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Mushoku Tensei FF Chapter 28

: Departure [2]




Two and a half months have passed.

One day, Holy Beast sluggishly came and entered Rudeus’s room.

“Well, well then, if it isn’t Holy Beast-sama. Did you have something you needed from this sex beast?”




It seems it’s just going to ignore Rudeus.

Rudeus don’t know if it’s a male or female, but Holy Beast-sama came over and laid down next to him.

Currently, in his hands is a figure in the process of making.

Since there’s still lots of time left before the rain stops, Rudeus decided to make these.

The model is Ruijerd.

Why him?

Is what one might think.

However, think about it for a second.

Supard race is a monster with an unknown identity.

People shudder in fear after seeing that green hair.

However, the figures Rudeus make have no color.

A stone doll in a solid grey color.

If Rudeus can make this doll look cool, he might get more people to accept it.

First off is the silhouette.

The hair is the last part.


Holy Beast brought its body close to Rudeus’s thighs and placed its head on his lap.

Rudeus was a bit perplexed since no animal had ever gotten this close to him before.


Holy Beast was looking at his hands with a “What is that?” sort of feeling.

It’s a lord puppy whose age is proportionate to its demeanor.

He started to stroke the area around its neck for the time being.

“There’s nothing to do, so I decided to produce some works.”


Rudeus’s hand was licked while Its’s tail was flapping and moving around.

‘It seems I’m not hated.’

Since the rain is still continuing, Holy Beast must be bored as well.

‘I don’t know where it has been these past two months, but it specifically decided to come over to where I am, after all.’

‘It must be looking for some kind of stimulus.’

“Shall we play?”


‘After that, my crossed legs fell apart and started to play around with Holy Beast-sama.’

Rudeus was completely enjoying himself rolling around, getting a moderate amount of exercise together with Holy Beast-sama.

Certainly a win-win relationship.

Knock knock.

While Rudeus was playing around with Holy Beast, there was a knock on the door to his room.

“Hm? Come in.”

“Please excuse me. I could smell Holy Beast-sama coming from here… Ah.”

Then the one who came in was a woman dressed in the outfit of one of the village’s warriors.

It was the big sister guard.

“Ah, greetings, it’s been a while.”

For the time being, Rudeus said that while bowing my head.

After seeing Rudeus, her face quickly turned ghastly pale.

“Ah, yes, greetings, it has been a while.”

It’s the person who threw cold water on Rudeus and told him off with a cruel word.

‘Come to think of it, I haven’t seen her at all for these last two months.’

He wondered where she was.

“I’m sorry about that time. Please forgive my rudeness.”

She deeply bowed her head.

“No, it’s fine. That matter has already been resolved.”

“However, even though it was a misunderstanding that I would subject you to that kind of treatment…”

“That kind of treatment, it was just being stripped and having cold water thrown at me.”

Then the female warrior’s face became even paler.

Almost to the point where it seemed like she would fall over any minute.

“I’m very… sorry… please… forgive me.”

When it comes to the beast race, being stripped naked and having cold water thrown at you is highly humiliating.

“I had heard at that time that you were a person that had done something sexually cruel to Holy Beast-sama…”

“Of course, that was a false charge, you’ve heard, right?”

“Ah, yes, of course.”

Then she was looking back and forth at Holy Beast.

Currently, Rudeus is being used as a pillow by Holy Beast-sama, and my hand is being licked.

It seems like she has something to say about it.

“The things from that time couldn’t be helped. I’m not angry about it. Although, I would have liked at least one apology.”

“That is, umm, I’m really sorry. I was told to try my best to avoid meeting with Rudeus-dono from Gyes-sama.”

‘Ah, so that was the case after all, huh.’

As Rudeus thought if the actual perpetrator is in front of your eyes, you would want to get revenge I guess.

Gyes’s judgment was correct.

“Then, you were told not to encounter me. Why are you here?”

“Umm, that is, Holy Beast-sama went missing, so I followed the smell, and it led here.”


The female warrior had a cold sweat going.

Rudeus think it’s fine if you aren’t that afraid.

Gyes apologized plenty, and he’s already satisfied with that.

After the rainy season ended, Gyes offered to give them a cart and pay compensation.

Rudeus only had to spend a week in a prison for it. He feels luckier than anything.

When it comes to him, he’s not really bothered at all.

Having cold water thrown at him and being abused as a pervert are good memories.

Rudeus was sure, in the future, if something wakes up inside of him, he’ll be able to accept that arousal.

“Come to think of it, after the rainy season ends you were going to get married weren’t you. Congratulations.”

After he said that, the female warrior started to tremble in fear.

It seems like she only heard it as sarcasm.

There was no ill intent Rudeus just meant it as a simple blessing though…

“Umm, what would I have to do to be forgiven by you.”


It seems she has misunderstood something.

This is somehow nice.

An amazing feeling of superiority.

Is this that NTR sort of thing?


‘After all, maybe I should have her get naked and crawl on all fours?’

‘No, that kind of thing isn’t good.’

Gyes asked him to let it go, and Rudeus didn’t know when Eris and Ruijerd would return.

Rudeus wonder what kind of punishment would be good.

Something similar to the beast race, like being stripped, is no good.

Throwing cold water is also undoubtedly no good.

‘Then, how about wearing only a white t-shirt, then I hit you with water technique, water gun, and cover you in lukewarm water.’

‘Wah, I’m a genius.’


Then Holy Beast-sama moved over to cover the female warrior.

Glaring at Rudeus.

‘What’s up with that.’

‘It’s a joke, don’t be mad.’

“I’ve already received a proper apology. Since that’s the case, I don’t need anything more than that.”

After saying that, the female warrior made a relieved face and sighed.

“Thank you very much.”

Then, just after that talk finished, she started glaring at Rudeus.

“More than that, Rudeus-dono, I would prefer if you didn’t just take Holy Beast-sama out at your own convenience.”

“What’s that? I never took it out of anywhere.”

‘Oh, more false charges, huh.’

‘You really aren’t reflecting on it at all, are you?’

‘If you aren’t careful with your words, next time, you’ll be the one in prison naked, and I’ll be the one throwing the water.’

Rudeus thought all of those as he monologued inside his head.

“If that’s the case, then who took it out? Holy Beast-sama cannot leave the Holy Tree on its own.”

“Ho. Then please explain it to me clearly.”

It seems that Holy Beast-sama is a magical beast that is only born once every several hundred years.

It has no formal name.

Since ancient times the appearance of the Holy Beast-sama has meant that the world would be approaching a crisis.

After Holy Beast-sama becomes an adult it will set out on a journey together with a hero and save the world from that mighty power.

That’s how it’s told.

Since that’s the case, in the interior of the Dorudia village within a barrier in the roots of the Holy Tree, it’s carefully and preciously raised.

That is really an utterly sheltered daughter kind of feeling.

They won’t let the Holy Beast-sama that doesn’t know anything out into the cold outside world.

Incidentally, it will supposedly take another 100 years or so until Holy Beast-sama becomes an adult.

If the stories are true, 100 years later, a great crisis will befall the world.

Currently, it seems that this female warrior is primarily protecting that Holy Beast-sama.

In the inner part of that dead-end pathway.

Rudeus get it now. That would be why we never met when he walked around the town.


Then Holy Beast-sama barked out loud there.

The female warrior made a surprised face.

“Eh! What did you say?”

‘Eh? What?’


“I see, but…”


“I understand.”

‘Why are you normally having a conversation with a dog? Holy Beast-sama isn’t speaking in Beast God language right? How do you understand the differences in it? Are you using BowLingual or something?’

Rudeus had a barrage of questions in his head, but he couldn’t say them out loud.

“Holy Beast-sama has said that you were unrelated.”


‘I’d like you to say more than that.’ He add.

“Holy Beast-sama is grateful to you Rudeus-dono.”

“Ho, I could have sworn I had been completely forgotten after being abandoned in prison.”


“Holy Beast-sama says [That’s rude, I properly told them to send you good tasting food. I had heard that Rudeus-dono was enjoying the food quite a bit as well?]”

‘That’s right. The food, at least, was as good. Also, I received seconds. I did think it was pretty strange for a prison.’

‘That was Holy Beast-sama’s order, huh.’

However, for the first thing to be thought of in terms of gratitude to be food, in the end, it’s still a dog.

“However, I would have preferred being let out of the prison if that’s the case.”

“Wan?! (What do you mean by prison? Is what it seems to be)”

“It’s a place where you lock up bad guys.”

“Wan! (I also get locked up, is what is being said).”

After that, Rudeus talked with Holy Beast-sama, using the female warrior as a translator.

After which he realized that Holy Beast-sama had no clue about the details of the events from this time it seems.

It didn’t understand that Rudeus was letting off a smell of arousal and didn’t understand why he was captured by Gyes either.

It couldn’t seem to comprehend the fact that he was captured and anything beyond the fact that something scary happened.

In other words, it’s still a child.

Making all sorts of demands from a child is not good.

There’s no helping it.

“Thanks to Holy Beast-sama, I was able to experience a pleasant lifestyle. Thank you very much.”

After thanking it, its tail started waving, and it licked my face.

Nfufu, what a cute fellow.

Rudeus was having fun stroking its neck.

Then he was pushed down.

Ahn, you can’t. People are watching?

“Rudeus-dono, Holy Beast-sama is sacred. Could you refrain yourself from being that familiar and attached?”

“That’s wrong. The smell of this arousal is aimed at you.”


“Excuse me, it’s nothing at all.”

Rudeus let out a bit of his true intention.

“*Cough* Now then Holy Beast-sama. Let’s return home to the Holy Tree.”


Holy Beast-sama honestly nodded to the words of the female warrior and returned.

After that, it became a problem for the beast race that Holy Beast-sama could escape.

In the end, it seems like they couldn’t figure out who the criminal that let it out was.

Since that’s the case it would be fine if they just left it to an escort, but just the other day that abduction incident happened.

The escorts were becoming tense.


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