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The reincarnated Abandoned Sage chapter 9


9th Story, King Raids


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Said Belamus which suddenly appeared before King Raids.


King Raids is three head larger than the already large Orcs.

A normal Orc is equipped with a metal rod, but King Raid carried a sword in his back.


「A? Stop?」


He can’t see the small Belamus. King Raids seek out of the voice and eventually looked down.


「A? What’s this little thing. Is it the one that stopped us? 」


He discovered Belamus.


「isn’t it a human?」


One of the Orcs in the back said so when he sees Belamus.

There were a lot of Orcs behind King Raids.


「human? Although I do know that a human is small, I don’t expect it to be this small. Hey, human over there. If you don’t want to be crushed then step aside」


King Raids seems to belittle Belamus to the bottom of his heart.

It’s natural because their difference is height is too much.


「Are you guys intend to head to the Goblin Village?」

「Aa? Why you bastard knows about it」

「I warned you to not do that. In case you head back now, you can avoid being hurt」


Belamus said so

He refused to start a fight suddenly without any prior talk or warning.

For that reason, although he understands that they won’t hear him, he’s at least warned them first.


「hahaha, will be hurt? By you little thing?」


At first King Raids is laughing but,


「I hate being looked down the most, little thing. I will blast you」


It’s awesome that he can change his expression so suddenly.


While Belamus didn’t change the expression in his face.


「So you refuse to go back. Then I’d no other choice」


So, he said.


King Raids grab the big sword he carried.

Rather than calling it a sword, it’s better to call it a lump of metal.

It’d work better to pound instead of slashing.

He swung his swords fast towards Belamus… but.


The sword was never been swung down.


「Light Arrow」


At that moment a flash of light ran.

“Light arrow”, is a spell to attack an opponent with a small light arrow.

The arrow flies through King Raids at a tremendous speed.

King Raids can’t react with a sudden assault of the spell. Until the hole in the chest of his which being pierced through the arrow, created.


It’s happened so fast that even the victim can only say “eh?” after feeling the gaping chest.


Not long after, a huge amount of blood spurted from King Raids’ chest.


He thus fell on his back.

And the ground is dyed by his blood.


King Raids has died with no realization as to why did he die.

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