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Cheat Aru Kedo Mattari Kurashitai Chapter 104


104 Raid 6



Belm principality’s consulate was successfully subdued.

After the rescue, the knight of the consulate easily subjugated by the royal army and they were either be killed in action or taken as a prisoner, while the consul general was arrested.

This incident has given plenty of scars towards the Sacred Kingdom Vandamme, not to mention the assassination and abduction of the royal, the assassinations of the nobles is already a heavy crime. The sacred kingdom demanded an explanation and compensation towards the principality while disclosing as little information as possible.


「Count Bruteis, can you lend me Kogetsu?」


The warship was needed to threaten the nation that doesn’t share a border.

However, most of the warships are something owned by the southern noble alliance, specifically, Bryutzel margrave’s house.

Of course, the royal family also had some warships and had the power to deploy them with lower jurisdiction than the margrave Bryutzels house.

Within them, Kogetsu, the first whale-class ship has a fighting power that can influence the whole situation with just it alone. the reason his majesty (Raccoon) asked for it was still unclear.



「your majesty, without Kogetsu the defense in Eastwood will be endangered. So it’s impossible to lend it」


Kogetsu, the floating city was something that was inevitable for the military in Eastwood.

Since Kogetsu was the cornerstone of the city’s defense, it’s impossible to accept Raccoon’s request.


「h, hmm・・・then, I want you to build the same ship as Kogetsu」


So it comes huh, how troublesome.

The second whale-class ship is already near complete.

Even so, it’s already been decided that the 2nd ship will be sold to Bruytzel’s house, in addition, the 3rd ship will be sent to Eastwood to guard the river connected with the sea within the area around Bryut Island. With that, Raccoon’s request is hard to comply with.


「your majesty, while the 2nd and 3rd ship was already being built it’s difficult to give them to you. Although it had yet to construct, please forgive us to let you wait until the 4th ship. 」


Unlike its’ predecessor, the 4th ship will have a lower fighting power but have a bigger payload.

It was designed as a supply ship or a transport ship.

Of course, it’s already incorporated with the latest magic cannon and magic machine gun, so it can be modified into the strongest ship based on its firepower.


「the 4th ship you say? What happens with the 2nd one?」


「the 2nd one will be sold to the Bryutzels house to deal with the Saint Orion Nation, as the cornerstone defense. Furthermore, the 3rd ship will be used for the important task of protecting the area around Bryut Island and Eastwood. I am very sorry to disappoint」


It might be a good idea to hand over the ship to his majesty.

His majesty’s eyebrow jerked and tries to put his cool as he can still wait for the 4th ship.

Since the 4th ship had yet to begin, it’s still possible to change the design and make it the same as Kogetsu.


Also, to be honest, the whale-class warship is a massive over technology in this world right now, and I’m reluctant to give it away.

I think it’s unavoidable to stop the ship from handing from one person to another, but I still want to delay the process for as long as possible especially so to the Royals that had no management rights, unlike the Bryutzels family.


In addition, I will make all the important parts within a BlackBox, so we can protect it and make the buyer unable to duplicate it. With an additional contract, to make the buyer to maintenance their warship to Count Bruteis.

A whale-class warship is a gold eater, it cost money to build one, there’s also a higher amount of gold spent to maintain them. Furthermore, there’s also the necessity to train the soldier and do it over.

While the Bruteise family had me so it won’t cost as much, the other family will have to spend more money to have the whale-class ship, so it’d only be possible for a big family or the rich to own one.

This time, the construction of the 4th ship plan will be given to his majesty, while handing over the agreement of the maintenance dock in Count Bruteis territory and the amount of money needed to maintain them. As the Count Bruteis, a lot of money will come into my pocket, so I think it’d be good to make money in the shipbuilding industry.


Going back to the main topic, I don’t think the principality will offer an apology. So, war is certain, the consul general and the other staff were cross-examined every day.

Still, even if they stay quiet, the knights already procured several important documents, and they’re being questioned about the said document.

Although I wasn’t informed, I didn’t think that Pritz would investigate them and report it to me the next day.


In addition, because of his achievement in the event, big brother Jimnis’s rank was raised as the 2nd royal knight corps’ captain.

However, he will need to go back and be my father’s successor in a year or two.

In this period, there’s a custom of leaving after receiving a high rank, as the heirs one needs to achieve a great rank without staying in that position for a long time.

It’s normal for me, since it’s great for a good human resource to stand on top of people, and driving them out before long is a good custom. (TN: because another person can learn to fill that empty spot)


At the same time, big sister Elizabeth became a company commander, and big sister Chrynans became an official court mage.

They’re promoted not because they are my sisters, but because they’re doing a great job in capturing the running away general consul and one executive.

However, she will soon leave the position because she’ll get married, she’ll leave at the same time as Big brother Jimnis.


The rewards for Carla, Clara, Peron, and Pritz were also decided.

Carla’s rank was raised from a baron to a viscount, Peron had the same rewards, while Clara’s rank was raised to Baron, and Pritz was given land near his father’s territory at the same time, he’ll become a baron after he succeed his father.

Of course, the knight rank that becomes absent after Pritz takes over the title can be given to his relatives or subordinate.

Of the four, I can admit that he receives more rewards. But he did achieve more than the other because of his lack of presence, which by itself gives me awe.

Carla and Peron had higher stanging than the other, but the fact Pritz gets not only rank but also land, gave him more worth than the other.

So, regarding the territory given to him, because of it he needed to govern them. Though, because it was adjacent to the Hecate family’s territory, it’s decided that his father will be the one who managed it.

It’s been decided that his father will send his subordinate there, so Pritz won’t need to do anything.

Even so, he needed to manage the land after he’s succeeding the title and become a baron. So, I need to prepare for Pritz’s retirement.


Thus my reward is,・・・I don’t really get it but, his majesty (Raccoon) said that after I married Dorothy, he will give me a territory and Duke’s rank.

There’s no Duke in today’s Sacred Kingdom Vandamme.

There seems to be some in the past, but their children will continue to become a Marquis or Margrave because the Rank Duke wasn’t inherited and is only applicable for a generation.

This Duke Rank is a rank only lower than the Royal family and could be said to be the relative of the royal family.

At this point, the next King will most likely be Beligzyme von Vandamme the Raccoon’s royal grandson.

Still, because the royal grandson is still a toddler, it’s quite possible that another person can succeed the throne depending on his future growth.

As a Duke, the person called the relative of the Royal family has a role to assist the king and has a high possibility to be the guardian of the next king.

To tell you the truth, it’s an unnecessary title for me.

I don’t need it.

The closer I am to the throne, the farther I am from my desired life, how atrocious.

I want to go back to Eastwood right now and create the magic Item I wished for, but it seems to be impossible.

By the way, when I became a Duke the tax revenue from Marquis Clebber’s territory will be given to me as my pocket money under the order of the royal family.

It’s because the territory of Count Bruteis is large but had a small population as it is a remote territory.

Originally, there’s no way a count can have this small amount of territory but, because after being a Duke I’ll be closing up more than this, which is why I’ll receive the tax from Marquis clebber as my pocket money, which usually goes to the royal family as I become the Duke Bruteis.

The reason why I didn’t receive the territory of Marquis Clebber in the first place is that the royal family prepared the territory as something my children will succeed in if nothing happened, it is said to make the procedure simpler. (TN: from my understanding, they want to make the territory become his child’s things but too much a hassle to transfer from Christoph then his child because the Duke rank is for a generation only. The children will succeed the marquis title after.)


After somewhat or another, I leave the raccoon’s office and spend my time with Dorothy.

There’s nothing happened, I just heard that Dorothy-sama is lying on the bed because of her anxiety the other day, and still resting.

From the story I heard, she collapsed because of her lack of sleep and malnutrition, but it’ll be alright after a constant rest and nutritious food.


「I’m ashamed to show you this appearance」


「you’d be my wife. No matter what appearance you make, there won’t be any problem」


「wi, wife・・・」


Dorothy’s pale face became a bit rosier.


「please get well soon, after that let’s get out of the castle and have a date with me」


「da, date-gasp!」


She’d be too tired if she’s awake for too long so I decided to leave early after having a promise to have a date with her once she’s healthy.





A few days later, the royal castle made contact with the nobles to inform them about the assassination turmoil, and they’re gathered.


「given this opportunity, convince me to let them keep their life as a senior vassal. ・・・otherwise they’d be hanged」


The guys that kneeled in front of the raccoon paled at his statement.

There’re plenty of familiar faces, more than I’ve seen but unremembered.

Even though I’ve come to the castle plenty of times, there’s no way I can remember a bypassing person right?


「fa, father! I’ve done nothing! I’m just getting splattered」


「prove it to me then」


Hmm, the raccoon had an unusually cold tone.

Was he unwilling to forgive his second son?

Well, he’s someone that can decide to kill his own blood without hesitation, there’s no way he’d hesitate here.

Is that the reason he gathered us and make a public trial?



「your majesty, I have no knowledge of what are you talking about」




His majesty does not answer count Brennan’s statement which was tied up and look towards him with a look that could freeze people.

In other words, you won’t forgive him, right?


「I have heard your words, your majesty. I can give you all the reason I can to deny those untruthful accusations towards me, and I will give you all the information I had」


This remark hit the other nobles and they started to chatter.

I need to waste some time hearing this huh.

Though it was useless, he finally admit his wrongdoings and accuse the second prince as the principal offender, as he also asked for a reduction in his sentence.

In response, the 2nd prince started to blabber about the other nobles’ roles within the incident.


Oioi, can we just conclude this joke?

That 2nd prince said that he was played by that count Brennan・・・they yelled towards each other as they accuse the other.

The summary of the event was as such. The 2nd prince yearned for the throne, and Brennan communicated with the Saint Orion nation then they sent a consulate from Belm principality here, the consulate then became a cover for the criminal organization Brigand.

Brennan wished to get his rank back, so he planned to reinstate the 2nd prince that’s easy to control after eliminating the current king and the other royals.

There, the Nation and principality cooperating to send an execution unit from the criminal organization Brigand.

Speaking of which, their main target to make a consulate was in Eastwood as they want to gather intel and sabotage Eastwood. However, because of the sudden exchange of their base operation towards the eastern harbor city Alsum, they decided to review their plan.

Brigands who are hiding within the sacred kingdom Vandamme was decimated without a trace, so much that they can’t maintain the organization and goes missing.

It seems that the knights who pledged their loyalty to the royal family felt guilt over their incompetence and bravely fought for an annihilation battle, and received a few casualties.


His majesty must be astonished at how foolish the 2nd prince was, and he should have to tear those necks off earlier.

His majesty’s frown goes deeper and he suspects what they said.


In addition, the adventurer’s guild also received a great deal of damage due to this uproar.

It’s not that the leader for the adventurer guild was assassinated or something.

It’s because the adventurer’s guild executives were involved in the assassination and abduction of the royals, and the nobles.

This executive was Chester, the one that talked to me about the creation of the adventurer’s guild branch in Eastwood.

In other words, not only was Chester using the name of the adventurer’s guild in order to buy a manor for the Brigands hideout, he was also in charge of the creation of fakes adventurer cards for smuggling the many enemies and spy of the Saint Orion nation as he was the chief of the adventurer’s guild within the royal capital.

As expected the grandmaster’s face was pale white.

At that time, because of my case, Chester was demoted into Staff from his original position.

However, since Chester was still an executive at the time of the incident. The adventurer’s guild was suspected of involvement as a whole.

The grandmaster was at least not involved in the matter, but his majesty seem to pose the blame along with the grandmaster, as the adventurer’s guild need to take responsibility. The adventurer guild must respond to the raccoon’s unreasonable demand.

One of the unreasonable demands was the merge of the Explorer guild with the adventurer’s guild.

The merger wasn’t merely cooperation but an integration of the Adventurer’s guild into the explorer guild. Not only the member but also the staff even the grandmaster must be under the explorer guild.

There’s no way I could absorb the adventurer’s guild and its branch all over the continent, and there’d be a rescue came in time, but it’d be a story for another time.




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