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The reincarnated Abandoned Sage chapter 8


8th Story, following the orcs to their base


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A few hours passed have passed since Belamus tailing the Orcs.


Belamus had military experience in his previous life, there he often learnt about tailing someone.

Because he had a small body, he can easily hide and followed the Orcs without being noticed.


Then, he arrived at the enemy base, where King Raids lies.

They arrived earlier than Belamus had expected.


The base is a fort made of wood.

There seems to be an approximate number of orcs there.


There are about 30 orcs in the base, it’s fairly large for the size of the fort, and although he had yet to finish his mana pool training, Belamus judged that this number of Orcs is not much of a trouble for him.


However, since King Raids’ ability is unknown he’s a little worried.

Although he might be an Orc and evolved orc’s prowess is quite high.

Though the probability is low, it may be an Orc that had evolved to its final form.

In that case, there’s a possibility he might lose.


Still, there’s no option for Belamus to withdraw since they may attack the Goblins village.


Belamus is secretly approaching the fort.


He was wondering, in the first place, is King Raids really had the intention to attack. So, he decided to enhance his sight and hearing with magic and listen to exchanges within the fort.


It’s unknown what kind of personality did King Raids had.

Maybe it had the rationality to not attack the village since it’s not worth the effort and may leave the village alone. If they don’t have the will to fight, there’s no need to attack them in the first place.


Belamus started to approach the fort and enhances his hearing and concentration to listen to the exchange inside.




It’s the voice of the Orcs in the village earlier.


「you’ve come back huh. You guys, have you succeeded in getting the ration from the Goblin Village?」


It’s a low and dignified voice.

Just from hearing his voice, Belamus can imagine that the person isn’t a new boss, but an experienced one.


「no……that is……there’s a human in that village ……」

「a human within a Goblin village? why?」

「ah don’t know but, it’s because of that human that I’m failed to procure the food in that village!」



The surrounding air changed to a tingling one.

It’s a voice that anyone can tell, that filled with anger.


「why’d you be disturbed by a mere human?」

「n, no……that human, although he’s small, he’s crazy strong…… but I think Raids-sama can defeat him, surely……」

「so, you ran to me because you’re being defeated?」

「tha…… that’s right……」

「……………… you guys surely can come back huh」


「bring them to the prison, and do well in “educating” them」

「E, education! Please wait! Not that please!」

「he’s really strong!」

「please forgive us!」


The Orc seems to plead in fear.

However, he seems to be rejected, since Belamus heard the dragging sound.


「Fun. Goblin and Human huh, either of them is lower lifeform. I hate being belittled by a lower lifeform the most. I’ll go out and remind them the fear soon」


At that time, Belamus heard the sound of King Raids preparation noise.


Belamus expected that the King Raids will order his subordinate to ascertain the human-goblin on the village, but it seems that he’d be the one to come.


Belamus leaves the fort and waited nearby for King Raids to come out.

It’s better to defeat him after he comes out of the fort.


If King Raids is the last evolution line of the Orcs like “Last Orc Dragon”, “Diamond Orc”, “Emperor Orc” or even “Magic Master Orc” he’d take a step back and not confront King Raids head-on, instead, Belamus will ambush him.


King Raids probably was a King orc, since he was called with the king title.


King Orc is the lower form of the emperor orc.

Although it was strong, Belamus is assured that he can defeat it with his current ability.


Thus, King Raids comes out of the fort.

Belamus observed it carefully.

What came out is……


「isn’t that only a General Orc」


He muttered while feeling a little overwhelmed.

General Orc is a form below King Orc.


―――― then it should be an easy kill.


Belamus decided so and appeared before King Raids.