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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 27

: Departure [1]




Two months have passed.

Ruijerd and Gustav get along well together, it seems.

He often visits the Dedoldia house, and they exchange drinks while sharing stories of their past.

They are pretty bloody stories, but that makes them relatively interesting.

As a self-proclaimed rampaging race, even though he regrets how bad he was in the past, he still has some amount of pride in it.

However, these are most likely things that actually happened.

After listening to it for a bit, there’s something Claude and Rudeus understood about the beast race.

The Beast Race is a general term for those races who live in the Great Forest.

Among them, several races travel over to the Demon Continent and call themselves Demon Races.

The only fundamental physical trait is that one part of their body has a non-human-mammal-like animal characteristic.

Also, the various races have unique extrasensory abilities.

In a broader sense, the likes of Nokopara the horse head from demon continent and Blaze the bull head from the demon continent would be considered of the beast race is what it would mean.

Even among the beast race, the Dedoldia race is a unique existence.

They are a family that watched over the Holy Beast and looked over the entire forest’s harmony. That is the Dedoldia.

Cat-like Dedoldia.

Dog-like Adoldia.

Those two are the main branches, and then several tens of other kinds of branch tribes are spread around.

So to speak, they are the royalty of the Great Forest.

Although they aren’t doing anything like royalty right now, they will become the leader and lead their people when it comes to it.

Also, the long-eared race and the halfling race live in the Great Forest.

They are primarily distributed in the southern areas of the Great Forest and don’t have all that much interaction with the beast races. Still, every year all the races gather around the Great Sage Tree and participate in a festival and clan meeting.

According to Gustav, the races are different, but they are all allies that live in the Great Forest.

Incidentally, the Dwarf race doesn’t live in the Great Forest but even further south, at the Blue Dragon Mountain Range base.

The blue dragons fly worldwide, but they always return to the Blue Dragon Mountain Range for nesting and raising children.

Kind of like migratory birds.

Although they are different from migrating birds, they only return once every ten years or so.

Now then, the beast race has always gotten into wars and made peace with the human race and repeated this process repeatedly, it seems.

As far as skirmish level wars go, the most recent one was around 50 years ago.

Gustav participated in that war and was a part of a sturdy warrior group that mowed down some human race people who got lost in the forest.

At least according to the story that was being told.

Well, it sounds like it was dramatized quite a bit, but to be able to hear about it from the beast race’s viewpoint was rather entertaining.

To compete with that, Ruijerd pulled out his heirloom spear.

A story about the Supard race from the time of Laplace’s war.

“Recently, the warriors aren’t very reliable at all.”

“I understand as well, Ruijerd-dono. The number of weaklings has increased.”

“That’s right. During the time I was young, there wasn’t a single man who wasn’t splendid.”

They are completely hitting it off.

Rudeus that watch them thought, ‘I guess it’s the same no matter what world it is, things like this.

He meant that the oldies always like to brag about their past.

“That’s right. Gyes has even made it to the head of the warriors, but he’s still lacking in judgment. He’s good at gathering together people, but if he were a bit better at looking at the situation, that sort of thing wouldn’t have happened to Rudeus-dono.”

“No, Rudeus is a warrior. If he lets down his guard on enemy grounds and gets caught, he should have known he would have been taken, prisoner. Even so, he ended up letting his guard down. If he had gotten serious, something of Gyes’s level should have been easily suppressed by him. That was Rudeus’s fault.”

‘Ah, it hurts to listen.’

‘Ruijerd believed in me and let me go alone.’

‘Yet, I ended up easily being caught.’

‘In some ways, it’s like I betrayed his trust.’

So thought Rudeus.

Claude also said the same, since Gyes is weaker than the Northern Saint they’ve fought.

“However, Ruijerd-dono isn’t that a bit heartless? Even though your ally was oppressed?”

“If you’re a warrior, you take responsibility for the consequences of your battles. In the first place, Rudeus should have been able to escape with his power easily! I’m glad he was trusting in his allies, but he’s not a child! If you’re a warrior, you shouldn’t wait and expect your allies to come to save you!”

‘Ruijerd, you seem to be quite drunk.’

‘Well, if you were caught, I’m sure you’d find some way to escape on your own, though.’

‘I wish you wouldn’t place such high expectations on me.’

‘The number of things I’m capable of is limited, you know?’

As he was thinking like so, Claude, that suddenly appeared behind, smacked him in the back of his head and said.

“I know what you think about, but you are better than what you think. I am always wondering how could someone with such low self-esteem can be this capable and incapable at the same time… sigh, what a waste of talent…”

“Hey! That’s hurt!”

“Geez, go and flirt with your girl there. Not like you’d be a better person while eavesdropping o the old geezers’ conversation.”

Rudeus walk away while grumbling at Claude’s remark.




[Rudeus POV]


I am Rudeus, and…

After Claude’s remark, I went away and went around.

It was painful to listen while being together with Ruijerd.

If I go near Eris and the others, then Gyes glares at me.

Therefore, I ended up spending the early afternoon to evening in solitude.

I couldn’t think of anything I needed to do, so I decided to start practicing my magic.

I controlled the water current flowing on the ground outside and tried freezing it.

Then at that point, I suddenly thought of using wind magic to try and fly and decided to give it a try.

This time, I was caught and unable to run away because I didn’t know the way back.

If I could fly through the sky, I could have easily made my escape by the second day.

Gyes wouldn’t have had to prostrate himself, and no one would have had any bad memories over it. It would have been a happy end.

After thinking that I left the village.

I continued to create a foothold by freezing the flowing water into ice as I walked, then finding an open area. I cut down a tree nearby.

Then using earth magic, I created a 10 meter stone platform in every direction.

Then that practice area similar to one in a se○ game was finished.

It’s a bit slippery, so you can’t run around, but this much should be fine.

“Now then.”

With light feelings, I raised a tornado and watched what happened, for starters.

To make a person fly about this much should be fine.

If I remember correctly, 100 meters per second should be about good.

I wonder what kind of thing 100 meters per second is.

For the time being, I’ll give it a shot and see.

“Alakazam! Just… kidding!”

I was blown up into the air like a leaf.

Then I started to get afraid.

Suddenly I realized I was up near the clouds.

I didn’t realize a person’s body was this light.

Then I started to feel fear.

I started to instinctively fear the ground as I approached it at an insane speed.

I started using my foresight on reflex.

After looking one second into the future, I made an upward current with my right hand and fired off many shock waves with my left, lowering my falling speed.

However, I was too late.

I heard the sound of many branches breaking as I fell into a tree and finally a splash as I hit the water.

By that time, my entire body was battered, plus bone fractures.

My nose was bleeding all over the place. After swallowing some water, I started to control the currents.

With my entire body in pain and feeling dizzy, I somehow or another managed to cast the healing magic.

Soon after, monsters started appearing, following the scent of my blood.

It seems the place I fell was the nest of the rain lizard group [Rain Forest Lizard].

I could hear the sound of my heart beating as I continued to defeat the monsters that came out, one after another.

With my right hand, I just kept freezing the surrounding water stopping their movements, then firing off earth bullets to destroy their heads.

Rain Forest Lizards are C-rank monsters.

Their speed in water is pretty fast, but they aren’t tricky if I freeze it.

After I defeated them all, I started piling up the bodies, but before I realized it was already dark out, I didn’t know the way back.

I don’t know my current location.

Just that fact made me feel uneasy.

I have to do something somehow.

The village shouldn’t be all that far away.

I continued to tell myself to be cool.

If my head gets heated up, my judgment will be dulled.

I must remain COOL, no matter how you look at it, KOOL.

First off, I froze all the water nearby in as wide of a range as I could.

I just kept lowering the temperature while shivering, centering on me. I just kept extending the ice endlessly.

At the same time, I created a fireball in front of me.

I am using a fireball to warm things up while at the same time freezing the water.

Monsters that see the light will most likely come over.

No, monsters in the rainy season swim.

They most likely won’t come running on top of the ice.

It wasn’t even an hour later when Ruijerd and others came along.

He came walking along the ice along with the Dedoldia race warriors.

I felt relieved.

After all, I still feel a bit tense about being left neglected in someplace I don’t know about.

“Rudeus, what happened?”

“Jus- just a bit of training.”

I didn’t say anything about almost dying.

A show of vanity.

“I see… It’s the first time I’ve seen you get serious, but it’s intense. When the entire village froze over and was covered in ice, I was wondering what was going on.”


“All of the monsters were frozen.”

“Eh, yeah, I wanted help transporting them. I gave it my all to freeze the surroundings.”

“That’s an easy request. Though, next time make sure you let me know.”

“If Ruijerd-san is here, then it’s no secret training.”

After saying that, Ruijerd laughed a bit.

The beast race warriors went around looking at the rain forest lizards frozen in the surroundings with just their heads crushed and shivered in fear.

Hmm… How’s that?

The meat from rainforest lizards is quite close to chicken meat.

Somehow, Claude sent me ‘I told you so’ gaze while munching the lizards’ meat.

It’s kind of weird seeing him patiently teaching his underling about smithing while the older beast race zealously noted what he said and drew his explanation on his book.

The beast warrior also asks him about his recently built Sword art.

Heck, that b*stard already created a style of his own, and he named it Cloud Style.

What a narcist…

I need to create a spell and name it with my name…


After that, I learned from experience and practiced using wind magic to fly in the sky several times.

It was challenging to make my body float in the air with wind magic.

What I was able to manage if you can call it that, was use a blunted [Earth Lance] at my own feet and send my body flying into the air.

After flying, use wind magic to accelerate. When it’s time to land, decelerate and prepare a landing spot.

Using wind magic to lower the velocity of the fall while at the same time using a water technique to create a pool at the landing point and landing there in the water.

Something along those lines.

What unsightly magic.

I feel bitter about my lack of talent.

I want to fly through the sky freely.

However, I was satisfied with this result.

I couldn’t fly through the sky, but I was able to create a method of high-speed travel through the air.

I couldn’t achieve the initial goal, but I did gain at least one thing.

I decided to think of that as alright.

“Your target is right, but the focus is wrong…”

Claude said as he walked closer to me.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Let’s just say, your basic is lacking…”

What the…

What’s, is he talking about?

What basic?

“let’s make an image of a bird, can a hatchling fly?”


“They can’t.”

“Then, when can they fly?”

“By the time their feather grow?”

“Right, it needs time to make their feather grow. But, even if the bird grows, without nutrients, their body would still be incapable of flying even if they had their feathers.”


“You are too scrawny to idealize the magic you want to create…”

“Hah, you try it then… you are buffer than me.”

With that being said, he just chuckled and showed me that he could float…

“See? You need to calibrate your position, stay steady in the air and move your muscle accordingly in this state… do you think you can do it in that skinny body of yours?”


I am astonished at what I see in front of my eyes.

“How could you do that?”

“I’ve explained to you. I need to look at it once to know how you deployed the magic. But, this spell is too inefficient for me since I had lower mana than you… so, it’s not usable in the long run and can’t fulfill the target you want…”


This guy had already analyzed my prototype spell and succeeded in using it?


“Don’t look so down. What I can do is copy you. I can’t create it myself yet, but developing it won’t be a problem. Let’s see who can create it better in the future…”

Ugh, I won’t lose to you!


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