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The reincarnated Abandoned Sage chapter 4


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In conclusion, the Great Sage was worried for nothing.


The goblins in the village were surprised by the human baby but, after hearing the story from mother goblin they’re alright with it, 「well, even if you’re a human, being abandoned is pitifulー」is what they said while no one was opposing it.


Finally, the mother goblin asked the village chief for his decision.


The village chief is an old goblin that looks decrepit and old.

「if you can take care of him responsibly then I won’t have any problem with it」the chief didn’t reject it.


「I want to have a question, how to raise a human child?」


Mother Goblin asked the chief.

The village chief,


「human seems to feed their baby by giving them milk, aside from that I don’t know any.」




「Breastfeed huh. I wonder whether it’ll work with mine」


Mother goblin said so.


(nununu. Drinking goblins milk huh, no wait, now that you mention it, a disciple of mine researched about a goblin, and based on his research, astonishingly, there’s not much difference between goblins milk with humans, which means, there won’t be any problem for me to drink them)


The second trouble also cleared.

Though I still have a resistance to drank goblins’ milk.

However, it’s not time for me to be picky. Since the village seems to be in a bad environment, he still doesn’t know what’d happen next, but the great sage feels reassured that he could stay alive for a while.


「rather than that, Aretha, what’s the name you’ll give to the child?」

「name……is it. I haven’t thought of one」

「then, you should think of one first」

「that’s right…… what should I name him……」


Mother goblins’ name seems to be Aretha. She seems to think hard about it.

Even in the past life, the Great sage had a name. it’s a name that proudly given by his parents.

However, after reincarnating, he thought of throwing that name away and live with a new name.


「herehere! I’ve thought one!」


The little goblin said.


「what is it?」

「since it’s small! Then, mame-chan! Isn’t it cute!」


What the heck is that name! so the Great Sage was unusually being upset.


「 Delarosa……although it’s small, a human when they reach adulthood will grow larger than us, a name such as that is too inappropriate」



I feel more relieved than me escaping death. By the way, the goblin daughter name seems to be Delarosa.


「I’ve thought of one.『Belamus』how about it」

「ho. Such a great name. why did you pick that name? 」


(Belamus……it’s a word contain the meaning of Great, excellent, and so on in goblins’ language. It’s certainly a great name, but why’s named me as such?)


「when this kid is alone in the forest, even when he’s being held by me. he never once cried, I’m sure he’d be a great person in the future either for us goblins and humans. He certainly will bring some great changes」

「I see. When you said so, I just realized that not to mention crying, he doesn’t even change his expression. Belamus will surely do big in the future」

「That’s right」

「then, let’s welcome the new inhabitant human baby Belamus into our village. Aretha nurture him responsibly 」

「I understand」


Thus, the Great sage being named Belamus and brought up in the village of goblins.