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The reincarnated Abandoned Sage chapter 5


5th story 5 years old


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――――5 years later. Belamus is already 5 years old.


Primarily, the Goblins’ houses are made of wood and straw.

It looks brittle, but it can hinder the rain and wind perfectly.


Within those poor houses, there’s Belamus live with Aretha.


「Belamus……are you really 5 years old?」


After breakfast, Aretha curiously asked.


「what are you talking about. You know the most about my age, mother」


Although a little shaken, Belamus answered with resoluteness.


「well, you see……your stature is a little bit smaller than us goblins though …… your behaviour and language are obviously weird  …… look at Delarosa there」


In the location, Aretha pointed, Delarosa fast asleep with a stupid look on her face.


It’s already the time to get up but she hadn’t.

After trying to roughly wakes her up, and any other ways, she just can’t wake up.

They decided to give up and wait for her to awaken on her own.


「Delarosa is 2 years older than you but look at that. Well, she’s a little bit on the stupid side but, don’t you being a little too grown-up……?」


Belamus didn’t tell that he’s actually an 88 years old grandpa inside.

It’s a strange story, and he doesn’t want to talk about reincarnation magic as much as possible.


「Then, I’ll help the villager first」

「ah, Belamus!」


Belamus ran because he doesn’t want to be pursued and being put to a strange path.







「O, Belamus. Did you come to help again today!」


Everyone living together by helping each other.

Belamus is enjoying to help others doing various works. Because he doesn’t want to get idle.

Since he’s still a child he can’t help to hunt but, helping cooking, gathering wild plants, and sewing he can do.

As a result of helping various task, human Belamus is quite familiar with the villager.


While helping out, Belamus seek a place where there’re no goblins.

He just got in a perfect time where Aretha and Delarosa aren’t home.

He sat on the floor and held his hand out while closes his eyes.

And said




Thus, a blinding light came out of his palm.


This is magic named Light. Beginner magic to lighten the dark place.

When Belamus reach the age of 5, he can awaken the mana inside of his and use magic.


Belamus cast off the light magic, and once again cast the [Light] magic, and the ball of light once again come out of his palm.

He continued to do so, over and over again.

The reason why he did it is simple, it’s training.


The moment he awakened his dormant mana pool, it’s too small.

The less mana you had, the smaller amount of spell you can use.

To increase the mana pool, you needed to continuously spend the mana inside to enlarge the pool.

Belamus wanted to quickly increase the size of his mana pool, so he can use the various spell in his arsenal.


There’s a reason for that.


Belamus which originally wish for a chilling life.

He that always thought that it’s alright for him to not delve too deeply after his reincarnation since he wanted to have a relaxed life, but he changed his thinking after raised in the goblins’ village.


He wished to return his grace of saving his life as soon as possible.


The environment of this goblin village is quite poor.

With an approximate number of 50 resident.


They had no agriculture knowledge, living their livelihood by eating harvested wild plant, and hunting.

To be honest, their situation with food isn’t good. The goblins had an unfairly modest life.


There’s also the problem with hunting when they attacked by the hunted they can at least injured, or worse dead.

The Goblins here are always living next to death.

Aretha’s husband seems to be killed by a monster.


Even in such a perilous state of living, there are no Goblins that tries to get rid of Belamus.

The Goblins around here are kind.


Belamus had a favourable impression towards these Goblins.

Which is why, he, that once wished to have a quiet life wanted to use his magic and knowledge to develop the village and pay the goblins back.


I tried to convey my knowledge since I was able to speak but, since it’s a child word, they aren’t being heard.

For that reason, he waited until he can use strong magic to defeat a monster so that they’ll believe him to a certain extent.

Aretha recently started to wonder, is Belamus really a child? So she was suspicious of, so Belamus used light magic that less conspicuous to increase his mana pool.


(now then, since my mana pool has increased to a certain extent, the amount of strong spell I can use is increased. It may be possible to defeat a strong monster soon. But, let’s practice a little for now)


There’re always unexpected things that happened, so he needed to prepare for anything.

In this way, Belamus continuously practices.