the sudden change in Ruijerd’s expression. “What’s about it?”
Taking a glance at the reclining child, Ruijerd explained, “For one to be able to unleash a Touki as a projectile is a sign that one has reached the King Rank, just like mana Touki is another form of energy that a practitioner uses to increase their own physical abilities or skills. Usually, a touki is something that can only be absorbed. It’s the opposite of mana, which can be sent out of the body as a catalyst but can’t be absorbed back into the body.
As Ruijerd stopped, Reida continued, “Touki and mana have a different property, as mana can be replenished by the mage.” While Touki, even if a practitioner can generate them from their body, it’s not generated from within the body. But outside…
“Touki is like a barrier, protecting and enhancing a practitioner’s body.” Once a practitioner reaches upper intermediate level, the Touki will start to generate outside their body, which enhances the users’ status. A different person can develop a different set of actions, “Ruijerd adds.”
Rudeus nodded in understanding while saying, “So that’s why Eris became stronger as she reached higher rank, huh?” That’s amazing. “
Eris is confused by their conversation, and she stopped caring about what they said. She continues to sit beside Rudeus and checks his body in case there’s still an unhealed injury.
While Isolte felt left behind, the progress Claude made was too fast for her to follow.
If this continues, Isolte will be left behind and unable to catch up again.
Her competitiveness started to flare, as she clenched her fist while looking at the hole Claude had created in the ceiling.
“Your fiancée is awesome, right?” Reida teases her.
Hearing the foreign word triggered Rudeus, “Huh, fiancée? She’s Eris’s age though. “
“Yeah, Claude proposed to her when they met the first time. He’s romantic,” Reida smirked, trying to forget her self-pity.
Eris mumbling, “fiancée…”
Rudeus looked flabbergasted, while Ruijerd just shrugged his shoulders, since it’s pretty common for someone their age to have a fiancée. Though they usually started dating first before becoming partners.
Eris gripped Rudeus’ hand hard and stared at him. Her purpose was definitely seen through. But our dense Rudeus isn’t aware of what Eris thought.
“Seriously?” Rudeus asked while staring at Isolte.
Isolte is just fidgeting; it’s blatant that she’s embarrassed by the sudden interrogation. She’s already aware that Rudeus is Aisha and Norn’s brother. Which makes him Claude’s childhood friend, as much as she wants to deny the accusations.
She can’t refuse the fact that seeing Claude becoming better every day makes her chest filled with butterflies.
She doesn’t want to lose against Claude, but having someone strong to rely on is definitely a wish a girl wants to have.
He’s a bit narcissistic, though.
“I’ve yet to agree with it! Grandma, let’s go back to Ars now! ” Isolte said, trying to run away from the topic.
“No, we’re not going to Arsenic…” Reida reply
Looking at Rudeus and the other, she sighed and said, “We’ll be troubling you on this journey. Let’s head to the Fittoa region together.”
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