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The reincarnated Abandoned Sage chapter 7


7th Story Repelling Orcs


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It’s a monster that looks like a mix between human and pig.

This Orc is quite big with the height of about 3 meters and a weight of 700 kg.


Their intelligence is not as high as a humans’ or goblins’, but it still reasonably high.


Their personality is filled with arrogance and greed.

Unlike humans and goblins, all of them had a similar personality.


Ten of those orcs came to the goblin village.


The orcs are overwhelmingly larger than the goblins.

Furthermore, they seem to be equipped.

Clearly, there was no way to win if they fight, so the goblins were looking at them with frightened eyes.


The leading Orc is shouting loudly.

The Goblins didn’t understand what they’re saying. Since they all talk in orcs’ language.


He keeps talking while looking down towards the goblins.


The goblins who were frightened by the sudden intrusion of the orcs are still so, but letting them saying something as they please are as expected, bad, so the only one that understands the orc language, village chief, talked to them.


「What do you want to do to this village?」


The village chief who speaks towards the orc is, unlike the other villager, didn’t look scared.


「it’s good that there’s someone that can speak. This our boss’ territory, if you want to live here you need to pay your tribute towards us. You know what happens if you refuse right?」


The orc demanded.

There’s no way for us to win. We can only accept the demand, so the chief judge.

However, for the time being, he judged to asked how much of the tribute he needs to give.


「how much is the needed tribute I should give」

「that’s right. You need to at least ten bags of this within a week. Filled with meat」


Saying so, the orc let out a bag in front of the chief.


It’s a big bag. Enough for 3 goblins to come in whole.

If they handed meat for something this big, even 10 of them, within a week, the goblins won’t be able to eat anything.


「tha, that’s impossible-ja. If we gave this amount, we’d be starved to death」

「like I care. You, goblins can just eat those weed and drank those mud there, it’s plenty for you, goblins」

「Wha……what do you think of a goblin…… anyway, what’s impossible is impossible! At lease, Lessen the amount a bit!」


The village chief is a little fumed.


「Oy, Oberod. Go kill one to show off」


Immediately after the first orc, another one answered with an ok. He swung his rod towards the nearest goblin.


「n, no!」


Chief tried to stop them.


「Rock Blast」


The voice was heard from a little distance.

The rock is flying fast hitting the orc which swats his metal rod in the head.

The orcs which received the attack fallen behind and lost his consciousness.


「I won’t forgive anyone that try to hurt the goblins here」


The voice is so haughty no one would believe that it came out of the 5 years old Belamus.


When he rushed towards the centre of the turmoil, he found that one of the goblins was almost killed, so eh immediately use Rock Blast at a high speed.



「What is that!?」

「is it possibly a magic!?」


The goblins started to make some noise.


Belamus walked slowly towards the Orc.


「Be, Belamus……what did you do just now……」

「Chief. Please get back, it’s dangerous」



Although it kinda weird hearing that from the 5 years old Belamus, but he said so with a strong gaze, and somehow the Chief followed.


「Oi Belamus! It’s dangerous, step back!」


Aretha who was watching the uproar said so. She had a worried face.


「I’m alright. It’s dangerous, so Mother better stay in the back」


「let’s see, you bastards」


Belamus look to the orcs and said so.


「you had a stroke of great luck. If by any chance you killed the goblin before, Melda. I will utterly decimate you guys. Be thankful you can keep your life」

「you, are human……? Fuh, I don’t know why’d a human be in a goblin village but ……」


The leading orc didn’t intend to hear any advice.

He walked towards Belamus slowly, and


「regret your belittlement toward us in the after life!」


While shouting, the orcs swing his metal rod towards Belamus.


The metal rod moved towards Belamus head……and failed to hit them.




Belamus isn’t moving away from his spot.

The only part of his body which is moved is only his left hand’s pinkies.

The orc was swinging his rod with all his might.


「the way to use mana is infinite. It’s possible to remove the physical ability and defensive capability. Although I’ve yet to finish my training to increase my mana pool, even so, an attack like this is easy for me to stop」


While saying so, he clenches his right hand, while still gripping the rod. He punched it with his fist.

A tremendous cracking noise echoed. Then, after the metal rod cracked it shattered into pieces.


「I, impossible!」

「no matter what kind of struggle you bastard do, you can’t beat me」


Belamus immediately scare the orcs with his tremendous mana pool.


The orcs had illusions that the person which is smaller than them look so big the need to cower in fear.

They felt the fear as if facing a dragon.


「I will say it again. Leave」


After hearing Belamus’ words, the orcs are leaving in a haste.

The orcs are monsters that intimidate those weaker than them, but, once they met someone out of their league, they’d run away.


The Orcs are losing to the pressure and running away.


However, before they left.


「Remember this! No matter how strong you are, you’re not the enemy of our boss King Raids! Go and tremble under you blanket!」


Thus, he leaves a great animal trail.


Belamus which heard those words thought to pursue them but called it off, even if he killed them and get rid of them, he’d still need to deal with this King Raids.


Either way, he will be attacked by King Raids anyway.


In that case, it’d be better to follow them and locate the location of King Raids, and launch the first strike.

If he allowed the other side attacking the Goblin Village there’d definitely be a risk on the goblin side.


Before following the trail, Belamus headed to the village chief’s location with a hardened expression


「Chief, can you tell the other about the conversation happened just now」

「we, well wait……Belamus, wait, wait a minute……」

「be relieved. I won’t allow anyone to put harm towards this village. I’d defeat the enemies’ chief first」


After saying so, Belamus followed the Orcs.