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The reincarnated Abandoned Sage chapter 2

2nd Story Thrown away


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(a big failure you say?)


The sage thought he heard it wrong at first.

However, he seems not.

The mother was crying and the father had a pained look.


(Magic aptitude is a failure? What’s wrong with this era, rather than that would I be thrown?)


I’d definitely be dead when I’m thrown.

However, I can’t complain nor escape as a baby.


My mother said that this is my child, and resisted to give her child away.

Still, in the end, he’s being forced to give me.


Afterwards, the sage was wrapped in a cloth and handed over to a knight in armour.

He seems like a reliable subordinate.

The father has given him the role of thrown the baby in the fraases forest.


The father told him to never talk about this incident. He advises the knight to stop his passion and fulfil his duty.


The knight drooped and received the duty.

Thus, he immediately headed towards the great forest fraases.


(What should I do? What do I do?)


The sage was thinking rapidly on full speed to think of a way to escape from this desperate situation.


However, no matter how much time he spent, he found no way to escape this perilous situation.

He can’t move his body, nor can he speak, there’s nothing that he can do.


He can only rely on heaven to bless his luck.


He can only pray to be picked up after being abandoned.


It’s not nil, but unlikely scenario to happen.

Maybe I’ve got nothing left but to play with the knight’s conscience.


He seems to be trusted by his father, but he might be hesitating about the outrageous act of throwing a baby away.


It didn’t take long to arrive at the great forest fraazes.


The knight walked towards the hinterland.

In the middle, they were attacked by monsters but countered beautifully by him.


Then, without hesitation, he left the sage, the one in his baby stage, at the trunks of the tree.


The great sage realizes his fate is locked.

It’s either to die after being found by a monster or beast and eaten, or is not found and starved to death.


Since I couldn’t choose the destination of my birth, he already thought that the possibility of this happened isn’t zero.

However, he still thought that even if he’s not dead in the fetus, and can successfully be managed to live until the age of 5 the day when his mana awakened.


(I wonder if this happens because I want too much as a human. Was it because I am wishing for a second life, so I got this karma upon me)


If that is so then I can’t help it……、the sage who murmured so in his heart close his eyes.

He had begun to accept his fate that he’s going to die.

He enlightened that this is also his fate.


Just then,


「hey, hey, motherzz, there’s zomething there」


The voice came suddenly.