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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 105

105 Christoph’s Nichijou (Daily life)1



Do you still remember?

When I just got in the Royal Magic Academy, I found a grimoire, a magic book I received from defeating the last boss in the dungeon.

I had some time off recently, so I check on the grimoire.

A Grimoire is a sentient magic book, an item that chooses its owner, and if it’s not recognizing its owner it’s unusable, some that forcibly used will pay using their own life.

And the grimoire I found this time is the kind that kills its user.

However, even if you say that it’s a forbidden book, there’s one that brings misfortune, and there’s one that did not. There’s a need to research them first before you make a conclusion of it.


『Who’s the one that wakes me up?』


When I hear some sound in my mind, the grimoire suddenly shined.


『since you’ve woke me up. Show me your power, whether you are suitable to wield me or not』


It seems displeased by something and sucked my mana.

I see so this is the true identity of the forbidden book, Grimoire that kills its user.

In this way, the user’s mana is depleted by the absorption, and the ones that lack mana may have their vitality absorbed.


I want to punish the grimoire that absorbs my mana without my permission.

So I sent my mana towards it in a bulk.


『ho, you give me your mana on your own? Do know that I’m not easily satisfied』


Now then, how many can you absorb I wonder?

I continue to pour my mana towards it.

It first blissfully absorbed my mana, but then its atmosphere changed.




I pour in more.

I have a great amount of mana even as I am a human, and I’m proud that as a demigod, I almost had an unlimited amount of mana within me.

Let’s check how much it can absorb the mana.


So I thought.


『nuh! ・・wa, wait for a minute・・・nuoooo』


Everyone is the same, as long as you eat you need to take care of the amount you ate. You need to stop as you are full and vomit them if you ate too much. If you can that is.

In other words, I am currently in the process of forcing the grimoire to eat my mana, and even if the grimoire tries to release some I will put in more than it can release.

Thus the grimoire reached its limit, and if it continue・・・it will go like a bonfire.


『Uoooo・・・St, stahp it・・・ya, yamete kudasai・・・I’m sorry・・・』(TN: can’t stop myself from doing so… lol)


「don’t get too cocky, it’s a punishment for suddenly absorbing my mana. Go and disappear from this world」


wow~, I surprisingly have this kind of low-pitched voice.


『hoh, Truly please forgive! I regret it so much! I will be your servant so, please forgive me!』


How desperate.

Let’s let it eat a bit more mana.


『uaaaaa, I’m, I’m at my limit・・・ple・・se・・・for・give・・・』


「will you be my servant?」




I stopped the mana and held the grimoire in my hand.


「what’s your name?」


A grimoire had a 『True name』and giving that will make you the true master of the grimoire, it’d be truly a master-slave contract.

However, it usually had a certain price to make the said contract, but it’s too desperate to think so right now, as it is on the verge of getting exterminated.

Well, an oversupplied grimoire will be destroyed and leave this world after all.


『my name is ho, Hordon Briable』







The rebellion is over, and it became a lot calmer.

In addition, big sister Elizabeth’s wedding party which was delayed until now is also held.

Big sister Elizabeth was supposed to have her wedding in the 11th month last year but was delayed because of the sudden invasion from the Saint Orion Nation. However, as the battle ended abruptly, the date was changed to the 4th month. Then, the Royal assassination happened, so it was postponed again.

Still, the raccoon forbids any celebration to respect the royal family’s grief.


I’m also developing my territory rapidly because of the large number of criminal slaves and migrants that come.

Thanks to that, the population of Eastwood overcame the one hundred thousand mark, but it is still small for a  count territory.

Still, there’s a profit.

The largest income of profit came mainly from the firm and island, followed by the sales from the item to Rune labyrinth brought through the explorer guild, and the seafood commerce of Eastwood.

This Eastwood had blackwater, which means mixed water of the sea and freshwater, so there’s plenty of shellfish and fishes that live in both of water.

Unfortunately, the agriculture of Eastwood is not high and receives no profit. But the margin isn’t that far from the other area.

As it is, a large amount of harvest comes from Brut Island’s slaves’ settlement, and a large harvest will come to Eastwood in fall.


『Milord, there’s a reading of bandits in the western mountain. The total is 34』


That grimoire is Hordon Briable, my slave.

Because it’s originally a dark item, it’s sensitive to bad things. So, I used it to search for anything bad like criminals and bandits.

First, let’s send some units.


「Call Gale」


I immediately call the captain that was in charge of the army and send him to deal with the bandits.


『milord, please leave the interrogation of the bandits to this Hordon!』


This guy definitely wants to torture the criminals.

I won’t stop it thought, I don’t like the bandits in the first place.


Fort this bandit assault I will let Jaban along with 3 platoons and Pritz and Lilia come along.

Jaban is accustomed to this kind of mission because Bandit extermination is his previous job.

While Lilia had some bad experiences with the bandits, her parents were killed by the bandits, so it’s a way to let her overcome her past.

Pritz surely can think of something in case of something unexpected happen.


A human won’t easily choose death.

Whether they’re peasant, knight, or merchant.

Even so, it’s unreasonable for the bandits to rob, destroy, or commit everything they wanted to.

Something like that is normal for the bandits, and it’s absurd for the victims.

I won’t forgive something like that!

I will take all the possible results to deny their existence, and make them regret being bandits (thieves) for the rest of their life.

Let them experience pain that tortures them forever.

By the way, a noble that makes a mistake is no different from a bandit, but I’ll take care of it later.


In addition, my wedding will be held.

After the wedding of big sister Elizabeth, my and Dorothy’s wedding will follow.

It’s impossible to not be nervous.

The dress that Dorothy will wear seems to be pure white.

They don’t show it to me, but I can see it on my wedding day.

the material used for Dorothy’s wedding dress is that spider silk thread.

It was said that the supply from Bryut firm is enough for Dorothy to make a wedding dress sufficiently.

Most of the cost of the wedding can be covered by the proceeding sales from the spider silk.

I’m the one who’ll pay for the wedding just for information.

It’s customary for the male side to be the one who paid for wedding expenses, so the nobles will follow suit.

Still, the commoners didn’t really follow the custom well.


The wedding ceremony will be held on the main temple at the royal capital, but on that day, Dorothy and I will be paraded on the main street, so the knights will be guards with all their might.

Originally, the knight leader will be in charge of the security, but since this is my wedding, he’s withholding from participating in the security.

It’s because he needs to attend the party as a relative and hard work to do in the afterparty so he can’t work.

It’s the same for Big sister Elizabeth and Chrysnans.


The blue roof shines brightly in the early summer’s sunshine.

The royal capital had 4 seasons, it’s not much different from Japan.

Although the snow was falling, it’s not to the extent of accumulating, and the midsummer temperature never goes beyond 40 degrees. The humidity is also not as high as in Japan.

Now’s the time season changed from Summer to Spring, and there are many clear days.

Today is the perfect day for the wedding.


My father and big brother Jimnis call me in the waiting room, but I don’t remember what they’re saying.

I don’t believe that I would be this restless today.

When I was in Japan, I’d live until 33 years old and still nervous? I’m unfortunately unmarried until that age.

Even so, in this world, I’m married at the age of 15・・・I’m really happy, but I pray that it’s not the peak of my happiness・・・heck, who’d I pray to? The gods? I am a god though?


「Christoph-sama, it’s time」


Fillia was also dressing up as the attendant of the wedding.

She’s still young but her physical ability was at the highest level in terms of human standards. She’s such a reliable escort.


「That kind of clothes looks great on Fillia」

「Tha, thank you very much! Christoph-sama also looks good in that suit!」


The escorts are all managed by the knights of the kingdom, it is the so-called royal knight, including my escorts.

They also held the liability of not only as my escorts but as the security.

The knight wearing pure white ceremonial armor and is placed within a certain interval in the venue where the relatives, including Dorothy-sama’s relative and mine, are sitting.

The proceeding is the same as in Japan, with me entering first, then Dorothy-sama along with her father, his majesty (Raccoon).


「Christoph-kun, calm down」


Calm down? Peron, I am calm.

See, my hands sweat like a waterfall and my feet are chattering with the floor so well.


「that’s bad, Christoph is really lost himself」


Fuuuh, what did you say? I am lost? Carla’s eyes are like a hole that can see nothing!


「a~h, I pity Dorothy-sama if this continues」


What did you say!? Why are you sorry for Dorothy-sama! Clara!


「Carla and Clara seems pretty amused with Christoph’s situation・・・」


「Pritz-kun, maybe it’s that・・・thing? Christoph is always so level headed, his situation right now is amusing!」


「that’s right. As long as it’s fun everything is good!」


You better remember this, Carla and Clara!


「Dorothy con Vandamme entering!」


gasp! They’ve come!

Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump!

Cccccccccccalm down me!


Dorothy-sama appeared with a pearl tiara with a pure white dress, and the veil hid her slightly blushing cheeks.

Some people uttered「oooh」towards Dorothy-sama, most of them might be uttering their admiration towards the splendidness of the dresses which was made by the spider silk.

His majesty was walking step by step accompanying Dorothy-sama who was holding his elbow.

Un, that raccoon sure is in the way.


Doki, doki, doki, doki, doki, doki, doki, doki, doki, doki!(sfx: thump)

Be, beautiful.


His majesty and Dorothy arrived in front of me and handed me Dorothy’s hand.

At that time, his majesty muttered.


「make her happy」


It’s something he muttered at me, however, it’s not something he intents for me to hear, as it’s only being heard by my god ear.

Leave it to me your majesty (Raccoon)! I will make Dorothy-sama happy!


I thought that his majesty (Raccoon) would make an occasion in handing over his daughter, but I realized that he firmly entrusted her to me.




I uttered a word to Dorothy-sama, and she replied to me with a smile behind her veil.

If her late highness was still here, Dorothy-sama would surely smile more.

Her highness was my aunt, and even if I only met her once after I am here, she’s still my family.

Sometimes, even I feel sad.


As the ceremony was over, Dorothy-sama and I opened the carriage for our parade.

At that time, Clara seems to comment something on us.


「Beauty and the clown. Of course, Dorothy-sama is the beauty that used an outstanding dress while Christoph is the clown that has an awkward face. Wow, kukuku」


Re, remember it!

Even if I’m like this, I’m still your boss you know!

Moreover, I am a God!


We’re getting closer and closer towards the ending… thank you for being my crewmate all this time, and please continue to do so until we reach the destination… thanks!

I never expected he’d marry here… wow, so unexpected…


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