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The reincarnated Abandoned Sage chapter 1

1st Story Reincarnation


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That baby didn’t even cry.


The midwife and the mother had pale faces looking towards the unmoving baby.

However, inspecting the baby, even though it is bloody, its breath is steady.


「There’s this kind of child too huh」the midwife muttered while look surprised, while the mother asekd「can I hold the baby」the midwife nodded.

The mother was hugging the baby with joy and warmth filled hug.


The baby stared at Their mother with an expressionless face,


(it seems like a success)


Mumbled in Their heart.

The sage that used reincarnation magic, was reincarnated into this baby with Their memory intact.


I’m a bit flustered because of my own spell has to had some mistake in it, but I was relieved that there’s none of them happened even with the possibility of failure.


The great sage looking around.

The room where the mother and the midwife resides in seems to be unchanged.

You can’t choose the place you’re born.

For now, let’s just be thankful that I’ve born in a decent place.


「What’s his name shall be. Huh? Now that you mention it, is it a he? Or a she?」

「Ah. I’m sorry. Because I’m a bit flustered, I’m late to respond. He’s a boy 」


The sage thought that favourably since in his previous life, he’s also a man.


Not long after, I heard a racket outside the room.

Thus the door opened vigorously,


「It’s born huh!」


A man came while shouting.

It’s probably the father, he’d a sleek face and beard.

Looking at his coat, he might be someone of high rank.


「Yes, he’s energetic boy」

「boy is it……」

「Let’s make his name ASAP」


My mother suggested that but,


「wait, let’s test his aptitude first」


My father said so.


(Testing my aptitude?)


I knew what an aptitude test is.

A human had an aptitude set to be born.

That is something normal.


I know that you can test the aptitude right from the day you’re born, but is it something more important than naming the child? He wondered.


「um, can we do that later……can’t we cancel that, for now?」

「impossible. It’s been decided」


What’s they’re talking about? When he thinks so,


「but……if he had a missed aptitude to throw this kid to the Frazes great forest is too much」


The words uttered by the mother is shocking.


Throw? A wrong aptitude?


Frazes forest should be the den of monsters. If he’s thrown away there, he’d surely be dead.


Because in my baby’s body, I can’t use a spell. I can’t move my body, nor can I speak.


He thought that this is a decent place, but he changed his mind because it’s obviously wrong.


Is it natural for a parent to throw his child away because he had the wrong aptitude?


Although it’s true that, if you follow another path beside the path you’re talented in, you’d definitely had a rough way ahead of you.

There’s certainly a bad innate talent that can’t be used in a good way, so there’s definitely a wrong aptitude. But, with a proper effort, you can do everything.


If you look at the child future by their aptitude, you definitely are a failure as a parent.


The sage wants to complain as so, but as a baby, he can say nothing.

He can only feel a bit of irritation.


「there’s no other choice. There’s no way I’d let a failure to become the eldest son, he’s someone that will inherit the house. If he’s a failure, we shall proceed with the plan, he’s died at the time of birth, and we’d thrown him to the forest」


Apparently, the house the sage was reincarnated in, was a famous house.

Before he dies, he already thought that it’d be more complicated to be born in a prestigious family rather than a common one, and his premonition is right.


「But, to throw him to the forest……at least leave him in the city……otherwise, he’d be dying there」

「if I threw him in the town there’d definitely be trouble popped later on. The truth if he’s a failure, I should kill him on the spot but, as I expected I can’t do it. So I shall leave him in the forest」

「No way……isn’t it the same whether you kill him here or in the forest」

「it’s the matter of feeling. Anyway, I shall check on his aptitude, there’d be nothing wrong if it’s a success」


I can’t help it if I was thrown as a baby.

What’s a success aptitude in the first place, the sage mock himself.


(what he means a success may be the magic aptitude, strategist aptitude, and alchemy aptitude huh)


These were the 3 aptitudes that being branded as a winner aptitude in the sage’s era, and not necessarily so in this era.


But, magic aptitude should be a winner aptitude at least.

Magic is a great aptitude that can be used in both battlefield and everyday life.

It’s no way of being branded as a failure aptitude.


The way to know someone’s aptitude is to drop blood of the person to a special stone which being called 《Judgement stone》.

The Judgement stone usually had a white colour, but it’d change as soon as the drop of blood imbued within.

You can know what’s your aptitude by the nature of that colour.

By the way, the Judgement stone is an expensive item. A commoner house shouldn’t be able to purchase them.


The father took a knife, and nip the great sage’s finger.

「he’s not crying?」the father shows his surprise.


The father didn’t mind it too much, that he put the nipped fingers towards the Judgement stone.

Then, the Judgement stone turned blue.


(it’s a winning aptitude. Magic Aptitude)


He was relieved for a while,


「Magic aptitude…… A great failure huh ……」


The father murmured so while feeling unfortunate.

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