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The reincarnated Abandoned Sage chapter 3

3rd Story Adopted by Goblins



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(is this……Goblin language huh)


When the great sage heard it, he judged so.


A goblins’ language is as the name implies the language goblin used.

It’s the goblins’ usage of words which a normal human can’t comprehend, but the great sage can.


The reason he was called the Great Sage isn’t just because he can use multitude amounts of spells.

But also, because he’d plenty of knowledge.

The Great Sage can comprehend and understand all kinds of language there is.


「……It’s a human baby」

「 eh, why’d a human be here!?」

「it’s either an abandoned child or a child with unknown circumstances」


It seems that there are 2 goblins that discover the Great Sage.

They seem to be an adult and a child. While their gender is females.


The Great Sage found hope, that the one discovered him is a goblin.

Since before he always thought that if he’s being found by a monster, he’d be troubled, but he forgot about the goblins, thus he seems to realize his way of thinking had a hole within.


Goblins are a humanoid monster that isn’t bigger than a human child, even an adult won’t be bigger.

It had a horn and a reddish tone in their skin.


Goblins had different characteristic depending on the individual.

Some are kinds, while some are evil. The same as a human.


But, most of the known by humans, living with them and entered the human realm are the evil ones.

Which is the reason why goblins are known as a vile and evil monster.


(it’s not until 30 that I know there are kind goblins, but even so, the hatred for them is deeply imprinted. Even so, what’s about in this era?)


It’s a possibility that they had a friendly relationship with the human.

If that’s so, there’s a high possibility that I’d be helped.


「human is scary. As soon as you meet them, you’d be killed, is what my friends told me」

「well, you’re right」


The Great Sage that heard that, surprised.


(There’s a law that forbids you from killing an innocent goblin, which should be created based on my advice. Was that law already gone? Since when do they forget the fact there’re still good goblins?)


The Great Sage was thinking about the fact that his magic aptitude branded as a failure, and the attitude towards the goblins is strange, he did ponder it, but he can’t find the reason.


「then, what should we do to this human? If we leave it be, he’d most probably die」


The Goblins seems a good one that won’t do anything to him, but he doubted that they would pick them up.

If he knows about it in advance, he’d most definitely report that there’re good goblins more aggressive before,




And, the mother goblins said some unexpected thing.


「we’d save him? why?」the child goblin is questioning the reason.

「not all the humans are bad, it’s something that the village chief said. For this such a newborn to be abandoned and being left alone, it’d die. As expected, it’s pitiful 」

「I see, but it’s pretty cute」


While saying so, the mother goblins hold the Great Sage.


「shall we head back to the village」



Saying so, the pair went back to the village where the goblins reside in.


So, they’d help me? My luck seems to haven’t exhausted yet, so the Great Sage think


「while I might say to help him, the other in the village may oppose it, and I don’t know whether a goblin can raise a human in the first place.」


The mother goblin said such disturbing things that make me feel like falling into another pitfall.